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El Perú es un país con una gran variedad de paisajes, costumbres y tradiciones. Sabemos que cuando viniste al Perú, hace un año, no disponías del tiempo para hacer turismo, por eso, mediante estas cortas historietas queremos mostrarte lo bello de nuestro país. Esperamos puedas volver pronto, tus henecias te apoyamos y esperamos. Disfruta de estas historias.

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How nice is U: ZOOSIN! I want to visit again! Peru


Blue Lagoon called blue lagoon, located east of tarapoto, wonderful lagoon, surrounded by a lush high jungle, and only 42 km from TARAPOTO Heading to blue lagoon !!!

Road at km 25, the view of the Huallaga River to the Blue .Lagoon.

I will go on a boat

The boats are of various shapes and sizes

Arrive ... beautiful place!

It is a clean freshwater lagoon and crystal !!!

beautiful landscape !!

Surrounded by nature

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Beautiful place with great beauty in nature A tourist destination, with a very warm climate. I'm happy to have found the love of my life and this place wonderful !!

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From: Sileny = Ksil

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While U:zoosin is doing his usual guard… Landing in Arequipa …


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In the main square of Arequipa City… Stop! I will save you! What’s up!! ... Ahhhh ……. (screa ming)

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In the main square of Arequipa, in front of the cathedral…

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U:ZOOSIN is one of his adventures he reached the coast of Peru, reaching the city of Trujillo, there was found with Rubi, the two agreed to tour the city.

Uzoosin Uzoosin ........ reed horses look look ... I do not want to get on one?

Where are Rubi? ... It's a beautiful place We are in the ruins of ChanChan, it is very large and has a lot of history

This is not ..!? Can you believe that? Imported'll try

rubi and Uzoosin, did a walk all Uzoosin ruins and was amazed by all the stories that had the majestic ruins.

after the tour of the ruins came to the beaches of Huanchaco, who looked far from the famous horses of reeds.

Wuooh uzoosin if you know your horse handle

And that I'm just beginning to dominate

so without thinking Uzoosin rose to one of the horses of reeds with ruby and if prepared to go the good waves of Trujillo, and I had little time to stay in the beautiful city of Trujillo. Is super beautiful this city, you can not be hurt me, but thanks for your time Rubi UZOOSIN you found Trujillo?

and ending rubi day took Uzoosin the main square to finish to see the city, as he has little time for you to leave this beautiful city and a good memory of Trujillo takes and as known as eternal spring.

Uzoosin back soon!

Beautiful scenery, I save my spaceship to go play.

Ahh my eyes!!, a beauty, a bit femenine but a independent woman! I like her!

Of course Uzzosin, My name is Nela

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I found my love here in Peru ahhhh. She is what I always craved

Historietas uzoosin en peru  

Proyecto realizado por el Fan Club Henecia Perú para dar a conocer lugares y tradiciones de nuestro pueblo.