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Dubai takes Initiative to Launch “Learn Arabic” Programs Dubai being world’s top region in terms of hospitality, tourism and customer care, is now keen to resolve language issues for expats and non-Arabic people. Realizing the communication gap among local people and expats, Wall Street Exchange initiates “Learn Arabic” programs in Dubai. The program was organized in two different locations and its success can be judged by audience of more than 100 people from 25 different nationalities. The major purpose of such programs is to introduce Arabic language, culture and norms in a simple friendly way to the world. These “Learn Arabic” programs are basically according to The Arabic Language Charter introduces by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. A Step towards better Customer Service These Arabic learning programs can be considered as major contributing factor towards improvement of customer care services. Communication can be considered as the initial step in providing support services. Although mostly companies have facilities of multi lingual customer service agents but importance of native language can never be neglected. If customer is unable to understand and communicate in your language, how is going to explain his problem or needs. Thus these Arabic learning courses are going to play a vital role in empowering non Arabic people to understand and communicate anywhere in Middle East. UAE is encountering language barriers with its market expanding in various cultures and countries. Thus increased globalization is forcing the need to exercise such programs to enhance customer experience. Such programs will save consumers from misconception and difficulties in getting accurate details of products and services. A research shows that sometimes customers experience anxiety, fear or embarrassment due to lack of knowledge, information or language difference. So expats with customer with at least general know how of native language can prove to be helpful. Arabic learning programs are specially proving to be a good guide for outsiders who want to start business in Middle East. By communicating their products and services in native language is helping business people to cast their trust in their customers. In short “Arabic Learn “ programs is a good step towards incredible customer services not only for both expats and local people.

Dubai takes Initiative to Launch “Learn Arabic” Programs