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Meet the design duo behind revamping Battersea Power and Manchester’s Principal Hotel

MICHAELIS & BOYD The dominant woman has been on the rise, we look at the women at the top of their game

HIGH HEELS, BIG DEALS Three states. Three very different experiences


09 WINTER 2016


As another year comes to an end, two of the country’s top chefs offer their tips to create the perfect Christmas dinner, and we hand-pick some of the world’s luxury destinations from Paris to the Pacific




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Michaelis & Boyd

Architectural design duo

76 Franco Noriega

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getting lots of attention and

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The semi-naked chef talks expanding his business

Callum Melly 76

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MODERN MUSE by Hannah Furness

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Couture Red 18

Bonjour Paris 58

Winter Trends 22

The Quays 60

His & Hers Ultimate Christmas 24

A charity born from one little boy’s wish


DARK BLOOMS by Sarah Jones 40 High Heels, Big Deals


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Didsbury gets a touch of Buenos Aires

Voyage to America 62 Seasons Eatings 44 52 How To Buy The Perfect Turkey 64 The Perfect Gin Martini


Luxury Romantic Getaways Four stunning getaways with the one you love

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s Winter approaches, we look back at 2016 as a year of radical transformation, some triumphant, others wholly unexpected. This issue has seen us explore changes in ourselves, our contact with others, and the world around us.

and striking out as entrepreneurs. We chat to personal trainer Callum Melly, creator of Body in 8, ‘the world’s first virtual training programme’ that improves your fitness in only eight weeks, as well as architects Michaelis & Boyd, responsible for the transformation of Battersea Power Station and Manchester’s Female figures across the world have risen through the ranks Principal Hotel, proving that people are quite literally building and fixed themselves firmly on top. With Angela Merkel the world that they want to live in. reigning as Forbes’s most powerful woman in the world, and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign making people globally With a whole new world to conquer, young people are declare ‘I’m with Her’, women are making great strides – and determined to see and do it all. The A-Family went on a ‘Voyage all in some rather fabulous shoes! ‘High Heels, Big Deals’ to America’, experiencing three very different flavours of the celebrates women who express their personal style as freely as USA. Find out about everything fun in Florida, how to get a they do their opinions, whilst climbing their way to the top of healthy dose of culture in Washington DC, and where to head in the ladder. New York’s Meatpacking District for the best food and nightlife. In 2016, women really can have it all, as Alesha Dixon, singer, Britain’s Got Talent judge, and fashion designer, tells us. She’s designed a line of dresses with Little Black Dress that ‘make women feel fabulous’. Our editorials offer two differing looks which capture women’s freedom to look any way they please. ‘Dark Blooms’ showcases Next clothes for a darker, mysterious look, with lots of clashing prints, whereas ‘Modern Muse’ provides oversized, minimalistic luxury. Whilst it may feel like recent events have sent young people spiralling, Issue 9 champions people who are working hard to create a world that they’re proud of, giving back to others


As the year draws to a close, Issue 9 reviews the extraordinary overhaul that was 2016, and provides inspiration for those inevitable plans for self-transformation in 2017. Have a wonderful Winter, and we’ll see you in our spring issue.

The A-Family @Amagazineuk



Here’s a few reasons why we look forward to the winter season


Hannah Furness

Emily Greening-James Louise McCann Laura Fletcher Viv Davis


SHER REE Designer

MIKE CROSS Content Writer

It’s about seeing my parents, sister and especially catching up with my young nieces who I don’t get to see as much as I’d like.

It’s all about the sparkle glittery dresses and fairy lights! I am looking forward to making my home smell like Christmas with spiced cinammon and apple candles.

For me it’s about sitting on the sofa surrounded by books, vinyl and having artisan coffee on tap.

Cartier Tank Solo Dress Watch

Parfum De Marly Oriental Cinnamon Candle

Sony Two Speed USB Turntable with High-Res Audio Recording

GRAEME WILSON Photographer

SARAH JONES Photographer


Winter to me is about fairy tales, snow queens, furry animals, cakes, bakes and toasty fires.

Winter for me is all about the Christmas markets, new coats and boots. Oh, and having a holiday to Sri Lanka!

Winter is about investing in new boots and a great coat to wear whilst out doing star trails in the Peak District.


Bethany Lee

Abigail Gillibrand © Copyright 2016 A-Magazine Ltd.

Monclear Peak Nubuck Hiking Boots

Steiff Reindeer Teddy Bear

Straight To Heaven Eau de Parfum by Kilian

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With Battersea Power Station and Manchester’s Principal Hotel under their architectural belt, you would think Michaelis & Boyd would have their legacy established, but for them and their team it’s always about moving forward

T Battersea Power Station Photographer Kilian O’Sullivan

he Alex Michaelis and Tim Boyd design

The partnership met at John Miller &

portfolio is vast and varied. With a

Partners, famed for work on the Whitechapel

business that started out just over 20

and Serpentine Gallery. Tim who studied

years ago with just the two of them. Has now

architecture at The Royal College of Art details

developed into a global brand with a team

their time at Miller & Partners as doing lots

of 70 designing and building commercial

of museums, universities and competitions,

and residential properties in the UK and

including work on the Tate Gallery. From there


the two went on to set-up Michaelis & Boyd in 1995.

Based in London’s Notting Hill just around the corner from Kensington Palace is one of their

Since then the business has grown at a

three offices belonging to the eponymous

rapid but organic pace, going from private

architect duo. The other two offices being in

to residential work with most commissions

Brooklyn, New York, and their “little fledgling

being in London with a few restaurants, to

office” next to the Institute of Contemporary

now producing increasingly larger builds and

Arts in Singapore.

developments including bigger hotels and more world-wide work.


The pair, Alex, an Oxford Brooks Polytechnic Architecture graduate, believes they have different strengths and views when it comes to a new project, making it a well-rounded experience for the client. As you would expect each project is individual, so listening, adapting and having forethought to see the building at every stage is something the pair pride themselves on. “We’ll help [clients], but early on you start with a view that all buildings should start looking like something. I think one our strengths is that we’ve become chameleon-like in making the basics of architecture very good, but leaving the last layer [for the client]”, says Alex. It’s the early stages, that for want of a better phrase, provide the foundations for the entire build. The brief enables Michaelis & Boyd and their team some idea as to what “gets [clients]

own private plunge pool overlooking the

going” says Tim. The brief (which can be a


challenge to get) can be anything from written words to images, aimed at getting clients to

Sandibe, which Alex and Tim class as their

think about their lives and the functionality

most creative project is 100 percent self-

of their prospective new build or renovation.

sufficient utilising electric and solar panels

From there the ideas are loosely sketched out,

and heat exchangers to create the hot water,

honing down on client’s wants, needs and

which are needed due to being so remote.

desires before construction begins. Tim adds that during the initial meeting/briefing stage

The 100 percent self-sufficient lodge is

the duo challenge the clients, “we might come

unique in its appearance which is made from

back to where they were, but we take them on

a mixture of laminated pine and eucalyptus

a journey, and show them different ways of

gum poles making the curved walls and

looking at their life and their expectations”.


However, building internationally provides a

indigenous weavers’ nests and the native

whole new stimulus for the team, especially in

Pangolin anteater. Whose scaled exterior, is

places like Africa where the materials that can

replicated onto Sandibe’s outer cedar walls

be used, the isolation of a project, or wildlife

creating an uninterrupted flow against the

are all major factors in how a building should

African plain.





look, function and most importantly work with the surroundings. “Africa has completely different set of rules, but the basic principles like taking links from the surroundings, client interaction and the specific location [are the same]”, informs Alex. None could be more stimulating than Sandibe Safari Lodge in Botswana Africa. The luxury fivestar lodge is in a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation World Heritage site in northwest of the region. The lodge, which was done working alongside architect Nicholas Plewman, fits seamlessly into the surroundings. So much so its walkways are created to fit around trees leading to the 12 elevated bedrooms, each with their

Winter Gardens at Principal Hotel, Manchester Top to Bottom: Principal Refuge dining area, Entrance lobby and Refuge restaurant and bar


One of our strengths is that we’ve become chameleonlike in making the basics of architecture very good

Elvaston Place Staircase

Brewdog Clapham

Sandibe isn’t the only building crafted by the duo internationally. One of their favourite projects which puts back into the world in a different sense is in Nepal, and works alongside the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Completed in 2010, the Pokhara residential home has 26 Gurkhas including their widows who have little or no family to look after them. The building incorporates the sustainability characteristics of the Michaelis & Boyd brand, in addition to working alongside the National Society for Earthquake Technology to ensure the residential home is earthquake-proof. It also integrates recycled rainwater - due to Pokhara having the highest monsoon rainfall in the entirety of the Nepal, hot water generated from solar panels and cavity wall insulation Brewdog Clapham


(which is relatively new to Nepal) retaining heat in the winter.

This project Alex says “is gratifying and grounding from the other stuff we’re doing in London and New York and places where we float off with what people can spend or can do”. The budget for the Nepalese project was tight, but combining the knowledge and materials from the local area, fused with the best of western design and technology. Michaelis & Boyd have created something that has spawned not just one, but two more projects dedicated to helping ex-British army Gurkha soldiers. The first major sustainable project for the design duo was Oxford Gardens in Kensington. The five-bedroom house belonged to Alex and his family, became the test project for energy efficiency products. The house united the best in energy saving devices and techniques, fusing an insulating all grass roof absorbing CO2 and rainwater, in addition to a 240ft deep borehole supplying the houses water supply once it’s been purified through a filter and ultraviolet light killing any bacteria.

Sandibe Safari Lodge


Principal Waterhouse Way

The rest of the house, which was sunken into the ground contained underfloor heating and solar panels. It’s the staircase at Oxford Gardens that steals the show. Made without risers (the vertical bits in a stairwell) to increase as much light as possible in the lower part of the building, the staircase also has a feature designed for Alex’s children - a slide leading to the basement area with a heated pool. The staircases in any Michaelis & Boyd project have become the focal point to any home. Alex believes that they can create a “statement”, none more so than at Elvaston Place. The staircase there, besides Oxford Gardens is truly unique in its appearance. Bright pillar box red against a stark white wall, it could be classed as a functioning piece of art. Its final riser is missing so the whole staircase appears to be suspended from the floor above, the entire staircase is encased by matching red metal walls with holes in creating this unique appearance both internally and externally. Whenever you see a Michaelis & Boyd creation its visual impact is apparent, whether it being through a stark white build like Oxford Gardens with a statement staircase, or something more textural like Sandibe Lodge and one of several Brewdog bars across the country.


Walking into either London’s Shepherds Bush,





becomes a real contrast in the Michaelis & Boyd portfolio with exposed lightbulbs, welltrodden floorboards and an eclectic furniture mixture, where the pair “pushed the rawness as far as [they] could” to create a unique social environment. None could be more unique than their latest commission, The Palace Hotel, now newly named Principal Hotel in the Manchester, where a complete renovation including 272 rooms plus five suites and the Winter Gardens in the heart of the building was completed by the pair.

Principal dining area and Principal guest bedroom

‘architectural legacy’ established, but for them it’s about “always looking for the next creative moment. You’re always moving forward and changing, [whilst] trying to keep it fresh and vibrant”, informs Tim. Their next challenge couldn’t be anymore fresh and vibrant if they tried. Creating 250 apartments ranging from studios to five bedroom penthouses in the second phase of the grade two Battersea Power Station revamp. The apartments will sit in a 40-acre site housing 4000 new homes, with 200 shops and restaurants, including a cinema, an artisan food market on the third level of the power station and a performance venue. Brewdog Liverpool

Each apartment by Michaelis & Boyd is united by a common theme of the buildings famous

You’re always moving forward and changing, [whilst] trying to keep it fresh and vibrant

history, incorporating both pre-and post-world war influences with modern day furnishings by the likes of Paul Smith and Tom Dixon. For the design duo, it’s “about keeping individuality, the detailing and interest in the buildings”, hence the attributes to Battersea’s historical roots in their modern apartments. Tim explains that due to the rapid rate of population growth in places like China, buildings are in effect losing details and “lacking any human scale” and missing any form of locality or context. Alex adds that this absenteeism of points of interest and no foresight is contributing to a run of not very inspiring buildings, and is in-fact the “very depressing side to architecture”. So how does a company like Michaelis & Boyd maintain an eye for detail, and revive the evergrowing “depressing side to architecture”, without compromising the project or the company’s evolution. For them it’s about blurring lines between the design world titles

Michaelis & Boyd

The 12-month restoration, was a case of “making good” throughout the grade two listed building because “it had been so unlooked after and unloved for so long”, tells Alex. One thing that they carried throughout the build was to craft individual pieces of furniture to put their stamp on the place. It was the Winter Gardens though that they believe to be the crowning glory of the Principal. “The area was a big, empty, barren space and was quite challenging as to how we could use it. The glass walls around it have broken up that space well … before it was a sea of

furniture and a bit depressing”, says Tim. Now after the £25 million renovation, the Gothic Victorian building has acquired an additional bar situated under the large original roof in the centre of the hotel. To maximise light, the Winter Gardens is surrounded by crittall glazing to allow light flood into the courtyard area creating a conservatory feeling to the bar

– architect, graphic designer, interior designer, and creating an all-encompassing design studio. Tim believes that by adding more strings to their bow, their team which is increasing almost yearly, allows them to approach projects differently and become a more well-rounded one-stop shop for the clients. It might be Michaelis & Boyd’s eponymous name being used, but for them the brand is a team effort as everything they do is not just for the best of the


clients or projects, but also for their team.

