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Companion PRODUCT A reimagined insulin pump for people with diabetes that is easy to use and travel friendly.



In 2015, there were 30.3 million people in the United States that have diabetes and of that, 23.1 million were diagnosed, and 7.2 million were undiagnosed.

Association, A. D. (2013, April 01). Economic Costs of Diabetes in the U.S. in 2012. Retrieved February 24, 2018, from http:// image: image: image:

People diagnosed with diabetes spend on average of $13, 700 per year and of that, $7, 900 is attributed to diabetes. Hospital inpatient care is 43% of total medical cost and anti-diabetic agents and diabetes supplies 12%.

The percentage of the population with diagnosed diabetes continues to rise, with one study projecting that as many as one in three U.S. adults could have diabetes by 2050.


Interview Products Used Daily:

Lauren Solberg Diabetes: Type 1 Lauren has lived with diabetes for 12 years and had to adjust her lifestyle to accommodate it. Growing up she has used different products to manage her diabetes. Challenges she has is understanding how foods and certain activities can impact her glucose/sugar levels. She enjoys cross country, photography and food.

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Dexcom G5 Continuous Glucose Monitor

Omnipod Insulin Pump

App on phone; monitors blood glucose levels at all times; can see history and trend over time

Wireless glucose meter that allows user to input carbohydrates and insulin; can test sugar levels via strip


Keep track of carbohydrates to calculate the amount of insulin to deliver via Omnipod Insulin Pump

Prick finger to test glucose levels in the morning and evening.

After insulin has been delivered, it takes a certain amount of time before she is allowed to eat

insert continuous glucose monitor sensor once a week

Monitor sugar levels throughout the day and make note of big spikes and big drops.

Change insulin pump infusion sets every 3 days

Omnipod Insulin Pump

Heavy; very bulky item to carry in pocket

A lot of options; makes information hard to find

Virtual labels for an analog buttons

Too many buttons & unncessary icons

Problems with this Device

Opportunities for Improvement:

- Hard to carry; does not fit in small pockets and sometimes left at home

- slim out device for transportation

- Interface is hard to navigate and diffcult to find certain functions

- simplify the interface for easy navigation

- simplify the amount of buttons to click - socially conscious; will not hinder social interactions

- Socially unfriendly; “feels like I am being rude [when I use it] because I’m texting on my phone”


Physical Properties

Easy to transport; slim and lightweight; hang off keychain

Simplified interface; quick to understand and intuitive

Wearable device that can easily be attached

Key Interactions

Quickly and easy to input amount of carbs and units of bolus

Customize settings and calibrate glucose levels

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Be able to test blood levels using strips

Inspiration Medical devices can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to carry around. Creating a product that makes a user feel better about using it is one goal of this new design. Images reflect a calming atmosphere.


Ideation Sketches


Refinement Sketches


Interface Interaction Users will be around food with this device, different size hands and how comfortable users are with touchscreen/no touchscreen devices were some consideration with interface design.


Companion An insulin pump that is slim and easy to transport. The top features a blood test strip area, while the button features a USB-C charger. Soft colors are used for a relaxing aesthetics.


Portable and Friendly Body Slim shell for easy storage and portability. Can be attached to keys using the adjustable string or slipped into a pocket for traveling.


User Interface + Interaction Simplified interface where inputting require insulin is quick and easy. All commands are direct and straight to the point. Users are able to quickly input their bolus levels without missing a beat.



A Disc Golf cart that allows users to carry equipment that is storage friendly.



About Disc Golf Disc Golf is a sport played with discs. Players aim to get the disc into a netted cage in as little throws as possible. This can be played in a variety of environments and is constantly expanding in players and challenges.

Elements of the Game

Steve Hollaway

Steve works for MVP Disc Sport, a Disc Golf Company that specializes in injection molding disc golf discs as well as general Disc Golf equipment, and is a semi-professional Disc Golf player. He mainly resides in Michigan but travels all around the US to play games ranging from casual to competitive. He started playing in 2013 and is able to throw 500 ft.

Disc Golf Discs; players usually carry 3 or more discs

Goal; circular net with moving chains; spaced at different lengths based on level

Players stand a certain length and throw; they shift places where the disc lands



About Disc Golf Players

Popular Disc Golf Carts

Steve talked about how Disc Golf is played, what discs are used and what players carry. Disc Golf is played on all terrains and in all weather. Equipment varies by players but these are the minimum equipment players tend to carry with them. Carts should be able to accommodate all of these items and much more. Discs will be majority of the weight.

Common Equipment



water bottle




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Opportunity for Improvement These are the carts that has the most potential to fit the criteria of a proper Disc Golf cart. These products are suppose to be multi-functional and be easy to use while on the course. However, they have problems that can conflict with what a user need from their cart.

hard to pull/push cart around

digs into ground

handle does not provide support for grip

very large and bulky, hard to transport, does not fold up

Requirements for the Cart: -Easy to transport/fold up -Tread on different terrains (rocky, dirt, grass, etc) -Carry +18 discs -Carry smaller items like phone, and notepad

very tall, hard to store

limited storage

Additional Considerations -Ease of access to discs -Long lasting, multi-functional -Handles different weather conditions -Use for multiple occasions/multifunctional




Model #1 - maximize space - compactability - long handle This design emphasizes in two compartment spaces. The upper portion can be adjusted for different heights which allows the user to place the most necessary supplies on top, while the bottom will enable players to carry additional supplies. Everything can collapse together to form a tall box.


Model #2 - geometric - maximize space - compactability - long handle The second prototype incorporated a more box-like feel. This emulates a look of a box for easy storage and transport. The pulley system was taken out in favor for a simplified system of straps that users can move up and down freely. Strings in the front allows for flexibility when storing items as well as barriers for items from falling out.


- maximize space - compactability - long handle

Feedback From Steve - All the space will allow players to over pack and make it harder to carry - The lift is not strong enough to hold up all the discs (~1lbs each) along with water bottle, towels, and other small items - When it rains, the water will run into the cart and stay there - The strings in the front are not strong enough to hold everything inside - Needs better grip on handle bars




Final Appearance Model This final version emphasizes on organization and transportation. This box shape design emulates a regular box for easy transportation. There are magnetic strips along the inside of the cart that allows users to adjust the divider for their needs. Additional dividers enables users to put in multiple dividers and change the sizing of the space.


There are large and firm grips on the handle for ease and comfort when pushing or pulling the cart while the bar along the wheels allows users to put their foot on to lift up the cart. Handles are adjustable so it fits multiple heights and a cut out in the front of the cart allows people to pick up and carry.


The Edge A Disc Golf cart that uses the form of a box to help users transport and store their Disc Golf equipment. This cart features an adjustable handle bars, grips along the side for lifting and strong wheels for every terrain.


Features The back structure is made of aluminum which allows the cart to be lightweight as well as easy to clean off. There are holes inside the cart for rainwater drainage and dividers for easy organization.

Parts List -Rotational Molded Plastic Base -Aluminum Adjustable Handles -Foam handle bar -12” Rubber Wheels -3 Panels of Clear Acrylic -2 Tri-joints -2 Corner joints - 2 Magnetic Strips



15” 21”




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