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From cherry-red faux fuzzy jackets to embellished and patched-to-the-Gods denim, we know you know to rock your look. It’s easy to get caught up in the who’s and what’s of fashion today – “Do I have enough guts to wear that?” or, “What really even is individuality?” might be a question you’ve asked yourself. Our sixth issue of A Magazine is here to answer it for you.

We’ve taken cues from the gals and dudes we sit next to in class. We’ve recruited some inspiration from Acorn Alley in downtown Kent to Avon Lake and Cleveland. We know you’re searching for a knock-em-dead look in your next adventure with your besties, but you don’t have to make the wild-west-of-America road trip to find inspiration. As college students, we know it’s imperative for A Magazine to cater to everything that makes you excited, like good deals, good food and good times with friends. We’ve also shown you how to challenge beauty ideals and fashion norms with simple makeup and styling tips. At A Magazine, we want you to take yourself less seriously. Throw some glitter on it. Order an extra side of curly fries. It’s not rocket science – it’s fashion. Let’s have fun with it while we’re still able to make fun of ourselves.

Payton Moore Editor in Chief





The Science of Aromatherapy Tess Cottom


Face Value



New Grunge


Sounds of ’16 Brooke Davis


Tough Girls


2017 Horoscopes


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Road Trip!



Fashion in the Age of Technology Kendall Becker


Unethically Chic: The Downfall of Fast Fashion Marissa Nichol


Pillow Talk Hallie Saculla


Comfort Food, Close to Home Betsy Garwood


Local Inspiration Szalay Miller


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Beauty // A Magazine 2017


Tess Cottom PHOTO BY

Gina DeSimone

Take one step into a spa and watch your senses go wild. The soothing flow of the waterfall, the cool aqua tones on the walls and the relaxing massages tap into every sensation.

Although the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t approve the oils for medical use, Davis swears by them. She, along with the Aromatherapy Associates in London, said essential oils work down to the core. Davis compares a body experiencing aromatherapy to a car getting its oil changed. In the same way the car is cleaned of gunk that bogs it down, essential oils go down to the cells and rid them of toxins that have a harmful effect on the body. “They are smart oils. They know where to go in the body,” Davis said. “They kill all the bad stuff, but they don’t bring any harm.” Along with that, essential oils radiate positive vibes. Literally. Everything has a frequency, or a vibration generated by produced energy. Higher frequencies are linked to good health all around, including a boosted immune system, relieved pain and a quick healing process. A healthy body’s frequency hovers around 70 MHz. But essential oils’ frequency ranges are up in the 300s.

Scientific found some oils even promote a restful, restorative sleep. No matter the evidence, oils’ effects all boil down to an individual. The best way to discover the benefits is to try it yourself, especially if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep after hours at a desk or a natural mood booster. The best place for a sweet-smelling therapy session could be right in your own abode. Curl up in some PJs and pop lavender oil in a diffuser before bed, or make your own bath bombs with a calming jasmine scent. You can even dab some on an area of the body that requires some TLC. Davis said it takes about 20 minutes for the oil to pass through the body, but she feels effects on the area within two to three minutes. In addition to minor aches and pains, Davis used aromatherapy during her battle with both cancer and high blood pressure. She’s now overcome both.

Of all the senses, smell has a way of evoking memories the instant they’re perceived. That smell goes straight to the subconscious where memories are stored, like the lavender smell of your grandma’s house or the lemon scent of the trees in the summer. “That just opened a whole new door for me,” People who use aromatherapy, though, say Davis said. “I know that they work.” smells can do so much more. “That’s what brings about the healing effect,” Davis said. That’s why diffusers are popAromatherapy has been used for thouping up around hospitals across the counsands of years, but as it’s gained popularity try. Warming scents are effective in Incorporating aromatherapy into a daily routine is in the states, aromatherapy treatments are relieving labor pains, while oils like frankeasy, but with an abundance of oils to choose from, seen everywhere from spas to hospitals. incense are linked to treating cancers, as it can be difficult to pick the right scent for you. The essential oils used in aromatherapy seen in a study published by the University Here are some of the most popular scents used in today have been used for almost 6,000 of Leicester in London. aromatherapy and the unique benefits they offer. years by civilizations around the world for multiple purposes. Davis said oils can be effective in healing Lavender, projects a musky floral scent that calms the and relieving all types of ailments, from mind and restores it in stressful situations. Some of its Essential oils are usually rubbed on areas headaches to back pains. many benefits include disinfectant properties, of the skin, but some can be diffused, eaten enhanced blood circulation and better sleep. or even thrown into bath bombs for a ther- EVERYDAY USE apeutic soak. They release concentrated Peppermint invigorates and empowers the mind and scents that go straight to the brain, launch- While essential oil proponents and scienbody while acting as an anti-fungal nail treatment, ing a person back to a memory they associ- tists tend to bump heads on the subject, blemish spot treatment and moisturizer. Davis even ate with that smell. there’s one thing undeniable about the rubs some on her temples to relieve headaches. Fun sweet smell oils generate: they just make fact: if you rub some on your foot, you’ll be able to THE SCIENCE OF SMELL you feel good. taste it in your mouth. Sheila Davis, esthetician and volunteer at Stewart’s Place in Akron, says aromatherapy works on three different levels: physical, emotional and mental. Davis is a skin specialist who offers aromatherapy facials to cancer patients.