You would think that anyone who had

For more information on Michaelis & Boyd,

revamped the Principal Hotel, created nearly

isit -

three Gurkha villages and a self-sufficient lodge in Africa would have had their


Top by Charlotte Markham Briefs, stylist own Trousers by Alexander McQueen at Selfridges

MODERN MUSE Photography Hannah Furness Creative Director Oliver Lilley

Stylist Steven Spencer Assistant Stylist Emily Greening-James

Hair & Make Up Louise McCann Assistant Hair & Make Up Viv Davis

Models Siobhan from Boss Models – Location Pumpkin Studios

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Top by Charlotte Markham Dress by Maticevski at Selfridges Boots by Public Desire

Dress by Sacai at Selfridges Trousers by Charlotte Markham Shoes by Public Desire


Saint Laurent

Dolce & Gabbana

COUTURE RED Warm up the cold winter days with some red, the ultimate colour of power and confidence The late great American sportswear designer Bill Blass once said, “when in doubt, wear red”. So, whether you’re wanting to hide away in a Valentino cape, or battle against the elements in a furry Saint

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Winter has become a textural treat with pleats giving skirts a sleek and suave appearance, andm when done correctly, like Rodarte with an oversized shearling aviator jacket can look amazing - just stay away from the blazer or you run the risk of looking like you’re

Craig Green

back in school. Gucci and Marc Jacobs payed homage to the original Star Man, Bowie, with super stacked brogues and skyscraper heels. For guys over winter it’s about being bold, with D&G and Balmain bringing military brocade kicking and screaming into the

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21st-century (a trend that will continue through to early spring), and checks from French fashion house, Dior, and British born, JW Anderson. Pair a statement piece alongside a neutral item and let the bold pattern do all the talking, check mate.


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No colour encapsulates the winter period like red does. Brands like Osman utilise the intensely passionate colour in their ruffled dress, whereas AllSaints provide us with a paler side to the tone in a pink shearling coat - ideal for wrapping up against the winter weather. It’s Anya Hindmarch’s clutch that has grabbed us with so


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Make-A-Wish UK is the product of one American boy’s simple wish just over 30-years-ago, now the international charity is still helping children, some here on our doorstep.

A couple of days later Chris was rushed Make-A-Wish UK started in 1986, and is now back to hospital where he sadly lost his celebrating 30-years of granting more than


battle to Leukaemia, surrounded by custom 10,000 wishes. In 2015, the charity granted 21 made police uniforms and clutching his new dreams here within the Manchester postcode, Motorcycle Officer Wings (which he was almost doubling to 36 for 2016. awarded the day before). Lillie, who at two-and-a-half in 2010, was

seven-year-old Chris Greicius from Arizona, From one boy’s wish of something as simple diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease, a rare America, was being treated for Leukaemia (a as wanting to become a policeman, the charity condition where her body does not convert progressive disease where the body produces has now grown internationally in 38 countries food energy into energy. This life-limiting too many white blood cells affecting the bone granting wishes in places such as Australasia, illness means Lillie suffers from delayed marrow and other blood-forming organs). Asia and the UK. He had one simple wish, to become a police officer. Ignited with an idea, his local community united making Chris’ dream come true. So with a police escort, Chris and his family flew via helicopter from the hospital to the police district’s headquarters where they were given a tour, on top of Chris being given a police helmet and badge making him the first and only DPS (Department of Public Safety) officer.


development, epilepsy and some weeks her entire body almost shuts down, leaving her family little room to plan holidays due to the unpredictability of the illness. Zoe, Lillie’s mother says “the wish has given us a magical memory and it means so much not just to Lillie, but to the rest of the family – the effect of the wish has rippled through to everyone involved, it was just such a lovely day”.

As Lillie cannot talk due to her condition, Make-A-Wish along with the family planned the best sixth birthday party ever. Surrounded by 120 fancy dressed guests and Lillie in a head-to-toe princess ensemble complete with tiara, a pink stretch limo picked them up to party the day away surrounded by loved ones. For some families, Make-A-Wish provides them with the chance to go on their first holiday together, like the Flint family from Worsley. Their youngest son, Lewis, nine, has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which was discovered after a brain scan aged two. The brain scan came back with no sign of damage and still to this day doctors don’t know the actual cause of Lewis’ condition. As well as being wheelchair bound, Lewis is mostly fed through a tube, in he speaks through his eyes and a computer. When Make-A-Wish approached Lewis about what he would like, his love of Toy Story took over, and next thing the family knew they were on the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris to spend three days in the parks and to meet Lewis’ favourite characters, Woody and Buzz, as well as have

From one boy’s wish of something as simple as wanting to become a policeman, has grown internationally in 38 countries.

lunch with Mickey and friends.

addition to not being able to verbally communicate, so

Beth, 16, Like Lewis and Lillie and most of the children seen by Make-A-Wish going on holiday is hard. So when Beth, 16, had her wish to go to Centre Parcs granted, it created new experiences not just for her, but also her entire family. Up until being a one-year-old Beth developed normally, but then her life skills depleted, leaving her parents

to witness their child slowly decline. After more than a year of blood tests, Beth was diagnosed in 2002 with the degenerative condition that only affects girls, Rett Syndrome, leaving her completely wheelchair bound. Now Beth who has a wicked sense of humour (she finds it funny when people trip up or the dog gets into trouble) is on medication to control her epilepsy and has had surgery for scoliosis of the spine and a dislocated hip. Beth’s wish to go to Centre Parcs, saw her being lifted into a rowing boat, and allowed her to experience gentler waterslides in the swimming pool, as well as going in the hot tub at the specially adapted lodge. The trip also allowed her to indulge one of her favourite things, restaurants, which was funded by the expenses provided by Make-A-Wish. The Make-A-Wish charity was created posthumously to honour the memory of a boy with one simple wish. Now the charity has gone on to create 334,000 memories world-wide, bringing a source of light and happiness to children and their families in what is possibly the darkest and most worrying time anyone can go through. For more information about Make-A-Wish UK:


Dark BLOOMS Photography Sarah Jones Creative Director Oliver Lilley

Stylist Steven Spencer Assistant Stylist Emily Greening-James

Hair & Make Up Louise McCann Assistant Hair & Make Up Laura Fletcher Assistant Make Up Viv Davis

Models Lisa & Thea from Boss Models – Location Lost & Found, Knutsford

Products Temptu airbrush, Mac Cosmetics, Zoeva eye shadow pallet, Charlotte Tilbury blush, highlight/contour & mascara, NYX lip suede, KIKo lip pencil, Vichy setting powder

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his year women have strutted their stuff to the top of the business ladder, left the male voice behind, and

are beginning to rule the world whilst still managing to look fabulous. From Theresa May becoming the UK’s second female prime minister, to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, 2016 has seen the rise of dominant women in various industries, and it keeps on getting better.

After battling with politician Andrea Leadsom over the motherhood scandal earlier this year, Theresa May came up trumps and took over from David Cameron to run the United Kingdom alongside the Queen – whom last year took the title as the longest standing monarch in British history. Since moving to 10 Downing Street, May has championed women in politics, introducing the likes of Priti Petal (Secretary of State for International Development),




Secretary) and Liz Truss (Justice Secretary) into Fendi’s appliqued leather pumps

her cabinet, seeing seven women out of 22

workforce being female. Although this shows a 3% gender imbalance, it is an implausible achievement considering half

a century

ago they were the ever so demure 1950s housewife.


figure, Clinton has been seen on numerous occasions to stand up for women’s rights. As First Lady, she supported the abortion pill, which was approved during President Bill Clinton’s second term. She also reinforced the passage of the Violence Against Women Act, and has introduced a Gender Equality Report Card within the American Bar Association. Clinton may have been pipped to the post for presidency, however she still has New York’s first female senator to her name. At

May has also fought for fashion alongside

stated that “human rights are women’s rights

shoes. Remember those leopard print kitten the UK is at a 24 year high with 47% of the

than we might think”. Although a controversial

members there – success!

politics by having a synonymous love for As it stands, women’s unemployment in

someday someone will — and hopefully sooner

the 1995 UN conference on women, Clinton and women’s rights are human rights,” – something everybody should preach.

heels? May said, “I always tell women ‘you have to be yourself, don’t assume you have to fit into a stereotype’ and if your personality is shown through your clothes or shoes, so be it”. Hillary Clinton believes there is still a way to go, saying, “I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but

Christian Louboutin’s leopard-print, calfhair Culturella pumps

rights are making huge advancements. Saudi Arabia have just had their first ‘almost’ genderequal elections, allowing women to vote and be voted for. This has seen 18 women elected onto local government, the first being Salma bint Hizab al-Oteibi who won a seat in the Mecca region.

It’s not just in the UK and America that women’s

I always tell women ‘you have to be yourself, don’t assume you have to fit into a stereotype’ – Theresa May

We are living in a time where we are seeing firsts for women in everything making it more exciting than ever. Angela Merkel became the first female German Chancellor in 2005, and is still standing strong with a cabinet made up of four women out of 16. In 2007, she was the second female to be appointed as President of the European Council and chaired G8 (a governmental political forum “Group of Eight”). In May this year, Merkel was named the most powerful woman in the world for a record tenth time by Forbes Magazine.

Jimmy Choo’s Aza pumps

two Mary Barra, has started reaching out to women, and has created a pilot programme where they enter a 12-week internship to help them develop skills to get back into a career.

Arianna Huffington, Co-Founder and Editor-In-

When she put this to the public over 400

Chief of the Huffington Post, has also featured

women applied for the 10/12 openings.

on Forbes powerful women list. She, amongst many others, has brought 21st century

Yet there is still a fight to be won, and by no

feminine touch showing a female prowess in

means are women backing down just because

the social media world. Sheryl Sandberg was

of this year’s female success. There has been a

the first woman to serve on Facebook’s board,

UK government scheme put in place to make

and is now their Chief Operating Officer, equal

the workforce even more female run. By 2020

to Susan Wojcicki being the CEO of YouTube

a third of boardroom positions should be held

after proposing that Google should buy it.

by women, it is also estimated that half of the workforce on the BBC will all be women, and the state pension age will be the same for men and women at 66. It does seem like gender equality is a long way off and that women are in a constant struggle at the moment, but if women stand together and keep battling on through the storm, their voices will be heard and eventually the imbalance will be conquered. As Theresa May once said, “You can’t solve a problem as complex as inequality in one legal clause”.

However, it’s not all sunshine. Women are still campaigning hard for equal rights and even though progress is evident, the light at the end of the tunnel is yet to be seen. Women are still earning 19% less than what men are making at the same job; they are still being underrepresented at every level in the workplace; and maternity leave is still being discriminated against. There’s only 43.6% of mothers in fulltime employment with dependent children, making it evident that after taking time off, they are finding it hard to get back into a career. The CEO of General Motors and mother of



ALESHA DIXON Singer, Britain’s Got Talent judge and now fashion designer, Alesha Dixon, discusses her newest collection with Little Black Dress and new music plans for 2017

The Alesha Dixon collection with Little Black Dress is available online now / @TeamLBD / @AleshaOfficial What inspired the collection? A specific

retaining the edge we want, as I wanted all

just praying someone or something walks

person, period in time or place?

the dresses to still have an Alesha vibe to

through the doors. It only takes one thing that’s

What I would say that inspired the collection

them, making them essentially my style but

remarkable for you to know it’s going to be an

as a whole was women, women I’ve met and

still appealing to a wider audience. I am very

incredible series.

women who have talked to me about style.

hands on with it, and I’m involved in every step

I’m wearing dresses [on BGT] I wouldn’t wear

of the process and that is important to me.

in what I call the ‘real world’. The price point

Essentially at the end of the day you want to

is unrealistic for the average person. I was

create dresses women feel bloody amazing in,

inspired to create something that feels really

that’s it, point blank.

high end, but doesn’t break the bank. I got thinking how can I create something that makes women feel fabulous. You’re now a board member for Little Black Dress, how did that come about? It






So other than the collection what have you been up to? Any new music on the horizon?

I’ll be going back into the studio soon, so there’ll be a new EP at some point. As well as being part of some exciting show with ITV

A pound from each dress sold will go to the

that I’m taking part in, which I can’t really talk

witnessed domestic violence as a child. Is this

BGT auditions, so for the rest of this year I’ll be

into other future collections?

I start recording a new show which will come

domestic violence charity Refuge, as you

about yet, all will be revealed. In January I start

just for this collection or will it be continued

concentrating on the fashion line, music, and

That’s on-going, with my range and the LBD

out in January.

approached me, they said they wanted me to

range as well. So £1 raised will go to Refuge,

get involved with them as a business, putting

we presented them with a cheque yesterday

my opinion and voice forward and really help

for £10,000, which is so lovely because this

them grow as a brand. One of the things I

is what it’s about. People buying clothes and

loved about the company was that they were

doing something for a great cause at the same

The City. The Bardot dress was inspired by

willing to support Refuge. So I felt we were in

time, for me it doesn’t get much better. It’s such

Sarah Jessica Parker, and when I think a lot

alignment with our morals.

an easy way for people to make a difference

about fashion, I think of that show and the

without even realising the magnitude of what

impact it had on fashion around the world. They

You’re a couple of collections in now, did

they’ve done.

weren’t models, the characters were women in

previous ones or not?

