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We are thrilled to introduce to you a new and innovative club here at Queen’s! Freshsight Queen’s is a new consulting club under the AMS that focuses on providing invaluable pro-bono consulting services for not-for-profit organizations in the local Kingston community. Our founding vision is to aid charities, social businesses and third sector organizations in becoming world class organizations. Our mission is to bring together top students from the Queen’s School of Business to create professional consulting teams. These groups will then use their diverse backgrounds, technical expertise and experiences to create recommendations and implement these plans to aid charities and social businesses in addressing, and overcoming, their most pressing challenges. Our motivation for this initiative began when we saw an opportunity to make a substantial difference in our community. By leveraging the knowledge and abilities of the brightest Queen’s students, we believe we can accomplish much more than what simply volunteering or donating to a charity could do. We believe that Freshsight will be able to provide long-term business solutions that will help these charities thrive. In addition, today’s society seems to have a misguided and negative perception of business students and professionals. Through Freshsight, we hope to make a strong statement against the negative stereotypes, of only caring about money, held against business students and business professionals by providing invaluable services to those who need it most. Freshsight is a great avenue for your company to help contribute and make a difference in the not-forprofit industry. In addition, your company will be able to have exclusive recruitment opportunities with some of the best and brightest young consultants Queen’s has to offer. On behalf of the AMS, the Queen’s School of Business and the entire Freshsight Executive, we would like to invite you to help us make a difference that will have long lasting results. This package highlights the organization of our club, the projects and clients we have secured thus far, and the benefits Freshsight has to offer our sponsors. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Regards, Ama Hysi & Julia Sanges Sponsorship Managers Freshsight Queen’s

At Freshsight Queen’s our vision is to help charities, social businesses and third sector organizations become world class organizations. We accomplish this by bringing together the most ambitious, creative and talented individuals from Queen’s University and organizing them into consulting teams. With support from the executive team and outside organizations we strive to understand the context of the organization and deliver practical solutions to our clients that directly address their problems. Our first year of operations has seen impressive growth for Freshsight at Queen’s University. From our humble beginnings as an idea from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, we have grown to an organization of 23 members serving 2 local charities. We will not let this precedent slow our plans for growth however, we hope to double the size of our operations, and increase our impact on the community even more. Our executive and consultants spend countless hours creating an organization that facilitates and provides great results for the organizations that we serve. However, our efforts can only go so far in providing great value for the clients that we serve. Our quality of service, operations and ability to serve our clients with professionalism depend on generous support from organizations like yours. Being a sponsor of Freshsight will give you direct access and exposure to our talent. We have a rigorous selection process, and provide training to our members to ensure that their ability to help an organization solve their most pressing challenges is second to none. Supporting Freshsight is also a socially conscious decision for your organization, as your organization’s resources are leveraged through Freshsight to enact positive change in the community. We would like to take this chance to extend the offer to your organization to work with us. Together we can create a positive impact in our community, enable a challenging experience for our consultants and allow Freshsight to create value for many years to come. Aaron Murray President: Freshsight Queen’s

Freshsight is a PRO-BONO student-run consultancy service at Queen’s University, Kingston. We empower entrepreneurial and creative students to exercise their innovative visions as consultants for non-profit organizations. Freshsight believes in delivering STRATEGIC solutions to improve the social environment of the community and helping non-profit organizations become sustainable businesses delivering needed benefits to the surrounding community.

To bring together students from Queen’s University to create professional consulting teams. These groups will then use their diverse backgrounds and experience to create recommendations and implementation plans to help charities, social businesses and third-sector organizations to address and overcome their most pressing challenges.

To aid charities, social businesses and third-sector organization in becoming world class organizations

Freshsight Sponsorship Package 2012-2013  

Not for Profit Business Consulting Sponsorship Package

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