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Amanda Olix

Table of Contents 1. About Me 2. Carnegie Center Master Plan 3.Retail 3. Arts and Cultural Center 4. Product Runway

About Me:

University of Kentucky GPA: 3.47 Est. Graduation: May 2016 2nd Year Representative of IDSA (Interior Design Student Association) Member of Delta Epsilon Iota Honor Society Member of Habitat for Humanity (UK student chapter) Catholic Action Center Volunteer Dean's List Spring 2013 Skills:: AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, MS Office, Powerpoint, Sketching


Carnegie Center Remodel Lexington, KY

MISSION: The Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning empowers people to explore and express their voices through imaginative learning and the literary arts. CONCEPT:



Technology Store Malls Across the U.S. The Mission of the space is to create a retail environment that brings the most cutting-edge technology from around the world to students, professionals, and all other consumers.

Arts and Cultural Center Renovation of Old Firehouse New York, New York The inspiration for the design is the lively and vivid culture of Spain and it's traditional jarapa weavings. Characteristics of rough timber trusses and smooth ceramic tiles will be in contrast with the soft cotton material of the boldly colored jarapas, with their straight repetitive lines. Repetitive curvilinear and intricate Spanish motifs and the use of natural lighting as a main source will create a harmonious and energetic movement through the space. The interior and exterior elements will be incorporated in a welcoming and inspirational cultural center in the culturally diverse community of Jackson Heights, where people will be able to participate in the craft of jarapa weaving and learn about all the Spanish culture has to offer.

First Floor

Second Floor

Hand Rendered: Gallery Space

Hand Rendered: Lobby

Product Runway: IIDA Competition

Louisville, Kentucky

Challenge: Produce a couture Cinderella themed fashion constructed out of interior finish materials from Mannington Flooring.



19' 11"

Klein Cutlery Packaging Inspection Dept. Bolivar, New York Goals: -Better Communication -Less Congestion -Increased Organization -Increased Productivity


11' 7"





6' 8'-1"

4' 16'-1"

7'-4" 2'-3"

  


  



 



  


Amanda's Design Portfolio