Are you re-joining BGT for the new season?

doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re

Yes! At the beginning of every series we

from it’s your own sense of style. The sidewalk

I think we’ve learnt, me and my best friend,

feel a lot of pressure to deliver something

is your catwalk!

Nicola Atkinson, from mistakes about how

we’ve never seen before, so we’re all really

we can make the dresses commercial whilst

nervous when we go into the auditions, we’re

this one come together a lot easier than the Both have been challenging, in a good way.

If the collection was a song, what song would it be and why?

I just thought of the theme music for Sex And

normal jobs. Anyone can be a fashionista, it



For some, the Christmas and Boxing Day dining situation is dreaded, so we contacted two of the region’s best chefs for their ideas on making Christmas dining run as smooth as possible.


TURKEY A LT E R N AT I V E S What alternatives would you suggest to

someone who is bored of the traditional

turkey, and how would you cook them? How long should they rest once cooked?

Another great alternative for Christmas is goose, but be aware of the very high fat content. I recommend scoring the bird with a sharp knife making long cuts (but not too deep incisions, you don’t want to cut through the meat) along the bird so we can rub it with spices and citruses to cut through the fat. Prepare the zest of three oranges, three lemons and mix with thyme, sea salt & pepper, Cajun, and rub all over the bird before putting it in the oven. This will help to get a nice crispy and flavoured skin. Use the lemons and the oranges to fill the cavity of the bird with some garlic and thyme to enhance the flavours whilst cooking. Preheat the oven to 200c (fan) and prepare a deep tray with a rack on top where the goose will sit whilst cooking. Cook for about 15 minutes to 220c (fan), turning the heat down to 180c(fan). Normally a goose takes about 15 minutes per kg to cook. So for example if your bird is around 5kg it will take


about eighty minutes to cook. Once cooked and out of the oven drizzle some honey and cover with tin foil, letting the bird rest for half an

What would make a great Christmas day

hour before carving. You can use the collected

breakfast, why?

fat to do your roast potatoes

Personally, I would go for something like fresh pancakes with maple syrup, berries, glazed banana and Chantilly cream. I normally have porridge oats almost every morning but hey it’s Christmas and you don’t open presents every day. If someone was hosting Christmas dinner,

Mini toasted brioche with

serve to their guest before the meal as a

with pistachio crumbs and

what light bites could they prepare and

duck and port parfait served

starter or appetiser?

grape chutney

Christmas dinner I think you should go for a


If you want to serve canapes before nice and festive selection: Citrus cured salmon blini with dill crème



with pickled cauliflower on croutes


At 15 Adrian landed his first culinary job at his godfather’s restaurant, after developing a passion for food from an early age from

fraiche and salmon caviar

his mother and grandmother. From there Adrian has gone on to work in kitchens

Black pudding and smoked bacon, quail Scotch egg served with apple and ginger purée

Sun blushed tomatoes and Parmesan



balls served with basil pesto

internationally in France, Germany and Austria, each of which has influenced his cooking style greatly, fusing continents onto a plate using the best seasonal produce.


THE TURKEY What could the host do to create a crunchy exterior and moist interior to the turkey?

To have a perfect cooked turkey with a crunchy exterior you should cook the bird for the first 25 minutes on 200c (fan), then reduce the temperature to 175c (fan) for the rest of the allotted time. Also for the skin I’d make a flavoured butter which basically is room temperature salted butter with pepper, garlic, lemon zest, fresh herbs, spices, olive oil and smoked paprika and coat the bird to get a nice golden colour and crunchy texture.

TOP TIP: Buy a good quality turkey it’s really worth it - I prefer organic herb fed. Oh, and make some extra stuffing for sandwiches for the day after. That’s the most common mistake everyone does, never enough stuffing!

To make sure you have a cooked turkey you can use a digital thermometer and check the temperature. You need to reach around 75c on thighs and 72c on the breast to make sure your turkey is perfectly cooked. Are there any benefits to stuffing a turkey? If

so what would you suggest to make the ideal stuffing pairing?

Of course there are benefits on stuffing the turkey if done properly. For example, if you have a whole bird you can’t stuff the body cavity with any sort of stuffing as it won’t cook. You can make a Bouquet Garni to infuse the meat, which is a bunch of fresh herbs, some garlic, lemon wedges, onion and bay leaves. If you like to use some of the stuffing (which can be made in advance and kept in the fridge until ready) on the bird you can do a nice stuffing with mince pork, salt, pepper, fine chopped onion and garlic, fresh herbs, pancetta lardons or chorizo, grated fresh apples and bread crumbs. To stuff the turkey, use your hands gently to separate the skin from the meat without splitting the skin. Then add the stuffing and fill under the turkey skin making sure it’s spread evenly. Does the resting time depend on the size of

the bird, if so how long should they rest it for? To rest properly, after cooking we wrap the

turkey in some tin foil to keep it warm and resting for at least one hour before carving. Trust me on this the more it’s rested the better will taste and don’t worry it won’t get cold.


What dishes are great to create with any turkey leftovers?

I would recommend removing all the meat from the bones before putting the turkey in the fridge, as it’s much easier to pull the meat from the bones when freshly cooked. You can use your leftovers in so many ways such as making mini turkey pies. Mix the meat with some vegetables, fresh herbs and thick turkey gravy all wrapped up in a nice short crust making a perfect lunch the following day. Or you could mix the leftover meat with smoked bacon, chopped onion & garlic, fresh herbs, one or two whole eggs, salt & pepper, Chinese spices with barbecue sauce and make some deep-fried turkey bon bons. Perfect for Boxing Day.


THE SIDES What sauces are great to go with turkey or alternatives to turkey?

My favourite is traditional roast turkey gravy. But I also love juniper bread sauce, that’s nice and Christmassy or cranberry, apple and ginger chutney as an alternative to normal cranberry sauce. Some




brussel sprouts on their plate, what can be done to make them more appealing? What alternatives are there to Christmas pudding/cake?

Shred some cabbage finely, panfry some chopped bacon, onion

Cranberry & dark chocolate roulade, and triple chocolate and

and thyme and cook the sprouts

cranberry bread and butter pudding make great alternatives.

for couple of minutes in all that

If someone has some left-over Panettone or Christmas cake/ pudding, what could they create with the leftovers?

You could easily make the bread and butter pudding or Christmas spiced French toast. If someone was to make their own mince pies, what advice could you give to someone who is making pastry for their first time or their pastry never turns out how they hoped?

goodness. Optionally add some cream. How do you make a flavoursome gravy?

The basic is a strong stock using bones from your butcher, roast them to get rid of any excessive fat. Use lots of vegetables -

Never over-whisk the pastry, otherwise it won’t be crispy, rest

carrots, leeks, onions and garlic.

properly in the fridge to get that gluten working.

I even use celeriac and parsnips for Christmas gravy.

TOP TIP: Write lists for everything, shopping list, prep list etc. Prioritise the ones that take the longest on your prep list,

What advice would you give to someone who doesn’t have a large oven or kitchen to accommodate cooking for a large party? Don’t do it. Or hire me to do it for you!

rounding off with the quicker jobs. Have a preparation day or two before the big day and chill. Get your family involved and make it fun.

APÉRITIF What light bites could someone do after a meal or later to see their guests are looked after?

I always do both sweet and savoury, which could be some homemade truffles and


His career has seen him train in Michelin star

some cheeses.

restaurants in Prague, as well as cooking for clients

What cheeses and sides are perfect for putting together to make the ultimate

not bad for a guy who only went into cooking to

cheese board?

Always buy local cheeses, choose these depending on what you drink. My favourite cheese board sides would be: spiced apple chutney, honey with honeycomb, pears, celery, caramelised and salted walnuts.

at The Masters, The British Open and Wimbledon, support his studying. Now Jan produces dishes so stunning they could be on the wall of the Tate or Whitworth galleries. Fluent in producing dishes with a British French twist, Jan describes his food as “rustic influenced by fine dining techniques”


CAU Cauboys, Caugirls, and a touch of Buenos Aires in the heart of Didsbury. It can only be CAU, a meat lovers paradise.

fter deliberating in my head on

The menu is immense with everything from big

unique cocktails in addition to reimagining

the drive over to CAU in Didsbury

& small plates, salads, burgers & sandwiches,

the classics. Drinks like Matcha Green Martini

on how to pronounce the name

to a brunch and Sunday roast menu, oh and a

and Bright Blue Skies made from Black Cow

(was it as simple as C-A-U or was

whole menu devoted to the humble steak. The

vodka, Cointreau and egg white with chilled

it articulated another way?), it wasn’t until I

steak menu houses everyone’s favourite from

chamomile tea are standouts, with the latter

was shown to my seat that it all became clear

rump to rib-eye, to more speciality cuts such

alone being worth the 20-minute metro ride

when my front of house attendant turned her

as the Lomito which has the tenderness of a

from the city centre.

back to display ‘Caugirl’ on the rear of her sky-

fillet, but the exquisite flavour of rump served

blue T-shirt. The light went on, alarms bells

with blue cheese. I went for the Tira De Ancho

The décor to CAU gives off this vibe of relaxed

sounded and the penny dropped, COWGIRL,

which my Cauboy called the “king of steaks”

luxury with clean monochrome furnishings,

yes I’d arrived at CAU the place responsible

as he took down my order. The Tira is a rib-eye

and nods to CAU’s namesake with grass prints,

for bringing a touch of Buenos Aires to

spiral cut marinated in chimichurri and grilled

sky blue panels and cloud lighting. The staff


super slow to increase the tenderness, making

are young and friendly with no questions too

cutting a pointless motion if I’m honest as the

big (or stupid in my case) for them.

Once I’d got over the fact I didn’t get the name

meat pretty much fell apart under the pressure

straight away, I asked my waiter or ‘Cauboy’

of the fork.

if CAU stands for something. I was told it’s an

CAU is on 700 Wilmslow Road, M20 2DN 0161 448 1883

abbreviation for Carne Argentina Unica, which

If you’re a lover of cocktails then CAU is a great

Booking can be done at

translates as Argentinian meat only, which

place to chill after a manic day in the office, or

forms the backbone to the restaurant.

a catch-up with friends. CAU creates their own





Franco Noriega has sent the internet into meltdown with his good looks and boy next door charm. Now the

Peruvian model turned chef has opened his first restaurant

in the heart of New York and is on the cusp of opening number two in 2017.

What does your family make of your What is about Peruvian food that’s success as a model and chef?

so good? Do you have a favourite

I come from a family of restauranteurs, Peruvian dish that you don’t serve in I’ve lived it all my life they’re great your restaurant that you love, why?

mentors and we strategize together Peruvian food is amazing because as for the next steps. I am opening it’s a cross breed of many cultures, the second Baby Brasa in the West and it has an array of ingredients Village Winter 2017; this one is much that few places in the world have. We bigger - 76 seats.

have Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and of course indigenous

How did you become a Creative currents that’s make the fusion a Director at Macy’s, how long were super exciting one and also it is very

you there and what did the job healthy. We also have grains like entail, and what made you leave?

quinoa that I use in my restaurant

I owned a clothing brand in Peru and Chicha which is a super fruit of that I sold after two years, and I the highest degree, and when mixed was wondering if I should enter the right can pop unexpected flavours. How did you get into modelling and how did you make the transition to becoming a chef?

I got into modelling because I got discovered by the photographer Mario Testino back in 2007. I shot my first campaign with Dolce and Gabbana [Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Burberry] and after that I have worked regularly in the industry. I have been doing this for a long time and I wanted more, I wanted a shift where I could explore other passions, one of them being my culinary one. So, I studied to be a chef at the French Culinary Institute, and after a one year I opened my restaurant, Baby Brasa - a rotisserie that focuses on organic chicken and clean eating, located in the lower east side of New York. How did the restaurant come about?

I always knew once I had done my studying that I wanted to open a restaurant, I just wasn’t sure what type. However, after graduating it was very clear to me that New Yorkers were craving good quality food for under 20 bucks, that’s how Baby Brasa

corporate New York world. I had never really experienced it because You’re getting a lot of attention on

I was a model and always a business both on social media and in the owner, so I was curious about the press, how does that feel? structure of a job. So I applied for It





the position and got it, I was there you have such a conscious driven for two years and I was responsible purpose. I want to make Baby for the millennial brands, and the Brasa a world chain that centres direction they would take. It was the attention on organic, healthy, a great learning curve and I learnt quality ingredient food. I think the many lessons that I still take with world needs better places to eat that me on a daily basis. I left because I are conscious about the food they am not the type of guy that climbs serve and the environment. We are the ladder step by step, I want to be at a point where we will see things able to jump floors if my talent and change for good, I want to be part vision permits me to do so, and in the of that move! corporate worlds it doesn’t work like that so I left to study culinary arts.

came about, the whole organic concept is very much who I am, clean food but super delicious. What’s your favourite dish there and why?

The CHICKEN! It’s amazing, it really is super juicy, and the flavour is strong but not overpowering. I want you to be able to taste the chicken itself, and let it have that almost “old” chicken flavour that we have lost because of the mass-produced chickens.




icanha in the centre of Chester is an experience that hails back to the primitive times of the medieval era.

