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hi friends... i hope you all are doing well! i am trying a new thing and sending my first “internet” update, i figured itʼs about time to jump on the technology train. itʼs hard to know where to start. so much is happening right now so iʼll keep it simple... on the pages to follow are few things going on in my life both personally as well as within the ministry here at Reef to Outback. itʼs been amazing to see what god has been doing in and through so many lives as you pursue relationship with him and allow him to use you to fulfill his purposes. you can be a part of that...please have a read and check out how you can get involved! thank you guys so much for reading and being a part of this with me. love you guys, amanda leanne pelzer

July 2008 Discipleship Training School... As most of you know i am currently co-leading the Discipleship Training School (DTS) we run here 4 times a year at Reef to Outback. We have just begun week 6 of the 22 week course and things are moving along so well. We have 12 students on the school, 5 Australians, 1 Papua New Guinean, 1 New Zealander and 5 North Americans. Then there is myself and Ryan (who are leading the school) and 3 other staff members. We have been growing in God together over the past 6 weeks as we have had a few different lecturers in to speak on topics such as The Nature and Character of God, Identity, Wisdom & Relationships and much more. Just recently we found out the locations that our teams will be going on outreach. We will have two teams of 8 including staff, the one team will be staying in Queensland Australia and traveling along the coast of the state doing school programs, running weekend camps and ministering to the youth of the nation and the other team (the team i will be leading) is going to be heading out to the Norther Territory of Australia, spending 5 weeks in Darwin and then heading overseas to spend the last 4 weeks of the outreach in Indonesia! It始s a challenge now though because as a school we all need to see quite a large sum of money come in to cover outreach costs. Every school is so unique, even though this is my third DTS it始s like starting all over again. God has a destiny and call over each of the students lives it始s amazing to get to be a part of that even for just a little while.

Darwin and Indonesia... One thing that God has been opening my eyes to over the past 8-12 months is that we are living in a broken and hurting world. There are many injustices happening in so many different nations that we aren始t even aware of and God始s heart is breaking over these issues, these people. He is searching for anyone to raise their hand, for anyone to go. As a team we have the opportunity to spend 4 weeks in Indonesia working with the poor and needy, basically just being God始s hands a feet, asking him to use us and to be a blessing. In Darwin we have the opportunity to work along side our sister base (Reef to Outback - Darwin) pioneering a program called Youth Street Connect. We currently run Youth Street here in Townsville and over the past year have begun to take this program and see it run in many other locations. Youth Street is more than just a program it始s a place for young people ages 11-17 to come, join a team (Music, Sport, Skate, Dance, you name it) and hang out in a safe, friendly environment. A place they can be themselves, make new friends and experience God through relationship with others. There of course is so much to prepare and get ready in order to head out on outreach in less than 6 weeks, so your prayers are so much appreciated!

thereʼs someone iʼd like you to meet... his name is stephen john bryde. you may be asking yourself, “why does she want us to meet him?” well the reason for this introduction is because he plays a very important role in my life. not only is he strikingly handsome, but he has become my best friend and close confidant. heʼs a kick in the butt or a slap in the face when iʼm selfish or stubborn, heʼs a warm embrace when on when iʼm sad, or a smile and full of joy when iʼm happy. heʼs an inspiration through his creativity and vast knowledge and love for design, languages, music, other cultures and nations. heʼs also so much more that i have yet to experience...

heʼs my boyfriend! we have been through a lot in our relationship thus far but it is a journey that i wouldnʼt trade for anything, and i am so thankful for. you will be seeing a lot more of this man in the days to come...

I need you... As Iʼm sure most of you are aware YWAM is a non-profit organization, no one within the ministry makes a wage, we live off of relationship based support. This basically means that through relationship with others and sharing what we are doing here, people respond and give as they feel led. Currently my biggest need is outreach. I am needing to see $2500 raised over the next few weeks in order to lead the team in September. I am asking that you pray about getting involved. There is no expectation, this is an invitation to partner with me. The easiest way to donate is either online through the Reef to Outback webpage: or you can send the money through my parents who donate to me through my home church. If you arenʼt able to give financially thatʼs okay, youʼre prayers are so appreciated, after all our prayers are powerful and effective. Thank you...

Contact me... I would LOVE to hear from you guys! Itʼs always so great to hear whatʼs happening on the other side of the world. I know that the Lord is doing so much in each of your lives as well, so please keep me updated... Address: P.O. Box 6221 Townsville, QLD 4810 Australia (because itʼs always FUN to get mail!)

Email: or also, if youʼre interested i have a few websites you can check out:

august update  

on the pages to follow are few things going on in my life both personally as well as within the ministry here at Reef to Outback. itʼs been...

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