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Introduction; In the next few years there will be a change from large corporations back to mom and pop shops. This change will influence our fashion, home, business practices, and ways of life. The following pages will give a better understanding of changes to come and directions in which one can go. The farmer, Blacksmith, Butcher, Milkman, and the Haberdasher are all professions that have fallen by the wayside. With each profession attached is a particular perspective. Throughout these pages one will be able to take a look into the future and find out which path suits he or she. Autumn/ Winter 20152016 will be the season for change and familiarity. We will see elements of the past but paired with the modern ways of the future. Enjoy!


The Farmer;


The farmer is a modern version of the sweet country girl. She is curious and whimsical but often finds herself caught in a world of mystery and dark shadow. She loves delicate line, silk, and organic cotton. She is a sustainability activist and remains conscious where her clothes are made and by whom.


TCX 18 0306

TCX 16 1532

TCX 13 4308

TCX 11 0605

TCX 16 1506

TCX 13 3920

The Farmer;

Fabrics + Fibers Delicate fibers go from traditional to modern with heavy layers and uneven seams. Neutral colors remain consistent with subtle pops and details. Nothing is overly vocal for the farmer. She is shy but confident and her clothing reflects it. She is sweet and innocent but with translucent chiffons and silks she can be playfully sexy.


The Farmer;

7 Prints + Patterns Her prints make for her innocent side. They are quirky, fun and playful. Minimal hues are used but in several different shades and tints. Elements from farm life are used throughout her prints and patterns. Animal and plant motifs are used and treated as though they were simple shapes.

The Farmer; Trims + Accessories

The farmer is all about living comfortably. Cottons are her favorite. She will throw on her straw hat to block the sun. Canvas accessories fit with her easy going lifestyle. Natural materials that can be woven are a perfect match for her aesthetic. Her wardrobe is usually finish free with ties and buttons to keep her together.


9 Product Ideas

The Blacksmith;

11 The blacksmith is intellectually stimulated and inspired by all things industrial. She loves wired textures and lines out of place. Her rustic vibe keeps her cool, calm, and collected. Architectural and structured garments find themselves layered with chiffons and leather in this trend.

TCX 19 3915

TCX 16 3907

TCX 13 4108

TCX 11 4201

TCX 19 4316

TCX 19 4025


The Blacksmith;

Throughout the Blacksmith, one will find a mix of textured fabrics varying from slick leathers to fuzzy cottons. The bulk of the Blacksmith fabrics and fibers include: --> --> --> --> --> -->

Leathers Heavy knits Woolen fibers Felt Organic Fibers Stringy and un- finished garments

Fabrics + Fibers


The Blacksmith;

Prints + Patterns The blacksmith uses traditional 60’s inspired prints and patterns with new age materials and color combinations, Sharp angles and geometric shapes make their appearance inside the Blacksmith trend.


The Blacksmith;


Trims + Accessories

With the blacksmith being a metal technician there will be a huge emphasis on metal hardware and finishings. Nickel, rose gold, and silver will be placed in bulk on edges of bags, sunglasses, heels of shoes and more. Alexander Wang’s designs act as an innovator of this trend.

The Blacksmith;

18 Product Ideas

Products to come influenced by the blacksmith: --> --> --> -->

structured garments with sharp angles Fur/ wool additions Acrylic/ animal fiber mix Metal hardware

The Butcher;

21 The Butcher is an edgy girl intrigued by the body and human nature. Her style is all about being dangerous and taking risks. She bears all with this trend and has nothing to hide. Heavy knits paired with plastics and performance fabrics come alive in this trend.

TCX 17 1654

TCX 19 1617

TCX 17 3808

TCX 13 4105

TCX 19 4121

TCX 19 0000


The Butcher;

Because the Butcher is all about taking risks, this trend is the most avant garde. 3D elements are now introduced. Plastic fabrics, reptile skins and performance fabrics are also found throughout the trend. The pinks and reds act as flesh tones and make up for a lack of femininity in this trend. Like the farmer, chiffon and other see-through fabrics make the Butcher feel sexy and confident under bulky structured garments.