Where the meat was in abundance and the main feature of the meal, and good wine was a mainstay. Online pictures don’t do the interior any justice as it appears dark and quite small, but once there I was surprised at how light, spacious and inviting the newly opened restaurant was. You dine at round tables on well-trodden wooden floors under candle chandeliers, making the restaurant have this banquet hall feel to it. Where once seated, you’re given a red and green disc, signalling when you’re ready for more meat - which is continuously brought to your table when on green. One thing that I did like is that the wine at Picanha is specially selected to marry seamlessly with the chosen meats on offer. With two sittings at either lunchtime or evening, the latter having even more meat cuts to choose from (if that’s possible). Yet, out of the 11 meats (beef, chicken, lamb and pork) I’d advise sticking to the redder meats like the


Bife Ancho (rib-eye). As they were a fine example of the gaucho-style grilling which make the meats more flavoursome, tender and well worth the just over an hour drive from our of-

Is Picanha worth a trip if you’re in and around Chester? I’d say yes, but only if you’re a meat eater wanting an excellent dining experience with countless wines on offer.

fices in Manchester. Whereas the chicken in comparison didn’t match the richness in flavour or delicateness of the redder meats available. If you’re wanting to dine at Picancha with someone who is a vegan or vegetarian, then there are a handful of dishes to go alongside the salad and sides bar (which is refreshing addition even for meat lovers). The fungi gnocchi, and pumpkin & blue cheese risotto proved very popular when I was dining there, with the kitchen pretty much having a revolving door of the two dishes coming out of the open kitchen. Should you have any room left for dessert then the triple-layered Marquise De Chocolate is a must. It has this rich chocolate gooey brownie base, with thick whipped cream topping, and a silky Dulce de Leche (Argentinian toffee) sandwiched in the middle. Sacrificing a couple extra cuts of meat, for this dessert is 100% worth it.

Picanha is located at City Gates, 27 Newgate Street, Chester, CH1 1DQ 01244 311839



T H E A L C H E M I S T. U K .C O M


HOW TO BUY THE PERFECT TURKEY Buying the perfect turkey can be stressful, so we spoke to Mike, the manager of Butcher’s Quarter on Tib Street in the Northern Quarter for picking the perfect bird

Butcher’s Quarter 66 Tib Street, M4 1LG 0161 637 9700

Is there a difference between organic and free

What advice would you give to someone who

the other? Why?

oven? How should they break it down?

range birds? Do you believe one is better over There is no difference really. To be organic the

has bought a turkey which is too big for their There are different ways, you could spatchcock

land [the bird is] reared on, in, and around it is

it by taking out the back bone, cut it in half and

free from pesticides. Free range is that they’re

have half leg and breast, or cut it totally off the

given the freedom to roam around, that’s

bone. It all depends on confidence really. Or if

the only real difference. Even with rules and

all else fails bring it back to your butcher. That’s

regulations with farm barned turkeys they’re

your best alternative, and they’ll bone it out or

given space to roam.

portion it up for you.

Where do you order your turkeys from for

What size turkey would you suggest for a

Or do you order in specifically customer

Your average bird for a family of four

Christmas? How have they been handled?

serving certain family sizes?


(depending on the size of the eaters) I would

We use English Rose [a slower grown free range

say be between 10 – 12 pounds, for a family of

bird with a richer taste], as they’re a reputable

eight you’re probably talking 14 – 16 pounds,

supplier, and they’ve got good quality meat.

and for a family of 12 around 18 plus [all based

Last year we had a lot of compliments on the

on full birds].

turkeys we supplied. If you’re getting a turkey crown, your easiest Are whole turkeys still popular or are other

way of working it out for a boneless one would

cuts/styles becoming more favourable, such

be something along the lines of 375 - 500

It all depends on the area. Now your small

straight from your butcher].

as the crown, thighs or breasts?

village butcher will produce full birds because it’s for a family, but for people in the city who have smaller ovens then boneless is best for them or butterfly.


grams per person [all based on raw weights,

What is the best way to store a turkey bought fresh from a butcher once the customer is at

home? Also, what’s the best way to prepare the bird on Christmas Day?

Once you’ve got the bird home, store it in the fridge, or we’ve said in the past in the garage. As long as it’s cold, between 1-5 degrees as they’re the best temperatures to store meat. We [Butcher’s Quarter] supply ones that are ready to go. For a full bird I would recommend you stuff neck with sausage meat, put an onion and an orange or lemon inside the cavity. Never wash a turkey there’s no need to wash it, and if you wanted to put a flavoured butter on or under the skin, then cover with bacon and cook for the recommended time. Do you have any advice on what can be done with the giblets, or should they discard them?

No don’t discard them because you can make a nice stock with those for gravy. What you do is take them, add wine, onion, celery and water. Star anise sometimes adds to it as it gives it another flavour, something a little bit different. Cook it for a few hours and you’ve got a nice turkey stock there.

TARIFF & DA L E A cool Northern Quarter eatery serving some of the best cocktails, sourdough pizzas and sausage rolls in the city

Tariff & Dale is one of the Northern Quarter’s most noticeable dining landmarks with a whitewashed exterior dominating the rusty red buildings around it. It’s a building with a history of textiles and triumph after a direct firebomb hit it in World War Two, and now plays host to one of the city’s industrialised restaurants come bars. Upon entering it poses a question. Stay upstairs with row after row of windows letting in natural light, a rustic bar and cushy leather booths and chill with a drink. Or venture downstairs and experience more of the buildings textile history, with exposed brick and a smattering of industrial machinery from its past with some great food. For us, it was the smells drifting from the stairway that swayed our answer. Its staircase and lower level is a tribute to industrial machinery, steel girders and columns, but keep your eye out for the booth hidden away in what was the old lift shaft with exposed ceiling, giving you the chance to see all the hidden workings of the building in a more rustic private dining area. The menu is what you’d expect from a cool Northern Quarter eatery, sourdough pizzas with goat’s cheese, spinach and egg toppings, and salads with calamari or smoked duck. It was the selection boards and sausage rolls that caught our eyes over anything else. Giving you the chance to create your own meal, the boards come with a choice of three or five (£12/17) meats, cheeses, fish and veg. We decided on a trio of pork nuggets, air-dried ham and sunblushed tomatoes, which left us enough room for the notorious sausage rolls. Coming in four flavours of pork & pistachio, black pudding, mushroom & Lancashire Blue and our favourite lamb & rosemary with burnt onion & ‘Nduja ketchup. The sausage rolls and boards are perfect washed down with one of the many draft or bottled ales on a chilled Sunday or snack just before heading to a gig in the city. If you like your cocktails then Tariff & Dale offers nine of the classics done three ways – the original way, in addition to two modern alternatives. So if you’re bored of drinking the classic bellini, martini, margarita, ask for the Ducks Fizz bellini infused with Aylesbury Duck Vodka, Campari, apricot liqueur, orange and Cava, which is ideal for an end of the week wind down. www. | 0161 710 2233 Open seven days 11am till late weekdays 10am till late on weekends


THE PERFECT GIN MARTINI Some like it shaken, some like it stirred, some even like it with a slither of onion over ice, this is the perfect martini to suit every taste this winter



ithout a doubt, the gin martini

With multiple theories contributing to no official known origins, it is believed the classic martini hails from Martinez in 1870s California. It is thought that Julio Richelieu concocted the drink starting with the traditional mixture, thus the martini was born.

is one most famous and transcendent cocktails that’s

out there. Being a martini fan sets you as part of an exclusive club with the synonymous James Bond, old blue eyes Frank Sinatra and the British bulldog himself, Winston


Churchill. So, whether you like yours shaken

Like all good things, there’s always a slightly darker dirtier side. The dirty martini contains less vermouth, replacing it with a dash of the olive brine. Its roots it is believed that Franklin D. Roosevelt liked to get creative with cocktails, leading to create the dirty martini.

or stirred, over ice or straight-up, there’s always time for gin o’clock. Ingredients 1.75 oz Gin

0.5 oz Dry Vermouth Zest of lemon


It is believed that the Gibson has its roots in the Big Apple. The most popular theory is that Charles Dana Gibson challenged bartender, Charley Connolly of the Players Club, to come up with a new variation on the classic cocktail. The Gibson is like the original martini, but with a slice of onion is added for garnish.


Pour gin and dry vermouth in cocktail shaker with ice. Stir well, then strain into chilled Martini glass. Zest the lemon peel and garnish by twisting it in a perfect spiral.








1 oz Bombay Sapphire gin

1.5 oz Sweet Vermouth

0.25 oz Blended Scotch whisky

1 oz Dry Vermouth

0.25 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

1.5 oz lime juice

2 dashes Angostura bitters



fill with ice.

Add ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice.

Stir, and strain into a Martini glass.

Shake until very cold.

Shake, and strain into a chilled coupe glass.

Garnish with a lemon twist.

1 oz St. Germain’s elderflower liqueur

1.5 oz Gin

2.5 oz Gin


Add both ingredients to a mixing glass and Add ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice.


C hristmas Spend with

Our chefs have created delicious Christmas menus showcasing the best seasonal ingredients for you, your family, friends and colleagues to enjoy this Christmas. FESTIVE MENU 3 courses £29.95

F E S T I V E P L AT T E R S £18.95pp

To find out more about our Festive Menus or New Year’s Eve Party and to make a booking, get in touch with us. The Lost & Found. Old Town Hall, Princess Street, Knutsford WA16 6BY 01565 760096 /emilybkingsley



TA N K E R S L E Y M A N O R & S PA A secluded 17th Century manor bridging the Peak District and Yorkshire border makes the perfect guys getaway


s my brother was over from Germany for a long weekend, I treated us to an overnight stay

and spa treatment each at Tankersley Manor to catch-up. The four-star 17th century hall is about 20-minutes outside of Sheffield bridging the Peak District and Yorkshire borders, and makes a welcome escape from the hubbub of the city. We arrived around 9pm on a Sunday due to spending time with family beforehand. The front of house staff had standout service, being warm and inviting (even late on a Sunday), and made us feel welcome. Our twin room was spacious if somewhat generic, but it had everything needed for a mini break - a comfy bed, large bathroom with both a bath and shower, and a TV with Sky.

The following morning my brother made full use of the cardio gym, which catered to his HIIT session requirements, whilst I had the hotel’s “hero” treatment. Their Back, Face & Scalp treatment (in a bid to get rid of some knots and tension from a mental week at work), and specifically designed with men in mind. During my consultation, my therapist asked if there were any specific areas that held tension, and informed me that the treatment would take about two hours, including hot stones after the back massage, followed by a facial and scalp massage. Every process I found was geared towards masculinity, with masculine ESPA smelling oils used throughout, even the treatment room had a slight earthy smell to it. The therapist only spoke to clarify I

was ok, the pressure used was comfortable and what happened once each section was complete, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the movements needed to loosen the tension. As mine finished, I saw my brother heading for his treatment - the Muscle Reviver, which lasted around 45 minutes. He told me that like myself, he couldn’t fault the service from his therapist who was informative, and tailored the massage to suit his aches and pains. The treatment rooms are light and airy (should you go with a partner, a double treatment room is offered) and next to the pool, which has a brilliant jacuzzi area, steam room and sauna, and can be used both before or after treatments. As I waited for my brother to finish his treatment, I found that that demographic was slightly older (however, it makes a great stay for couples wanting a weekend away without the kids), after talking to a couple of other spa goers on the poolside loungers, who informed me the hotels location is perfect for exploring the local area. With the likes of Chatsworth and Harewood House an hour away, The Yorkshire Sculpture Park no more than 15 minutes drive and Sheffield’s Meadowhall less than 20 minutes away. Male spa treatments start at £45


匀吀伀倀 䰀伀伀䬀䤀一䜀 䘀伀刀  吀䠀䔀 䈀䔀匀吀 刀䔀匀吀䄀唀刀䄀一吀Ⰰ

䤀吀ᤠ匀 䄀䰀刀䔀䄀䐀夀 䄀吀 夀伀唀刀 倀䰀䄀䌀䔀℀ 

伀唀刀 䌀䠀䔀䘀匀 䌀伀伀䬀 䤀一 䠀伀䴀䔀匀 䄀䌀刀伀匀匀 吀䠀䔀 唀䬀⸀ 䈀漀漀欀 愀 挀栀攀昀 漀渀氀椀渀攀 琀漀 戀爀椀渀最 琀栀攀 爀攀猀琀愀甀爀愀渀琀 攀砀瀀攀爀椀攀渀挀攀 琀漀 礀漀甀℀ 伀甀爀 挀栀攀昀猀 戀甀礀 琀栀攀  椀渀最爀攀搀椀攀渀琀猀Ⰰ 挀漀漀欀 椀渀 礀漀甀爀 欀椀琀挀栀攀渀Ⰰ 猀攀爀瘀攀 愀渀搀 挀氀攀愀渀 甀瀀 戀攀昀漀爀攀 氀攀愀瘀椀渀最⸀ 

䠀伀匀吀䤀一䜀 䴀䔀䄀䰀匀 䠀䄀匀 一䔀嘀䔀刀 䈀䔀䔀一 匀伀 䔀一䨀伀夀䄀䈀䰀䔀℀






Paris’ biggest hotel has been given a multi-million-pound renovation, making it the perfect excuse to spend a long weekend in the city of lights






love such as Manet), is like stepping into

Manchester, when offered a tribute to mid-century French the chance to explore Paris design. Fusing simplistic gold metal

in a vintage burgundy Fiat 500, and lines framing contemporary wall art, have a long weekend in the revamped lining the various avenues and salons Le Meridien Etoile hotel in the heart within the reception area, with cool of the city of lights, we jumped at the monochrome chance.




a vibrancy against the rich wood panelling and navy walls.

