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How to de-ice your car With the icy weather fast approaching over the next couple of months it is useful to know how to de-ice your car, if it is not done carefully you could potentially damage your windscreen and other important parts of your car. Leaving an extra 10 minutes before your journey will give you enough time to safely de-ice your car to get you on the road. We have put together a few hints and tips to give you an idea on how to tackle ice on your car.

Equipment to keep in your car 



Ice Scraper

Anti freeze

De-icing your locks 

Spray your locks with de-icer or pour a bit of warm water over your locks, this may take a few attempts but will de-ice your locks in no time.

De-icing your windscreen 

Turn on the engine and switch the defroster to the highest setting.

Brush away any thick lumps of ice off your windscreen, mirrors and windows.

Spray de-icer on your windscreen and mirrors

Wait a few minutes for the ice to defrost

Use your wipers once the ice has melted to get any excess ice off your windscreen.

De-icing your windows 

Spray de-icer on your windows

Use your ice scraper to scrape any ice off your windows while you wait for the windscreen to defrost.

Things to avoid 

Avoid using CD cases, bank cards or any other makeshift scraper to scrape the ice off your car this can cause damage to the glass.

Do not use boiling water on your glass, it may be a quick way to de-ice your car but it could shatter the glass.

Keep windscreen wipers switched off until the ice has thawed otherwise using them could get the rubber stuck on the ice and break your wipers.

Prevention 

Putting a windscreen cover or full car cover can avoid any ice covering your car.

Leaving it in a garage completely protects your car.

Leaving it under a car port can also keep the majority of the ice off your car.

Using our helpful guide will hopefully point you in the right direction on how to de ice your car, the items that we have listed don’t cost much and can be purchased from any motoring shops or supermarkets. Stay safe on the roads! © Copyright Autonet Insurance By Amanda Bainbridge

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