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Specialty Metallic Pigments Market Research Report- Forecast to 2023

Specialty Metallic Pigments Market – Overview Specialty Metallic Pigments are colors/dyes made from metal flakes and are designed to give a shimmering, seamless effect to a specific final product. Finding applications in diverse industries like automotive, construction, furniture, personal care & cosmetic and printing Specialty Metallic Pigment perceive an augmented demand worldwide. For instance: In personal care & cosmetic, these Metallic colors are used in various products ranging from powders, nail paints, to hair care to give these products a fascinatingly shimmering effect and a unique tangible dimension, thus presenting them as a complete speciality product and indispensable. Metallic Pigments used in construction/ residential interiors & furniture, give a seamless, sparkling and a unique, three-dimensional appearance & finish (walls, floors, tiles etc.) perfecting them with an unparalleled blend of beauty and durability. Metallic colors used in automotive coatings and paints, offer vehicles an elegant and exotic finish. Similarly, in printing inks developed with Metallic Pigments are used for a shiny/ glossy printing need.

Augmented demand from the burgeoning industries defines the growth landscape of the Specialty Metallic Pigments globally escorting it to the ascended heights. According to the Market Research Future, The global market of Organic Matting Agent is booming and expected to gain further prominence over the forecast period. The market is forecasted to demonstrate a voluminous growth by 2023, registering a striking CAGR during the estimated period (2017 – 2023). Paints & Coating industries predominantly drive the market growth. Automotive industry accounts for a larger contribution witnessing the increasing demand and production of automobiles worldwide. Other burgeoning industries contributing the market growth include construction, architecture, electronics & electrical and furniture. Specialty Metallic Pigments are widely utilized for printing and to add aesthetic elements to the packaging material. Furthermore, rising demand for attractive packaging coupled with the continuous growth of packaging sector is expected to fuel the growth of the market during the review period. Worldwide Specialty Metallic Pigments Market – Competitive Analysis The market appears to be highly competitive and fragmented with the presence of several wellestablished players having regional and global presence. Innovation, mergers & acquisitions, and brand reinforcement remain the key trends for leading players. They strive to develop Specialty

Metallic Pigments designed to reduce the downtime and maintenance with longer life and lower total costs. The market will witness a fierce competition due to the expected extensions in product & service and product innovations. Worldwide Specialty Metallic Pigments Market – Regional Analysis Asia Pacific is predicted to grow at the fastest CAGR during the review period, driven by increasing demand from end use industries such as automobiles, packaging, and construction. North America is expected to witness a significant growth owing to strict regulatory framework along with high technology adoption rate. North American countries such as U.S. and Canada are among the major contributors in the regional market growth and are expected to witness regional market growth during the review period. European countries such as Russia, Spain, Germany, and UK have emerged as the regional consumer market due to growing end use industries and increasing consumer spending on personal care products.

Worldwide Specialty Metallic Pigments Market – Segments The Specialty Metallic Pigments Market can be segmented in to 3 key dynamics for the convenience of the report and enhanced understanding; By Type

: Comprises Copper, Aluminium, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Zinc, and others

By Application and other.

: Paints & Coatings, Printing Inks, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Plastics,

By Region

: North America, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World.

Segment Aluminium by type has accounted for the largest market share due to growing acceptance in automotive paints & coatings.

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Specialty Metallic Pigments Market  

Specialty Metallic Pigments Market Information- by Type (Copper, Aluminum, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Zinc, and Others), by Application (Paint...

Specialty Metallic Pigments Market  

Specialty Metallic Pigments Market Information- by Type (Copper, Aluminum, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Zinc, and Others), by Application (Paint...