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CONTACT 16/06/1995

+34 646 829 665 mandyarte

EDUCATION 2001 - 2012 Blue Valley School Escazú, Costa Rica 2012 - 2014 West Morris Mendham High School New Jersey, USA 2014 - 2018 University of Barcelona Barcelona, Spain •Design


I’m Amanda Blanco, this is my resume


Leo Burnett Costa Rica

Practicante en diseño (Julio - Agosto 2016) Referencia:






logo design • web design • branding • illustration • audiovisuals • 3D drawing • photography • typography • packaging



English Illustrator

Catalan Autocad/ Rhinoceros



Drawing/ Photography Painting

Brochure for DanceWorks (Leo Burnett) Sketches

The task was to design a brochure for a festival organized by DanceWorks (a dance academy in Costa Rica). They hosted master teacher of different countries. Given it is a dance academy the poster had to be dynamic and understandable. After being given past brochure examples I came up with these sketches following their line of color. This brochure then had to include pictures of the master teachers and also be adapted to a Facebook post.


¡Vuelve el aclamado Jazz Fest! Un seminario internacional impartido por los mejores bailarines y coreógrafos de Estados Unidos y México. El seminario se impartirá en la academia Danceworks del 15 al 18 de septiembre. Las clases estarán abiertas para alumnos de todos los niveles y academias tanto nacional como internacional. ¡Vení a brillar en esta increíble oportunidad!




SHOWCASE $50 (Aplica para los que no pagan workshop)

Francisco Gella Ballet Chantel Aguirre Contemporáneo Michael Keefe Tap Talia Favia Contemporáneo Colby Shinn Jazz

DESDE MEXICO: Alfredo Fierro Hip Hop Jesús Velasquez Mondragón Contemporáneo Sandy Molina Tap Jahir Olivas Hip Hop

Tuition Fee $350 Niños (5-7 años) $200 Hip Hop $200

Brochure for DanceWorks (Leo Burnett) Final

Brochure for DanceWorks (Leo Burnett) Facebook post

Workshop invitations for INCISA (Leo Burnett) Sketches/Options

Workshop invitations for INCISA (Leo Burnett) Final

Workshop invitations for INCISA (Leo Burnett) Facebook adaptations and posts

Graphic Design: Crosslinks and Magazines

Graphic Design The purpose of learning to create a webpage was to introduce us to the HTML system as well as to present our final works of the year. We used basic HTML and also learned to use Adobe Dreamweaver.

Graphic Design: Yes/No Smoking Proposal Proposal for a yes/no smoking sign. The purpose of the exercise was to inform ourselves and decide what elements to keep from a common, well-known sign and which to eliminate.

Industrial Design: Bridge The proyect consisted on building a bridge with a very weak and pliable wood that could be able to hold 2kgs.

3D Drawing: Chair

Industrial Design: Lamp The finality this exercise was to design a lamp with polipropylene (a very pliable material) that would hold itself together by unions and no other material.

Amanda Blanco  

Graphic, interactive, communication design.

Amanda Blanco  

Graphic, interactive, communication design.