Entering the four-star hotel located

Grandcoeur Restaurant

in the 17th arrondissement (once Opened in 1972 with 1025 rooms the land of luxury second home (making it the largest hotel in Paris) as

townhouses and frequented by artists a place for flight crews and passengers to stay whilst in the city. Now the hotel

has been given a multi-million pound make-over, reimaging every inch of the building, in addition to the two onsite restaurants/bars including the famous Jazz Bar frequented by locals it’s that good. Once checked-in and shown to my room, the general manager, Michel Cottray, and Julie Frank, the franchise’s Global Director of Design


Jazz Club Etoile Concert

chronicles the 60-year career of one of France’s greatest industrial designers, showcasing some of his best works, such as the Teleavia P111 (a portable TV), and drawings of trains for the French National Railway. The final evening in Le Meridien Etoile, saw us dine and party with the worlds press, and witness the famous jazz bar Presidential Suite Hub

show got underway. The band for the evening was Nouvelle Vague, a new

contemporary décor continued through to

wave band from the city. Their set was

the bedrooms, with each floor playing host to

captivating and risqué all at the same

a certain Parisian district. As the tour finished

time, ending up with onstage nudity

myself and a couple of other journalists

at one point, revealing certain band

were shown to The Lounge in the Jazz Club,

members to be adorned in metallic

where a light snack of Croques-Monsieur


was waiting for us. Le Croques-Monsieur is a

paint, setting


rising, sacré bleu!

Parisian favourite, and is essentially a toastie béchamel sauce garnished with an egg.

has to offer, including champagne and copious amounts of wine, the

gave us a hotel tour. The tour explained that

with truffled ham, smoked mozzarella and

at its best. Dining on the best France

The in-house steakhouse serves a selection of the best

Our final day was much more of a

and most succulent of steak cuts in a variety of ways, with

chilled affair learning latte art with

After a chat and refuel with some of the only a handful of dishes for non-carnivores. We loved the other journalists, I went back to my room sharing platter which comes with a hand-picked selection to relax before the night’s events. Every of cuts and cooking styles, along with five sauces and two

Franz. One thing that’s apparent when

room has all the mod cons you could wish sides for €80. The dining room gives off an air of cool for, USB charging ports as well as UK plug sophistication with walls and fittings in rich wine tones

sockets by the bed, so there’s no need to of reds and aubergines, grey screens creating a private bring a European plug with you (winner!). dining area, and chrome light finishes giving a slight Once refreshed we headed to dinner in the futuristic vibe to the room. With the meal complete, I hotels steak restaurant, Ma Chere & Tendre, retreated to the roof terrace to watch Paris by night before heading back to my room. a playground for meat lovers. Our








arrondissement in a vintage burgundy Fiat 500 down the Champs-Élysées towards the famous roundabout, where driving takes on a new notion of a free for all. To help us recover from the experience that is the Arc De Triomphe roundabout, our driver dropped us off at Grand Coeur Brasserie, a place we cannot recommend enough for its almost clandestine dining experience. Hidden away in a cobbled courtyard just behind American Galerie

Apparel, the Grand Couer is surrounded by typical Parisian life of cafes and a dance school. As we watched people learn to dance the tango, we were transported to the Mediterranean with dishes of marinated octopus, tuna with beans & wasabi, and beef with peppers & new

the hotel’s Global Master Barista, staying at Le Maridien Etoile is that the staff are happy in their jobs, and no question is an issue for them. The staff’s talents are nurtured from their first day, until they become the best in their field like Franz, who now travels around each hotel teaching the next generation of baristas. For our final fix of culture, we went to the exhibit for surreal Belgian artist, Rene Magritte (on till 23 January 2017), on the same floor Georges. The over 100-piece exhibit works in tandem with the Pompidou brilliantly, almost contributing to the surreal surroundings. Until next time Paris, au revoir. For great flight deals to Paris, check out



operates flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle from Manchester up to five times a day. Tickets cost from £34.99


including all taxes and charges.

Our afternoon became a cultural exploration, taking in

the Roger Tallon exhibit (on till 8th January 2017) at the Musee des Arts decortifs next to the Louvre. The exhibit


T H E Q uays Salford Quays to some might not seem like an epicentre of culture, but you’d very very wrong indeed

Once you’ve gotten over the fact you’re staying within penalty distance from Manchester United’s ground. Hotel Football, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs’ brainchild, is the perfect place to chill and explore some of Salford’s cultural charms. A stay at Hotel Football, even if you’re not a football fan like myself, is a great stay. The hotel doesn’t have bias towards whether you’re a red, blue, or other colour, so much so the mugs at breakfast and in your room, are attributed to various aspects of the beautiful game.

For a bit of levity to get over the things that go bump in the night, my partner and me headed to The Lowry theatre to see The Wind In The

The corridors to the 133 rooms and several suites are lined with black

Willows starring Rufus Hound as Mr Toad. Expect to fall in love with

on black wallpaper adorned with Match Attax stickers of players past

road safety conscious hedgehogs, captivating sets and a whimsically

and present, which brought a sense of nostalgia to some visitors I

British production. If you missed Rufus’ Liberace meets Jeremy

passed in the hall way searching for their favourite players.

Clarkson interpretation of Mr Toad, then it’s been given a mid-2017 run on the West End. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is The Lowry’s next big musical, starring Jason Manford as the lead, and is set to be one of the best the region has seen. If like myself, you love social history, then head to the Imperial War Museum’s Fashion On A Ration exhibit, as it’s one of the best I’ve seen on wartime style celebrating Homefront heroines, whilst marking the 75th anniversary of the clothing ration announcement. Every turn produces something visually exciting from cine film, to clothing created from world maps from the make do and mend mindset. It’s an exhibit that balances brilliantly against the rest of the museum which focus on the male side to war.

Our room was subtly done with only a couple of red and yellow bathroom tiles in the walk-in rainforest shower, a local artist drawing and chocolate footballs placed by the bed nodding towards football. The only downside was that if like myself, you have a lot of electronic devices, the only plug sockets are on top of the desk, so I’d advise taking an extension cable if you like your devices by your bed.

With our lust for fashion fired-up, we headed to the Lowry Outlet to start our Christmas shopping, as the mall is perfect for gifts from Whittards, The Body Shop and the Cadbury factory shop. We rounded off our weekend on waterfront with a meal at Lime, which serves everything from fresh seafood to steak. If you’re a cocktail lover, then Lime’s Toblerone cocktail is perfect after a day’s shopping or weekend unwinding in the quays.

The hotel is within walking distance of Tudor manor, Ordsall Hall, where we took part in their Ghost & History Tour, learning about the Radclyffe family - Salford’s longest family dynasty. Throughout the hall are ghost cameras, allowing you to get your supernatural fix anytime anywhere. Keep your eye out for the tours dotted throughout the year, as they’re great for anyone who loves the darker side to life.


For more information on the Football Hotel visit For things to whilst visiting The Quays (including Ordsall Hall)

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Orlando, Florida

A house with a private pool (perfect for late night pool parties) less than 20 minutes from the furthest theme park, what more could you ask for from the place home to a world-famous mouse and wizarding world?






queens and twins. Our house featured a

Homes is essentially a self-

cinema room with oversized sofas and

contained village, with a huge

an Xbox One, with the main living area

supermarket, pharmacy and a bank,

having a 70-inch TV. The highlight was

which is located 15 minutes from Walt

the private pool and jacuzzi at the rear

Disney World, and 20 minutes from

of the house which was covered by a

Universal Studios.

mosquito net, so chilling by the pool

Staying at Champions Gate has two

with a glass of something is how we

options for travel, either renting a car or

spent a couple of nights.

Uber to the theme parks (you don’t want to taxi there, as it’ll cost nearly double

If you’re staying in the houses, then the

for the same journey). Depending on

use of the local resort is also available

your party size, there’s everything from

and had everything we needed to relax

two-bed condos at the resort (starting at

in between shopping and theme parks.

$85), to massive nine bed pool homes

If you relax by playing sport, the nearby

starting at $325 per night.

resort is perfect for you as it has tennis courts, three golf courses and a fitness

We stayed a six-bed house with a couple

centre, in addition to several pools and

of friends for a week. The house looked

a water park.

like something straight out of Stepford, due to its stark white/cream interior. The bedrooms were a mixture of king sized,


S E E , D O, E X P LO R E


hen visiting Disney’s Epcot, seek out their Fast Pass + tickets, which are free for single rides. Also, make sure you stay for the firework display

around 9pm as it’s one of the best in Orlando. In Epcot, the

E AT & D R I N K


rlando is not known for food, however for us Epcot was our go-to, as one of the reasons we went later in the year was for the yearly food festival, which ran from mid-September to mid-

November this year and was a hub of intercontinental cuisine. The festival

two most popular rides are Test Track – a highspeed car ride,

makes a great introduction for anyone who wants to try new world foods

and Soarin’ – a 4D experience taking in some of the world

at affordable prices, which ranged from $4-8 for a food truck sized portion.

wonders. Whilst you’re in the area, head to Magic Kingdom

This year there was about 30 vendors, but each year it grows in popularity,

for some Disney nostalgia, or if you want to catch a movie or

not just with traders but food lovers the world over.

do some shopping then I’d suggest Disney Springs, which has a vast Coca-Cola store and brands like Kate Spade and Mac

One of the brilliant things by our home was the Publix supermarket which


had everything we needed for the week and for a pool party one evening. Sadly, our house didn’t come with a BBQ, but the range in the kitchen

Universal comes into its own around Halloween time. The park

made up for it doing everything we needed. However, should you want to

closes around 5pm to make way for Halloween Horror Nights

dine al fresco BBQs are available for rent.

(which is one of the busiest nights at Universal). When buying tickets around this time, I’d suggest getting a conjoined ticket

After spending the day in Universal

(I’d also advise Express Pass tickets to jump the ride queues, as

Studios channelling our inner wizard

they can be 1-2 hours long), as with this ticket you can also stay

and superhero, Fat Tuesdays was

in the park as they get ready for the evening ahead, allowing

calling us. Home of the Daiquiri,

you to get on rides before the rest of the public. We found

prepare for an expansive cocktail

that when we were in the park buying a Horror Night souvenir

menu that you can mix and match, as

cup was well worth it, as a double vodka and coke goes from

well as reasonably long queues (which

$12 to $8. One of the rides that’s great at night especially is

go down quite quick thankfully).

the Rockit ride, which gives you the chance to see the whole of Orlando at night, before it gives you the shock of your life.

One thing that Fat Tuesday’s do that’s

One of Universal’s strengths is its innovative thinking on how

cool, is the taster option to try before

to push boundaries. This done brilliantly in the 4D motion

purchasing. Buying a souvenir cup is a

rides like Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, The

god send if you get bitten by the Fat

Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, and the 2016’s Reign Of

Tuesdays bug, as it’ll give you a slight

Kong which took 4D to a whole new level.

discount. Be wary of adding an extra shot for an additional dollar, as the

A great tip is to buy a ticket for both Island of Adventure and

alcohol creeps up on when you least

Universal Studios as it’ll allow you to go on the Hogwarts

expect it!

Express from one park to the other and back again (make sure you do, as each way is slightly different). Whilst in Island Of

Adventure, head to the Incredible Hulk ride which isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s easily one of the best in the park. /




Washington DC

Possibly the cleanest, freshest and brightest city in America, Washington DC is so much more than being the home of the federal government and

the President of the USA. It’s a city with brilliant bars, restaurants and home to one of the most unique events in America.



Red as you would expect, runs

The rooms have a cool 60s Warholian

through the Kimpton Rouge,

feel to them with pop art style cushions,









artwork, walkways and dining areas. For

pieces. In every room is an assortment

some, a stay could be classed as gaudy

of artsy coffee table books, adding to

and borderline garish, but for me it

the creative air felt from the second

was fun and enjoyable. Upon arrival

you enter the hotel. If you’re there on

in my room I was greeted to not only

business the desk facilities are more

a bottle of white and red wine, and a

than adequate for all your devices and

cheese board (which was needed after


the eight-hour flight), but also a pair of leopard and zebra print dressing gowns

What makes the hotel is the location,

draped over the corner of the queen-

as it’s central to several metro stations,

sized sleigh bed.

a five-minute walk to Logan Circle and about a 15-minute walk to the White

The room itself was spacious with great


views of Washington. Throughout the hotel is this passion for art with walls adorned with contemporary pieces.


