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Vision and mission Vision and mission

People and organizations are often defined by their visions – what are you doing and how do you get there?

Working. Together. Anywhere.

Our vision is to empower people and organizations with the best tools to collaborate – communicate and work together, no matter where they are in the world.

By using the best technology and software platforms, the best heads for the tasks and the right strategic partners, we develop software and online solutions that help organizations work better, more efficiently and more easily. This is our mission.



What we do and who we are What we do and who we are NetConnect creates solutions that help people collaborate and work together from anywhere.

As communication tools are converging, uniform

the IT and Internet industry, reaching back to the

collaboration platforms offering a wealth of

80s and 90s. Our ability to approach challenges

services will come to dominate. Using the best

with a thinking-out-of-the-box-attitude is the best

technologies available, such as CSF and Share-

reassurance of creating the best solutions.

NetConnect was founded in 1998 and has

Point from Microsoft, NetConnect creates team

Without this intellectual capital there would

pioneered the online conferencing business in

work solutions that are geared for the future.

be nothing setting us apart as a company. And

the Nordics. Building on the NetConnect brand,


certainly not the superb solutions that NetConnect

we offer intuitive, unique and innovative colla-

NetConnect is a small company with highly

borative solutions for global users.

enthusiastic and skilled people, experienced in

is working hard to develop and offer.


The NetConnect brand has been developed

functions in local area networks, you get every-

for ten years, spearheading online conferencing

thing in a single hosted service. This will be

services. As the markets matured, we saw the

attractive to all companies.

need for structuring presentations and information between meetings. Our new SharePoint

In the near future I hope we have diversified

solutions effectively replace other applications,

our offerings to match the collaboration needs in

allowing users to store, organize and structure

both very large as well as smaller companies.

information, integrating existing meeting solutions. We remove barriers for working effectively

We strongly believe the future is mobile. Technological developments will yield smaller and more powerful devices, replacing the PC to

from anywhere. We help companies work more

an extent. Our technology will migrate to these

efficiently and to have more control.

handheld systems. Our goal is to perform more and more tasks through a common interface, on

Interview with Rolf Larsen, CEO NetConnect

Being strongly innovative helps us become a market leader. We go new ways, often before

a single platform. Of all the future unified competing platforms,

our competitors. One example is our new market

we believe SharePoint to be the clear winner. It

place Team Portal – hosting SharePoint applica-

has a uniform application interface, and a logic

tions in a totally new way. We want the end users

that users will recognize.

to focus on the job at hand, and not the technology

Chief comments Chief comments


that lies behind.

It is our ambition to have a presence in most

Logging on to a single platform gives you

markets around the world. This is our long term

access to all collaboration tools – telephony,

vision. In ten years I hope we are close to being

sharing, chat, and so on. Replacing much of the

able to call ourselves a complete global supplier. 7

Technology Technology

NetConnect is a market driven company working with the latest Microsoft technologies.

needs evolve and change, so will the possibilities and solutions made available.

While the right technology is crucial for any Our technological framework is based on the

solution, our aim is to enable businesses and

latest technologies, which includes SharePoint,

people to work, together, and from anywhere.

Connected Services Framework (CSF) and Office Communications Server (OCS).

“NetConnect’s innovative team has put them at the forefront of the Unified Communications market. As collaborative solutions become more and more converged, NetConnect continues to offer its clients up-to-date and progressive technology such as SharePoint based project portals with integrated conferencing.” Larry Velez, Director Unified Communications Incubation Sales EMEA in Microsoft “Through we broaden our reach, providing innovative SharePoint based project management functionality on a hosted platform with BrightWork’s PMPoint. The distribution through helps push our project management solution past the technical barriers. We are working together to help companies reach their own goals through project management collaboration anywhere.” Éamonn McGuinness, CEO and founder of BrightWork

Strategic partners, such as Brightwork and Premiere Global Services, give us the opportunity

While people are abuzz with jargon like Web 2.0,

to integrate additional content and functionality

we’re tempted to say our solutions have already

within our solutions. This helps us provide com-

introduced Web 2.5.

petitive solutions that are leading-edge.

in the background while usability and functionality is king to the end

Team Portal brings SharePoint to the masses NetConnect launched Team Portal in 2008 – a SharePoint based, template driven, online teamwork solution that

Technology works


What some say

Furthermore, NetConnect is a Microsoft Gold

caters to any project and team oriented work.

Certified Partner with competencies in ISV/Software

The solution urges you to organize your work and stay

Solutions and Advanced Infrastructure Solutions.

in control – a bold statement, yet a sign of todays’ needs

Through our services, our own partners and

and requirements to remain competitive.

user. As the

customers benefit greatly from our high level of

trends and

industry experience in Microsoft technologies.

See more at


Business model Business model

In essence, the NetConnect business model is based on a close relationship with our partners within technology and sales.

Current partners include Microsoft, Brightwork

Green thoughts

Environmentally friendly is an added bonus that ties in directly with your own finances

and Premiere Global Services.

A key to the success of our partner model is to achieve long term partner synergies. NetConnect works with both content partners and channel

NetConnect Team Portal aims to become the

partners, and we are always interested connecting

most popular marketplace for SharePoint

with innovative, dedicated and highly specialized

In 2004, BT carried out an initiative* which

After ten years in the industry,

applications through a flexible partner model.


successfully prevented 47,000 tonnes of CO2

we’ve helped thousands of

from being emitted into the atmosphere in the

companies achieve their

NetConnect’s advanced technological framework

UK, simply by eliminating 300,000 face-to-face

environmental goals.

enables us to integrate partner content and

internal meetings with the use of real-time

functionality within our own solutions and bring


Companies can go a long way to help reduce carbon emissions by using online collabo-

them to the global market. Our primary sales and distribution channel is through partners specializing

As the market progressively demands more and

ration and at the same time cut travel costs, save

in competencies relevant to these solutions.

more converged communication solutions,

time and trim budgets significantly. This can also

NetConnect remains focused in contributing

make any organization a real player in working

towards a greener planet through real-time and

towards Kyoto’s goal.

non-real time collaboration. 10

* Source: The Register, by Lester Haines, published Thursday 22

September 2005


Contact: Web:

NetConnect brochure 2008  


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