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Virtual Hostess packet

Mary & Ashley LIVE SHOW: monday November 11 @ 8:00 pm eT

Tips For A Successful Party! 1. Personally Invite your friends! Invite 40-60 of your friends for a FB party and 10-20 for your in home parties! DO NOT rely on facebook notifications! Personally Message, call or text your friends to invite them. 2.  COMMENT! COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT! Comment on everything I post and show enthusiasm! The more excited you are, the more excited your guests are!  3.  Post! Welcome your friends to the event, post images of you using your products and why you love them! Be sure to post your wish list, of what you hope to earn from this party as well!  4.  TAG! Tag your friends in items you think they will like! Get your friends involved in the posts, tag them and ask them what they think! 5.  Ask Questions! Do not be afraid to post or ask questions in your party! your friends may be wondering the same thing!  6.  TIME! Make sure you make time to catch up on party posts! 15 min daily to catch up on posts and remain active in the party! **Your level of involvement in a party directly impacts sales!** 7.  Thank Yous! Make sure you thank every person who purchases in your party! We want to be gracious southern hostesses after all! 

What a Deal! We could turn this into YOUR launch party if you sign up before we start accepting orders! You could walk away with ALL of the hostess credit, a Kit full of goodies (valued at $350, for only $99 or $130 to customize your prints and personalization), 25% commission on all of your party sales, potentially earn Wishes Rewards to spend, VISA Reward Cards or DISNEY Vouchers AND join an amazing sisterhood! Click the image below to see more or send me a message to hear more!

Hostess Rewards! When your party totals

You'll receive hostess credit

























Plus you get half-off items

And save on hostess exclusives

Please be aware that though you may use all of your Send me your hostess rewards, they cannot be combined. In wish list example, you cannot pay for exclusives or half off so we can set your items with credit, half off cannot be applied to an party goals! exclusive etc.  Lets crush that party goal together! 

Customer Specials!

Be sure to share these amazing deals with your party guests! Please take note that the Customer Special prices are not eligible on Hostess Orders, however, you can take advantage of these deals if you would like to purchase them at retail price from your party! Make sure to let your guests know that they must add a $35 item to their cart to unlock the Customer Special Prices! This month they can snatch up TWO amazing specials with a $35 purchase!  They can one of our Gifting Styles or an Online Extra at 50% off! 1. Super Soft Blanket! 2. All About the Benjamin's Wallet! 3. Essential Storage Tote!

Hostess Special!

If your party reaches $600 in sales, you will unlock the Hostess Special! Hostesses can snag ANY TWO items in the catalog for 70% off!!  Not to mention FREE personalization! Personalization is ALWAYS  FREE on Hostess Specials!

Hostess Exclusives!





Mystery Bundle $25 These are hostess exclusive items available only to those lucky ladies who host qualifying parties! Personalization is also included on these items, however, it is not available on the mystery bundle. *Parties must reach $200 in sales before they unlock Hostess Exclusive Items*

Hostess Bingo! I am offering an extra incentive to all of my amazing hostesses! Things to note about the Bingo Tiles!  1. Your hostess wish list must be shared with me 2 days prior to your party date!  2. All bookings must be on the calendar prior to the close of your party. 3. Friends that join my team must purchase their kit prior to the close of the party. (Cost of the kit does not go towards hostess reward base) **You must keep track of your own Bingo Board, no prizes will be automatically awarded.**

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Mary and Ashley Hostess Packet

Mary and Ashley Hostess Packet