E AT & D R I N K


f you love tapas, then 14th Street’s Estadio is a must, especially on a Monday, as they have half-price wine, and when a bottle

roughly starts around $80, it’s always a great thing to know, right? The food is transportational, taking you out of DC and into a villa in the heart Spain with dishes like crispy softshell crab with aioli, grilled pork loin with crispy kale & roasted peaches, and brussels sprouts with caramelised onions, pine nuts & currents. One thing that truly shocked me at Estadio is that the staff have this astounding and seemingly infinite knowledge of the 250 wines in stock, of which 90% are Spanish, with other special ones imported from specific countries to complement certain dishes. For a light bite during the day head to Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown. Oh, prepare to have some serious house envy as you make your way there, as the properties in the area are amazing! The three-storey multi-coloured town houses are astonishing, each one different from the next, making each road distinctive from the last. Dog Tag sticks out however in its neighbourhood with an all monochrome front, and serves everything

Main: National Cherry Blossom Festival

from breakfast sandwiches & pastries, to seasonal

Left: Dog Tag Bakery Top: Union Market

salads and soups, which are welcomed on a cold Washington dinnertime. However, if you’re anything like me, then dessert will always come first in any meal. The assortment of cakes on offer at Dog Tag is damn good. I may or may not have had a slice of the Mojito Bundt cake, hummingbird cake, and Oreo cream pie slice

S E E , D O, E X P LO R E

traditional favourites alongside Cortado and


personal favourite, Red Eye.

pass for the day is $3, or if you’re there for

brisket is next level!) and then there’s South

a long weekend then the fare is no more

Block Juice Co serving healthy juices to the

than $7. The red bus takes in all major sights

masses for around $8.

to take back to my room later after a long day sight-seeing and shopping. If coffee is also your bag along with cake, then Dog Tag serves the / For drinks head to Logan Circle, which has a hive of cool bars and drinking joints depending on whether you like a club type atmosphere, to a more sit back and chilled affair. Number Nine was our favourite due to their rather delightful happy hour. If you’re in Washington during the week then head there between 5-9pm, or if you’re there for a long weekend then from 2-9pm is Number Nine’s 2-4-1 on drinks. Expect a variety of personalities at Number Nine, showcasing the best in DC people.

he easiest and incredibly cheap way

market area) of fab artisan food vendors

of seeing DC is by jumping on the

selling everything from pies, to amazing low

red bus line, where an unlimited

and slow BBQ food at The BBQ Joint (FYI the

across the city like Capitol Hill, Columbia Heights and National Mall, which includes

If you’re thinking of planning a trip for early

Washington Monument, the Lincoln and

next year, then head to DC between 20

Thomas Jefferson Memorials and several

March – 16 April for the city’s National Chery

war monuments within the vicinity. I’d advise

Blossom Festival, where anywhere between

your comfiest trainers if you’re planning on

2-3000 blossoms will be in full bloom across

taking in as many sights possible in a day, as

the city. The celebration has an estimated 1.5

my Fitbit nearly blew up from the amount of

million people descending on Washington

walking I did over my stay.

to celebrate the coming of spring, and to experience a truly unique aspect of

For the major foodies out there, then I’d

Washington culture.

really recommend the 200-year-old Union Market, open Tuesdays – Sunday. The market has about 40-50 stalls (some of which are /

pop-ups, which constantly reinvent the





MEATPACKING DISTRICT In the 1820s the Meatpacking District was the hub for market stalls. By the

turn of the 20th century it had over 250 slaughterhouses ruling the area and

giving the area its name. Now boutique hotels, pop-up bars and designer

brands are the new normal. With an unrivalled nightlife and restaurant scene, the Meatpacking District makes an ideal weekend getaway.



ream is a hotel with partying and mischief at the core. From porthole style windows scattered throughout,

offering glorious snapshots of the Manhattan skyline, to a glass bottomed swimming pool in the ceiling of the lobby (I’m not gonna lie, seeing the shadows of people swimming as you’re checking-in was a bit of a surprise!). The rooms have this Fritz Lang Metropolis feeling to them, lots of white, silver, and minimal clean lines with a spacious bathroom, and are a welcome retreat after several rooftop parties till the early hours (trust me, the hangovers are 100% worth it). A word of warning, if you’re going to the famous PH-D rooftop bar at the hotel, get there early or make a reservation as it can get rather packed as the night goes on. Out of the bars on offer at the hotel, I loved the little gem the Electric Ballroom, which is hidden down a subversive lined alleyway. It has this speakeasy quality to it, but instead of hearty jazz bellowing out, it has new dance/ house artist six days a week. The walls are lined with Union Jacks and Banksy-style graffiti adding to the cool, youthful vibe seen throughout Dream. Oh, and be sure to check out their Old Dirty Bastard cocktail Belvedere, olive brine, dry vermouth, blue cheese olives - as it’s an absolute joy to drink

Main: Terrace Top left: Presidential living room Bottom left: Terrace indoor bar Top right: Dream club Bottom right: Platinum king suite


before retiring to bed.

Left: Gansevoort Meatpacking - Zerzura with view Bottom: Aladdin broadway musical

E AT & D R I N K


nce the sun has set over Manhattan, a great restaurant is STK. For people in the know it’s easy to find, but if you’re new to the area like me, then finding it is a little harder (I walked passed it several times, before asking someone). However, once inside, the

fact it has an unassuming exterior, only adds to the exclusivity of the dining experience. I was shown to a monochrome leather booth at the back of the restaurant, which is the best place to experience the restaurant in full swing. The atmosphere is young and vibrant, with a sleek, yet industrial interior providing a cool city atmosphere as you dine. When ordering, I’d advise the ‘raw bar’, as the seafood was moreish, and together creates an amazing seafood platter of lobster, shrimp and oysters. STK offers a selection of small to large cuts of meat, with the largest

S E E , D O, E X P LO R E

After dinner, I headed to the rooftop of STK for a few drinks under the stars.The atmosphere is equally


as infectious and friendly as the restaurant, so much so I got talking to some of the locals about

In Wonderland bronze sculpture and the

being a 34oz porterhouse cut. Should you have room for dessert, then the warm baked cookies with chocolate and caramel sauces are the perfect way to get your sugar high.

where’s great to go for breakfast the following day. One suggestion was Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market (diagonally from Dream), and is the perfect way for getting over the night before, whilst enjoying hand-made mini doughnuts with 25 different sugar flavours. If you get the chance to try Doughnuttery, then I implore you to buy the Green Tea Buzz – matcha green tea, honey and ginger, and Purple Pig – maple, purple potatoes and bacon, because life is better with bacon in it, right?

or something a little different during the day (and to work off the doughnut feast), I hired a bike ($15 a day) to go

around Central Park, checking out the Alice carousel. Keep your wits about you for people randomly stopping whilst playing Pokémon Go! For me, there was only one thing I wanted to see whilst in The Big Apple, and that was

Aladdin on Broadway, thankfully it didn’t If you like a bar with unrivalled views, then

disappoint. The script is written on two levels

head to the Gansevoort Hotel rooftop bar,

for adults and kids, making it cheeky and

roughly 10-minutes walk from Dream - you

side-splittingly funny in parts thanks to the

know you’re in the right place when you see

Genie played by Tony Award Winning James

a que for the elevator in the hotel lobby just

Monroe Iglehart.

for the bar. Although the 360-degree views of New York are stunning (especially watching

If you get a little time in-between partying,

the sunset of the Hudson River), the drink price

dining and absorbing NY culture then be sure

is not so much at $18 a cocktail. Each drink

to check out at Bond No.9 on Washington

has been created to be as unique as the bar.

Street if you’re a fragrance lover, as each

With one of the handful of drinks in hand, I’d

store offers a unique perfume to that location.

recommend the Bootstrap Shandy, a heavenly

The Meatpacking District has some familiar

concoction of Dobel Tequila, ginger liqueur, a

favourite like AllSaints, DVF and The Kooples.

hint of lemon and Brooklyn East IPA, sit back,

One shop that sticks out though is Theory

relax and embrace the chilled atmosphere

on Ganservoort Street, as it’s a haven for the

with some of the downtown locals.

minimalist clothing lover out there.




LUXURY ROMANTIC GETAWAYS A Thai rainforest, a Caribbean island, an Australasian hideaway or a Pacific desert island sanctuary make the perfect romantic getaway for 2017.

F R E N C H CO CO, M A RT I N I Q U E At a mere 50 miles long and 22 miles across, Martinique is located between Dominica and St Lucia in the Caribbean, and offers the new French Coco resort just 300 meters from the beach, whilst being surrounded by a nature reserve, making it the go-to place for animal lovers and photographers wanting to get shots of exotic wildlife. The wooden hut lodgings are surrounded by tropical plants and trees creating an air of privacy. With four different suites, each one perfect for sleeping off the almost 18-hour flight with transfers. Three of the suites come with small private pools, with the Ti Suite only having two terraces with a garden view to relax on with a good book. Martinique is an overseas French region and the French Coco carries this into their cooking, bringing a touch of


French cuisine with a modern flare to the island. If you love your seafood then Tartane village is the place to visit, with fish stalls selling the latest catch, and shops selling the best in local produce. However, if you’re a rum lover then a visit the multiple award winning Plantation Saint James is a must, making it one of the best for aged rum around.

KEEMALA, THAILAND Hidden away in the rainforest, Keemala has less than 40 rooms with two restaurants and a spa to fully immerse your mind, body and soul in after nearly 17-hours of flying. The private retreat is a one-hour


drive from Phuket International Airport and is ideal for yoga and fitness lovers. Each tree house is sheltered within the rainforest, and sleeps two to three adults with the exception of the Clay Pool Cottage which sleeps four. We love the Birds Nest Pool Villa with its modern thatch style exterior and full glass front with sea views, an expansive bathroom with monsoon shower, as well as a private pool and sun deck. Whilst staying there you can learn art of Thai cooking using herbs grown at the hotel, or if you love exploring, then the walkways leading into the rainforest from your villa are a perfect way to see Phuket on foot. If you want to add some adrenaline to your stay, then jet skiing, surfing and snorkelling facilities are less then 10km away from hotel.



HALCYON HOUSE, AUSTRALIA With an interior that wouldn’t look out of place in a vintage issue of Good Housekeeping. Halcyon House in New South Wales, Australia, has this cool artistic vibe to it. Clean white walls with floral details and blue accent run throughout the hotel décor, echoing the ocean just metres away. Serving the best of local cuisine from both the land and sea, as well as the finest from region’s vineyards, all of which can be served in your room for you to dine whilst overlooking the ocean. All of the rooms come with either a private courtyard or balcony, except the Halcyon Suite which comes with a private dining and living area. Once you’ve recovered from the two days of flights and connections, followed by a 20-minute car journey from the airport to the hotel, Surfers Paradise is a 40-minute car ride up the country taking you to within minutes of Brisbane. If you love theme parks, then a 60-minute drive from Halcyon House is Warner Brothers Movie World and Wet’n’Wild, crammed with action packed rides guaranteed bring some serious laughs to your romantic getaway.

PA C I F I C R E S O R T, COOK ISLANDS White sandy beaches, an ocean that’s so blue it doesn’t look real and scattered thatched roofed villas across the island, this is Aitutaki Island housing the 27-room Pacific Resort. After a 40-hour flight with on average three stops, arriving at the Pacific Resort is more than welcomed. Part of the Aitutaki Lagoon, vacationing here allows you to experience pure unadulterated seclusion from the world. Each private villa is bedecked in a traditional Polynesian style with some having a private sundeck, as well as a day bed to lose yourself in before retreating to one of the two restaurants serving the best in pacific delicacies. Staying at the resort also has an on-site spa offering deep cleansing facials, body treatments and oil massages either in your villa in private or on the beachfront so you can relax to the sounds of the waves. If


experiencing the waves is more your thing, then a five-hour cruise around the lagoon is always popular, in addition to hand-feeding the tropical fish whilst snorkelling in the crystal clear waters.


10 THINGS TO DO ON NEW YEAR’S EVE Want a New Years with a difference? Whether you want a laugh, a romantic wood

cabin getaway or four-course meal in a castle. Then our 10 best things to do across the country is the only guide you’ll need.


Northern Lights

Reykjavik , Iceland

If you want a new year to remember, this is definitely the way to spend it. Escape to Iceland on a four day break to the southern countryside. You will stay in one of two hotels that are a short journey from the capital’s centre where you can spend endless hours on a shopping spree. Be sure to view the natural beauty of the island by spending a day on exploring the volcanoes, lava fields and waterfalls across the coasts. A cruise will take you out into the sea on New Year’s Eve to witness an off-shore firework display before you can lay your eyes on the sky’s own magical spectacle of the aroura borealis. After the festivities, soak in the world famous Blue Lagoon and bask under the lit up skies as you welcome in 2017.


Alnwick Castle


Celebrate in the setting of the castle where Downton Abbey was filmed and indulge yourself in the evening as though you were part of the Crawley family. This luxurious night will be rich in history as the event will take place in the Guest Hall. The evening will start with drinks, then a four course meal will be served followed by a live singer who will invite you to the dancefloor. Make sure you dress to impress as this will be a royal welcoming to 2017.


Warehouse Project

Store street, Manchester


A night of bass, techno and house the Warehouse


With an incredible line up of DJs and artists, New

Get yourself down to Warrington’s Gulliver’s Theme Park for their around the world New

The headlining acts include Blonde – who have

Gulliver’s Theme Park

Year’s festivities. The party starts at 2pm and celebrations take place every hour as each country sees in 2017. Feast upon free doughnuts, release a balloon for South East Asia and enjoy the attractions and rides into the evening. The night will finish off with a firework display as the New Year comes around for the UK.


Project never fails to put on a spectacular show. Year’s here is certainly going to be a special one. had multiple chart hits, and Hannah Wants – a dance music legend who has taken her creations from the dancefloors in London to the clubs and bars in Ibiza.


Forest Cabin

Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Edwinstowe Whether you want a romantic getaway this New Year’s or you want to celebrate it with a group of friends, Sheerwood forest has a selection of ideal cabins for you to choose from. Immerse yourself in these lavish wooden shacks and break away from the outside world as you welcome in 2017. Have the luxuries of underfloor heating and log burning stoves as you stay here to re-energise yourself for the New Year.


