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To whom it may concern

Dear Colleague,

This letter is to present André Malveiro as a young architect. I met André during his 4th school year at F.A.U.P. (Faculty of Architecture from Oporto University), as a student in my Atelier. He is clever, a very focused student, hard worker and very interested in the discipline issues and in contemporary architecture. He demonstrated the capacity to incorporate new issues and themes, conceptualizing and producing nice spaces and forms. In my Atelier he developed a one-year project, a Municipal Archive, with really good results. He managed to incorporate all the computer-tools, renders, models and concepts into his process. I truly believe that he can develop even further his methodology, and an internship would be great for that. I wish all the best for his future. I’m truly convinced that he can be a good collaborator for your team, with the capacity to integrate it with very good results.

Best regards, Camilo Rebelo.

Recomendation Letter from Camilo Rebelo  

This document was written after I attended to Camilo Rebelo's studio at Faculty Architecture University of Porto in 2012/2013. Camilo Rebelo...