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Oh! My sensors tell me that this girl is in danger!

Wuauu! It is a overwhelming place!

In the main square of Arequipa City… Stop! I will save you! What’s up!! ... Ahhhh ……. (screa ming)

In Misti Volcano… Now… I can recognize you!! You are My U:zoosin ! I am Ksil! Are you Okey?

Thank you very much!!!.., You’re my hero! I can’t believe what could happen if you had not been here!

Ksil ?? You are Ksil!!..Ohh I always read your letters, but I didn’t know how to find you!

In the main square of Arequipa, in front of the cathedral…

Historietas uzoosin en peru  

Proyecto realizado por el Fan Club Henecia Perú para dar a conocer lugares y tradiciones de nuestro pueblo.