Cottage Getaway

Derwent Cottages, Country Durham


Casino Celebrations


Do you have a love for Vegas? Want to take your final chance of 2016 and place a lucky bet on the New Year? Then this is the place for you. The Park Hall Hotel are putting on a glamorous and elegant night full of casino excitement and sophistication. Enter to a champagne reception and enjoy a five course gala dinner whilst you await with anticipation for the New Year. There will be full size tables to play on and experience croupiers that will watch over them. The party doesn’t stop once the clock strikes


The Comedy Store

Deansgate Locks, Manchester Start your New Year’s Eve at 6pm and share this special evening with some of Manchester’s favourite comedians. The Comedy Store is putting on an event jam packed full of laughs right up until the clock strikes twelve, where you can then boogie at their after show party into the early hours of 2017. Featuring award winning Mandy Knight, who has headlined around the world including Dubai, Thailand and South Africa; Justin Moorhouse, who appeared on Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights and The Noise Next Door who have sold out five times at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival to name a few, this night is definitely not to be missed if you’re a fan of comedy.





If you’re stuck for what to do this New Year’s then

The Casino will stay open until

and fun night. Take your friends and family

1.30am and a resident DJ will be on the decks making the dancefloor come alive. The dress code is smart and a black tie is optional.

Book this cottage quickly before it disappears into someone else’s grasp this New Year. Escape with five other friends to a city completely enriched in history and saturated in culture. Explore the bars and attractions of Durham before returning to this cosy cottage based in the countryside to welcome in the New Year with your friends and family under a star filled sky.

pre-book at Tenpin Bowling for an unforgettable with you to make the evening extra special. At Parrswood they have everything you need to enter the New Year with a perfect strike. A night full of burgers and bubbly… You can’t go wrong.

10 Fireworks

Town Hall, Manchester

Bring your Christmas period to a spectacular end as you join hundreds of other fellow Mancunians at the town hall to witness the New Year come in under a lit up sky full of a brightly coloured firework display. There’s no need to buy tickets, just show up with a bobble hat on and buy a hotdog whilst you’re there. It might be a simple or last minute arrangement, but is definitely a special event that will create memories which will stay with you forever.



Hyundai’s Tucson might be one of the customisable

cars on the market, we put it through its paces for a week even travelling to Kent on a camping trip

Coming with various engine sizes starting at 1.7 going up to a four-wheel drive 2.0 litre with six speed manual transmission. The five door model (with four editions) is super quiet on both motorways and city driving, however we did find that when we were city driving it became slightly less economical on fuel. The car seats five adults comfortably, with the front seats specifically designed for people around six foot, making that long commute, or in our case a camping trip to Kent all the more comfortable. Its front seats are heated as well as ventilated, so whatever the weather the seats have your back. Appearance wise we loved the look of it. Embracing both the 4x4 build and a sporty run-around, with its slightly higher side door windows and streamlined front grill with LED headlights, providing lighting all day long with the automatic headlights and dusk sensors.

when the Two-Mode System comes into play. When any loss of traction is detected extra torque is added to the rear wheels, giving added oomph to get out of your situation. For us the real star is the Downhill Brake Control and Hill-Start Assistant, both stopping us from rolling down at speed by applying the right amount of pressure for a safer dissent, and giving us enough time to find the bite when on a particularly steep Peak District hill. We found a one or two of the safety features really helpful whilst motorway driving. The first was the Lane Keeping System which alerts you if you move slightly out of our lane. The other was the Blind Spot Detector which works alongside the lane keeping system, showing a little icon on the external mirrors when a vehicle is detected in your peripheral.The one thing that became very apparent whilst driving is the lack of external noise. The materials used reduce wind and road sound, creating crystal clear sounds from the six speakers inside without any outward interferences. The dashboard has a Batmobile vibe with its black and silver accents. The centre is a modern tech shrine with USB/AUX charge ports, Bluetooth, DAB radio/CD player and an eight-inch display screen with GPS. The navigation system we did find overbearing, as any slight veering off route comes with a bombardment of alerts which we eventually turned off. The newest Hyundai is one of the sleekest and most spacious cars on the market, catering to the tech lovers out there with innumerable add-ons to make your Tucson truly unique. Prices start at £18,995.


The materials used reduce wind and road sound, creating crystal clear sounds from the six speakers inside without any outward interference.

The Tucson is at its best in extreme conditions as that’s

4C COUPE. PURE ALFA ROMEO. The essence of the Alfa Romeo 4C is simple: pure performance. Every single design decision was taken with this in mind. A unique car, both in design and technology, created to excite the driver, both on the tracks and on the roads. Now, every passionate driver’s dream can be realised. From £499 per month plus initial rental ^.


Model shown is the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe at OTR £52,505. Range of official fuel consumption figures for the Alfa Romeo 4C range: Urban 28.0 – 28.8 mpg (10.1 – 9.8 I/100km); Extra Urban 55.4 – 56.5 mpg (5.1 – 5.0 I/100km); Combined 40.9 – 41.5 mpg (6.9 – 6.8 I/100km). CO2 emissions 161 – 157 g/km. Fuel consumption and CO figures are obtained for comparative 2

purposes in accordance with EC directives/regulations and may not be representative of real-life driving conditions. ^Above rental based on Alfa Romeo 4C 1750cc TB 240 hp TCT with optional Paint at £750 on Personal Contract Hire, with an initial rental of £4,990, followed by 23 monthly rentals of £499. Rental shown above includes VAT and excludes maintenance, and is based on 6,000 miles per annum. Excess mileage charges apply. Vehicles must be registered between 1st August and 30th September 2016. Promotion subject to status. A guarantee may be required. Alfa Romeo Contract Hire, PO BOX 4590, Slough, SL1 0WU. We work with a number of creditors including Alfa Romeo Contract Hire.


B E AT I N G T H E W I N T E R B U LG E 27-year-old personal trainer Callum Melly has over a half a decade of experience and is the creator of Body In 8 – “the world’s first virtual training programme”, aimed at getting you fit in just eight weeks. We spoke to him about maintaining your health and fitness during the winter period. It’s Christmas morning, what exercise could

What workout series could someone do whilst visiting family for a

and leave them tired or aching all day?

I always recommend a full body circuit workout as they can be done

someone do so it doesn’t eat into their day Depending






recommend the following: Start with 30 - 60 mins of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio. This will wake your body, start your day in a calorie deficit, aid fat loss,

week over the Christmas period and can’t make it to the gym? anywhere all you need is yourself.

Do 30 - 45 seconds per exercise and complete each back-to-back: Body Weight Squat Press-Up

and improve general fitness and wellbeing.


To maximise LISS, work at 60 - 70% of your


maximum heart rate (power walking will achieve this), leading to the ‘fat burn zone’, which can be found by doing the following equation: (Example based on Callum being 27) 220 - 27 = 193 60% = 0.6 x 193 = 115.8

Mountain Climbers Alternating Lunge (on the spot) Hip/Glute Bridge Russian Twists Complete every exercise for the tempo 2:1:2. So for a press-up, you want to take two seconds during the eccentric lowering phase, then a one second pause when you are at the bottom of the movement and

70% = 0.7 x 193 = 135.1

under optimal tension, followed by two seconds on the concentric

Callum’s optimal fat burn zone is between 115

complete rest between each round.

& 135.


pressing up phase. Complete 3 - 5 rounds and take two minutes

What workouts are great for fighting Christmas indulgence once the festive season is over?

Any workout is better than nothing, but as I promote Body In 8, I’d recommend following a structured resistance/weights workout (combining LISS and HIIT) that continually challenges you and adds enough external stimulus to your entire body to promote change. Are there any foods that won’t leave you feeling

tired or bloated that could be eaten on Christmas Day and Boxing Day?

I always recommended following a high protein and high healthy fat with a moderate carbohydrate diet, which involves eating carbohydrates in the morning pre and post workout for brain, muscle fuel and recovery. I tend to stick to low GI carbohydrates during the day such as oats, sweet potato, brown basmati rice and quinoa. Then have faster absorbing carbohydrates post-workout such as white potato, white rice and couscous. Is it better to eat set meals over Christmas, or graze throughout the day? Why?

I always suggest eating little and often, every 2 - 3 hours as this will keep your metabolism working in full throttle. The key is to know your daily calorie requirements based on your BMR (basal metabolic rate) & TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), it really is as simple as calories in vs calories out. If you want to lose weight you simply need to consume fewer calories than your daily TDEE requirement, and to gain weight you have to consume more than your daily TDEE requirement. So preparing by your meals you can easily reach your desired goals. If someone had been out the night before

drinking and wants workout the following day, when is best to do it? What type of workout would you recommend?

Firstly, I would always recommend drinking as much water as you can when you get home. Hangovers are influenced by a lack of H2O causing dehydration. I usually have some healthy food readily available at home or a protein shake

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start the gym in the new year and maintain it through the year?

Simple, you can’t change a lifetime of bad habits over night, but you can in eight weeks. This is why I created Body In 8, because it takes eight weeks of continuous external stimulus combined with a healthy balanced diet to promote significant change in your body, as well as your general health & wellbeing. However, results happen only if you are exercising correctly, challenging yourself, and eating the right foods in the right amount and at the right times around workouts. What exercise equipment could someone have at home to use if they can’t make it to the gym?

The “RESIST 8” (available soon to buy at is by far most versatile and mobile piece of equipment available, it will take your workouts to the next level. Whether that be in the comfort of your home, garden, at the gym or the park. The unique “RESIST 8” suspension and resistance trainer allows you to complete a full body workout promoting a lean, shaped and toned physique. Callum’s final piece of advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the winter:

It’s all about balance, everything in moderation and enjoying the process of living an active and healthy lifestyle. So, if you really want to get into the best physical & mental shape of your life and learn how to maintain that healthy lifestyle going forth, then BODY IN 8 is the way forward. It really is the most comprehensive, enjoyable and results driven programme available.

before bed which gets food into the system, preventing you getting any junk food on the way home making you feel better in the morning. Exercise wise, I would train when feeling well enough to get the most out of my workout and getting a good sweat on often helps me to combat my hangovers. I would stick to the programme you are following, maybe adding in some extra LISS cardio at the end.




= Signature Dish

DINING GUIDE For us winter this year is about bringing the best in vegan dining to the forefront, as well as where’s brilliant to go for cocktails and craft ales with friends after work. Whether you want a more formal dining experience, or a chilled tapas meal, our guide has some of our handpicked favourites.

Vegan/ Vegetarian


6 Vernon St, Stockport, SK1 1TY 0161 478 1331

Located in Stockport town centre, The Allotment is one of the area’s newest Vegan and sugar & gluten-free dining hotspots. Offering a seven course taster menu, as well as three courses for £15 - soup, main and dessert, which change weekly. Expect numerous flavours of cheesecake and seasonal dishes displaying the best of the regions fresh seasonal produce.


Roast cauliflower

Arndale House, Market St, M4 3AQ

Guilt free cake sounds too good to be true, however at Simone’s there’s an endless list of healthy desserts for you to choose from. Gluten and dairy free as well as pure vegan options, this dessert bar is every cake lover’s dream. Here you can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without counting up the calories. The selection changes daily, so be sure to keep your eye on their Twitter and Instagram (@simones_mcr) for daily dessert updates. Vegan Chocolate Slice


58 Mosley St, M2 3HZ 0161 236 1811

Open seven days a week, 1847 is one of Manchester’s premiere vegetarian dining hotspots. With dishes like our favourite, The Allotment Salad with broad beans, courgette ribbons, heritage tomatoes, peas, crispy bean curd and watercress, which is a colourful feast for the eyes. It’s the desserts that grabbed our attention though, with the 1847 Brownie with chilli brittle, pistachio soil and basil syrup. Vegan and gluten free options are also available. Rice apple doughnuts, Caramelised pear, Coconut malabie sauce


41- 43 Lapwing Lane, W.Didsbury, M20 2NT 0161 434 4259

Less than 30 minutes by tram from the city centre is Greens in West Didsbury, a Vegetarian restaurant open seven days a week. Their Christmas menu champions the best in seasonal offerings with butternut squash, chilli, maple & almond soup, spinach, pistachio and feta filo pie and a Christmas sticky toffee pudding, creating the pinnacle in vegetarian Christmas menus. Vegan and gluten free options are also available. Christmas Special: Pecan & hazelnut roast with roast potatoes, gravy and seasonal greens


Craft Beers


35 Peter Street, M2 5BG 0161 832 1922

Overlooking Peter Street with its spectacular glass frontage, Brewdog is hard to miss. Its interior is a mash up of warehouse meets club. With a partial mezzanine and exposed beams there is a quirky urban feel to the venue making it great for their open mic night. It offers an array of beers ranging from Elvis Juice a grapefruit infused beer, to seasonal beers which change every three months making them all the more special.


Brewdog Punk IPA

456 – 458 Barlow Moor Rd, Chorlton M21 0BQ 0161 881 8596

On Tuesdays The Beagle has a buy one get one free offer on burgers, perfect alongside one of the numerous craft ales or gin cocktail. Situated a little bit out of the town centre, it’s easily accessible via tram (the Chorlton stop is just around the corner). There is a Mexican theme to the menu with a vast selection of tacos, burritos, salads and nachos, there is something here for everyone. You can also become a Beagle Super Special Member (which is free) and get 10% off beer at all times.