Fabrics + Fibers


The Butcher;

Prints + Patterns Several of the patterns in this trend are meant to resemble different elements of the body such as blood cells, veins, and plasma. Those that do not resemble bodily elements and functions are strictly geometric in shape and generally lack color.


Trims + Accessories Additions are paramount in this trend. Spikes, feathers, and plastic structures act as finishing for this trend. The juxtaposition of natural and man made materials interest the Butcher and are meant to remind one of the same juxtaposition of meat wrapped in plastic.

The Butcher;


Product Ideas Raincoats for the everyday! Plastic will become a go to material for manufactures in AW 15/16. Laser cut fabrics will be paired with translucent fabrics. Seeing though clothing will be a common occurrence. Under garments will act as another item of clothing where as they are meant to be seen and just as decorative as they are for purpose. Metal claws and body extensions will become a necessity and replace the statement ring.

The Milkman;

29 The milkman is a quirky mix of sweet and sour. She makes pale whites, greys, and pinks appear edgy and fun. She is inspired by the blue collar uniform and loves a clean line. She likes to mix up her signature clean and minimal aesthetic by throwing on chunky sweaters and layering monochromatic prints and fibers. TCX 11 2309

TCX 11 0504

TCX 11 0103

TCX 11 0601

TCX 11 4802

TCX 19 3803


The Milkman; Fabrics + Fibers

The Milkman’s fibers are what make the trend modern. Layering knits and unfinished fabrics make the milkman appear incredibly chic, clean, and effortless. Cotton, linen and jersey fabrics make for the basic materials found in the milkman’s wardrobe while performance fabrics make their appearance here as well. This combination transforms the milkman from basic to edgy. With clean lines there is no room for error in this trend.


The Milkman;


Prints + Patterns The Milkman’s prints make for her quirky side. Fifty’s inspired retro prints will remind you of a 1950’s summer in Miami. She puts her twist on these prints by omitting color and only using nudes, black, and soft pinks and greys. Touches of gold can be added to this trend for a pop but her color pallet remains the same.

The Milkman;

Trims + Accessories The Milkman’s clothing has little to no trimming or detail. Her garments are generally whole to two pieces and lack pattern. Zippers are used for closure when necessary but buttons, metal, and fastenings are avoided to maintain her minimal look. The same remains for her leather goods.


The Milkman;


Product Ideas All products to come of the Milkman trend will be minimal and bare. The garments will be simple and of no complication. Function is key. The garment is to serve its purpose as well as make you look chic, comfortable, and effortless. Designer Calvin Klein is one of the early adapters of this trend.

The Haberdasher;


TCX 18 1718

TCX 12 0720

TCX 17 1644

TCX 19 6110

TCX 19 0000

TCX 19 2118

The Haberdasher is androgynous in style but no where near masculine. She enjoys menswear inspired clothing with a woman’s touch. Heavy felted wools and chambray denim are worn with oxford shoes or heels. She remains feminine with pops of bright lipstick and accessories. Details are huge in this trend. She is always wearing a hat as her signature. She is conservative with a quirky touch.


The Haberdasher;


Fabrics + Fibers The Haberdasher layers wool coats over cashmere tops to keep warm. Leather plays its part as her go to accessory material; from her bag to her shoes. She is all about quality fabrics that look the part. --> Leather --> Leather cut + position ing --> Multi media fabrica- tions --> Felted wool hats --) Cashmere basics --) Wovens over knits

The Haberdasher; Prints + Patterns The Haberdasher will have fun with her prints. She wears them to attract and add interest to her outfits. They are what keep her from appearing too masculine or drab. They are an essential part of her wardrobe. They make a statement with bold lines and graphic prints saturated in color. She still remains classic with her solid black and white stripe.


The Haberdasher;

Trims + Accessories Much attention is paid to trims and accessories for the Haberdasher. Her felted wool hat is her go to item. Leather belts, bags, and hair pieces add interest to her look. Also rustic metals are used for her zippers and fastenings.

45 Product Ideas

END. Amanda Al-Mahdi

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