Pale Ale


39 – 41 Port Street, M1 2EQ 0161 237 9949

With “craft beers from here, there and everywhere”, the Port Street Beer House has this cool inner city pub air to it. Their selection is expansive with beers from Buxton to Germany, with online profiles of each beer so you can check out the strength, whether it’s a bottle or draught and the taste notes, so finding your favourite has never been easier. Buxton Brewery’s Trolltunga


6 – 12 Swan Street, Wilmslow, SK9 1HE 01625 441 850

Brew House and Kitchen is just a short walk from Wilmslow train station. Their onsite microbrewery offers the chance to spend the day learning how to brew, whilst sampling the different onsite beers as well taking home a five litre mini keg (either on the day or two weeks later which will be the beer brewed during your session). The day comes with breakfast (bacon rolls) and lunch included and starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm. For the full day it’s priced £85pp, a beer sampling masterclass is also available costing £20pp.


Secret Genius


49 – 51 Thomas Street, M4 1NA 0161 839 7033

Part Tiki, part speakeasy, part skate bar. The ground floor has an 80s skate theme to it and is open daily from midday to 2am. The first floor is where the cocktails are at, with beautiful copper bar tops and antique glassware the interior is a lot more modest than downstairs. The Liars Lounge takes the second floor, taking on the appearance of a Caribbean rum shop the bartenders are constantly coming up with new drink ideas such as the Painkiller a tropical mix of rum, coconut, orange and pineapple.

Hot Winter Cider – a gin/cider blend


78 Deansgate, M3 2FW 0161 832 2808

With its bartenders trained in 100 cocktails including the Christmas special – Smoking Santa, a kettle filled (serving

After Work Cocktails

five people) with vodka, Amaretto, Licor 43, cinnamon syrup, cranberry juice and Christmas spices, Manchester’s newest cocktail bar is a fusion of Mancunian and American in a way never seen before.

Mrs Jones cocktail

WIN A MEAL FOR FOUR Fancy the chance to take three friends for a meal with

a bottle of Prosecco? Just submit your name and email to with the title “I AM HUNGRY FOR GUSTO!” Gusto Deansgate restaurant has been given a brand new look, offering a specious open dining room with iron columns and island bar in the heart of the it. The refurbishment sees the Lloyd Street Grade II listed Elliot House take inspiration from the grand cafes of Europe, with its marble floors and counters, polished plaster, stained glass and welcoming atmosphere.

Terms & Conditions applied. Only one entry per email address registration. The Winner will be contacted by A-Magazine in the first instance. No cash or other alternative to the stated prize is available, except in the event of unforeseen circumstances the stated prize is no longer available.



The Midland Hotel, Peter St, M60 2DS 0161 932 4198

Mr Cooper’s House and Garden is rich with heritage. The bar is named after its former owner, Mr Cooper, who used to live in the house in 1819. It’s a unique location where you can share a drink under the 30ft tree in the garden, or cosy on up with a friend in the lounge. We love the seemingly endless gin selection, and the reimaging of classic cocktails like the House Negroni a concoction of Seven Dials Gin, Campari, Italian Vermouth blend and orange, served super cold from the freezer. Nature and Industry


Exchange Square, M4 3TR 0161 832 4798

Banyan Bar in Exchange Square has 2-4-1 cocktails Sunday – Friday from 7pm on a selected menu containing favourites like the Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiri, to new classics like Lemon Cheesecake concocted with vodka, Limoncello, lemons and gingerbread finished with crumbled biscuit, and Pink 75 – Tenqueray gin, lemon, sugar and a dash of Chambord with a hint of Prosecco. Talk about a great way wind down after a hard week.

Thyme to relax

Don’t Go Into Hibernation This Winter

WIN A MEAL OUT FOR 4 AT FOX IN HALE BARNS BE IN WITH A CHANCE OF WINNING SIMPLY TELL US What social media hashtag # is Fox encouraging diners to use? Just submit your name and email to We have teamed up with Fox in the Cheshire suburb of Hale Barns to offer you a chance to win a table for four with a bottle of prosecco this winter. New restaurant Fox is proving to be a popular destination for any occasion. Located adjacent to Booths supermarket in the centre of Hale Barns. Fox is the first solo vaenue from experienced restaurateur Danny Fox, who has previously worked with Living Ventures and Individual Restaurants. Fox will cater to your individual needs, or more simply as Fox would say on their social media feeds, #fedbyfox. With an array of simple, healthy, fresh food choices on the menu, there is something for everyone to help keep the cold at bay.

Terms & Conditions applied. Only one entry per email address registration. The Winner will be contacted by A-Magazine in the first instance. No cash or other alternative to the stated prize is available, except in the event of unforeseen circumstances the stated prize is no longer available.


love meet eat party smile

S H E R I D A N B E S P O K E C A T E R E R S is highly reputed across Manchester for

it’s bespoke outside catering. Our experienced chefs are able to create breathtaking and mouthwatering dishes at your chosen venue over Manchester and the North West.

Whatever your desired palate, The Sheridan can offer you the highest of standards of food and service to wow you and your guests at any occasion!

Contact The Sheridan today on 0161 203 5444 to find out more, or to request a no obligation food tasting please contact

w w w. s h e r i d a n s u i t e . c o . u k







Double L ad a ife e L 2 for 1 COCKTAILS WITH A RED CARD



42 King St W, M3 2WY 0161 834 6226

Based on modern Italian cuisine, San Carlo offers one of the best Italian menus and dining experiences in Manchester. With produce and ingredients flown over from motherland, to create dishes for their dining and Christmas menus, San Carlo puts Italian produce to the forefront especially with their 22 seafood dishes creating great anti pasti. They also offer an expertly curated wine list including very rare and fine options. Bookings are required to eat here. Tagliolini with lobster


3 Hardman Square, M3 3EB 0161 819 2060

Dine in the shadow of a cherry blossom tree at this Chinese restaurant situated in the heart of Spinningfields district. Mixing traditional Asian flavours with contemporary Chinese cuisine to create dishes like familiar favourites Sweet & Sour and crispy duck pancakes, to newer dishes of soy and orange buttered chicken and saffron miso black cod are great dishes to break your traditional meal for. Caramel soy beef fillet


The Palace Hotel, M60 7HA 0161 288 1111

Having over 10,000 square feet, Refuge has a handful of unique spaces to suit every dining requirement. Ranging from the traditional dining hall and bar, to the Winter Garden ideal for escaping the winter weather with a cocktail (or four) to more private dining areas just off the main hall. Expect hearty wholesome food ranging from seafood and meat through to vegetarian options. The Ox Cheek

Formal Dining


218 Burton Road, W.Didsbury, M20 2LW 0161 478 0747

Open since May 2011, The Rose Garden in Didsbury is creating formal food in a relaxed setting. Serving a set menu in addition to a full menu with small and large plate options. Expect dishes like duck breast with apricots served multiple ways to charred salmon, Israeli cous cous kedgeree and a poached egg. There are also vegetarian options, including all their desserts as well as their home-made ice cream. Christmas dish: Partridge and Pears




14 – 15 The Avenue, M3 3HF 0161 358 1350

Bringing a taste of Spain to Manchester, Iberica’s interior is full of elegance and glamour, and so is the menu. Created by Executive Chef Nacho Manzano, he offers a selection of his signature tapas next to an array of main dishes and an extensive list of drinks. Sit under the high ceilings that are decked out in reds and golds, and watch the head chef and his team work in the open kitchen as you eat your assortment of dishes.



52 King Street, M2 4LY 0161 694 8585

El Gato Negro is the perfect place if you love little tapas dishes that don’t compromise on flavour and quality. Located on King Street, El Gato serves the great tapas dishes for either a quick bar bites or a sit down meal with friends after a hard days shopping. We love the chargrilled chicken thighs with lemon, garlic shabu and fried chickpeas, roast scallops with squid ink sauce, avocado puree, aioli and capers and the chocolate fondue with marshmallows and fresh fruit.


11 Peter Street, M2 5QR 0161 826 8266

If you’re going to Revolucion De Cuba, make sure you show up at 3pm for Happy Hour, and make sure it’s a Friday where their fiesta takes off and gets you ready for the weekend. With live music, two-for-one cocktails and four tacos for a fiver it is definitely not a night to be missed. Their menu has a diverse selection of Tapas style meats, pastas and fish along with larger main meals, hamburgers and burritos. It’s a place that caters for all.

Chilli cheese burrito


277 – 279 Deansgate, M3 4EW / 0161 819 2752 79 Thomas St, M4 1LQ / 0161 833 1130

With two locations in Manchester, Evuna is authentic tapas at its best. The Deansgate location is main restaurant and is the perfect spot to experience their signature dish, rock salt baked seabass which is filleted at the table. The Northern Quarter location has been open for three years, and carries on the traditional Northern Quarter values of serving international ales and boutique wines. Both places serve three dishes for £10.00, as well as group banquet deals ideal for taking the family to over the winter months.


Sea bass and Rock Salt

Dine out in style at Zouk & enjoy our award-winning indian cuisine Try one of our fantastic cocktails in the bar or relax on our luxury heated terrace with an authentic sheesha

Open 7 days a week from 12 to Midnight To book for Christmas

0161 2331 090

Ornament Nutcracker Musical Snowglobe £54.00

Godiva 90 Years Anniversary Smythson Panama Little Black Book

Truffle Box £22.00

Leather Address Book £35.00


Need a last-minute gift, then look no Burberry London Thomas

further than our stocking fillers guide

Anya Hindmarch I Love It! Sticker £45.00

Bear Charm £150.00

Vineyard Candles Prosecco Candle £19.50

Moschino Capsule-Print Iphone 6/6S Case £40.00


Folk Ecru Intarsia Wool Blend Socks £20.00

John Lewis Tourism Soldier With Parachute Bauble £5.00


The Whitworth, The University of Manchester Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6ER


Large Visitor Attraction 2016 A-MAGAZINE | 89

Sick as a Parrot? Sick as a Parrot? Holiday illness? We have it covered.

We can help you reclaim the cost of the perfect holiday you lost.

Holiday illness? We have it covered.

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20 FASHION ON THE RATION Imperial War Museum

23 RIZZLE KICKS The Academy




The Lowry

IDRIS KHAN Whitworth



Manchester Arena Palace Theatre

The Peony Pavillion








Bridgewater Hall



Manchester Arena

Stockport Plaza


Manchester Arena The Lowry

Manchester Arena

15 HEATED EXCHANGES 18 BEST EVER CHRISTMAS SHOW 20 SNOW WHITE Manchester Craft And Design Centre Manchester Arena The Lowry



24 CHRISTMAS CAROL SING-A-LONG 27 Sweet Charity 30 THE LOST PRESENT Bridgewater Hall

Royal Exchange

The Lowry


E - C O M M E R C E







C A M PA I G N S / 0161 737 6006



The Lowry

Manchester Arena


Manchester Arena


The Lowry


Manchester Central Convention Complex




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17 JACK WHITEHALL Manchester Arena





Manchester Arena

Manchester Arena


The Ritz

Albert Hall




The Academy



Good Times with Bad Osiris - Hula Tiki Bar 11 Stevenson Square, M1 1DB Open Mic Night - The Pub/Zoo 126 Grosvenor St, M1 7HL


Groundhog Monday - All Star Lanes The Great Northern, 235 Deansgate, M3 4EN

Free Entry - Tiger Tiger The Printworks - M4 2BS Gator Bait - Hula Tika Bar 11 Stevenson Square, M1 1DB Tenner Tuesday - Tusk 77 High St, M4 1FS


Rehab - Birdcage Withy Grove, M4 3AQ

Stop Making Sense - Common 39 Edge St, M4 1HW

Boogie Fridays - Ram & Shackle 393 Wilmslow Rd, M20 4WA

Wine Not - Tusk 77 High St, M4 1FS

Rascal - Revolution Arch 7 Deansgate Locks, Whitworth St, M1 5LH

Fleek Friday - Suede Longworth St, M3 4BQ

Cat Music - The Tiger Lounge 5 Cooper Street, M2 2FW

Frontier - Kosmonaut 10 Tariff Street, M1 2FF

SUN DAY Emporia Fridays - Aura 31 Withy Grove, M4 2BJ Northern Quarter Industry Social - Guilty 26A Lever Street, M1 1DW

SATURDAY Girls on Film - Deaf Institute , 135 Grosvenor St, M1 7HE Clint Boon Forever - South, 4A S King St, M2 6DQ TMC Saturday - The Milton Club, 244 Deansgate, M3 4BQ


Mirror Sundays - Lola Lo Arch 9-10, Deansgate Locks, Whitworth St W, M1 5LH




Alaia Paris (


Aesop ( Alexander McQueen ( AllSaints (

Anya Hindmarch (


Chloe (

Clarins (

Clinique (


Dr Jackson’s (


Folk Ecru (


Godiva ( Grenson ( Gucci (


Isa Tapis (


Jo Malone ( John Lewis (

Kiehl’s ( LA Bruket (

Lele Sadoughi (


Malin + Goetz ( Maticevski ( MaxMara - ( Moschino (


Neal’s Yard Remedies (


Public Desire (


Ralph Lauren (


Sacai (

Simon Carter ( Smythson (


Tom Ford (


Valentino (

Victoria Beckham -


How many collections does Henry London have?

Just submit your name and email to Henry London, the British watch brand that combines traditional styling with modern trends, is thrilled to announce the opening of its first standalone store in Manchester’s esteemed Trafford Centre. Henry London has experienced unprecedented success in its first year, which has seen the brand secure retail partners across the world. The first store in Trafford Centre will stock all 15 collections and more importantly will offer engraving on site – a core part of the brand’s DNA.

Terms & Conditions applied. Only one entry per email address registration. The Winner will be contacted by A-Magazine in the first instance. No cash or other alternative to the stated prize is available, except in the event of unforeseen circumstances the stated prize is no longer available.


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