Those higher frequencies linked to good health are also linked to good spirits. Psychology Today reported an increased frequency in brainwaves stimulates creativity and even reduces depression. Yale

Rose, a warm and delicate smell, not only boosts confidence, but also acts as an aphrodisiac. It has one of the highest frequencies of all the oils, which explains why some of its many benefits include anti-aging, antiinflammatory and a hair strengthener.



Alyse Nelson


Honey Banana Face Mask 2 Tbsp Granola ½ Tsp cinnamon 1 Banana, mashed 2 tsp Milk 1 tsp honey Combine ingredients and apply to clean, dry skin.


Beauty // A Magazine 2017

Coconut Vanilla Body Scrub

Chai Rose Whipped Body Butter

½ cup coconut oil 1 cup white sugar Vanilla bean seeds

1 cup coconut oil 1 Tbsp olive oil Brewed Vanilla Chai Tea Rose Essential Oil

Whisk together, scrub off dead skin in the shower or bath.

Whisk together, lather on dry skin.


Face Value


Beauty // A Magazine


Alex Ledet

hat’s the ideal lipstick shade for your skin tone? What eyeshadow will make your eyes pop? All of them. Beauty brands say your skin’s undertone should determine colors in your makeup look, but this statement can’t be taken at face value. Warm and cool works on everyone.


Face Value

Fashion // A Magazine


Sarah Hines

New Grunge



New Grunge

Secondary Fashion // A Level Magazine of Content



New Grunge


Fashion // A Magazine

Sounds of ‘16 Music has become so much more than entertainment: It’s activism, advocacy, and its championing for a generation expressive of our most vulnerable emotions. A Magazine presents a soundtrack to your journey that captures the passionate sounds of ‘16.


Brooke Davis

TAKE ONE FOR THE ROAD 33 “GCD” Bon Iver, 22 A Million WAVES Kanye West, The Life of Pablo DARK DAYS Local Natives, Sunlit Youth DEATH OF A BACHELOR Panic! At the Disco, Death of a Bachelor SURPRISE YOURSELF Jack Garratt, Phase GIRL LOVES ME David Bowie, Blackstar LIFE ITSELF Glass Animals, How to be a Human Being

ALL WE KNOW The Chainsmokers, All We Know OVERFLOW Ghost Loft, Overflow CRYING IN PUBLIC Chairlift, Moth NO PROBLEM Chance The Rapper, Coloring Book PEACE OF MIND The Killers, Peace of Mind COMPANY Pepa Knight, Company YOU CAN BE YOU Saint Motel, saintmotelevision

SAY IT (FEAT. TOVE LO) Flume, Skin WORDS (WE ARE I.V REMIX) Birdy, Blonde, We Are I.V, Words MAN ON THE MOON Zella Day, Man On The Moon SURFIN’ Kid Cudi, Pharrell Williams, Surfin’ INTO THE STORM BANNERS, Into The Storm TOO GOOD Drake (feat. Rihanna), Views

FREEDOM Beyonce, Lemonade

HEADLIGHTS Tori Miller, American English

EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES Panic! At The Disco, Death of a Bachelor

PINK + WHITE Frank Ocean, Blond

6 INCH Beyonce, Lemonade

THICK SKIN Bellows, Fist & Palm

THE GREATEST Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar, This is Acting

ANGELA The Lumineers, Cleopatra

EYE TO EYE Varsity, Eye to Eye/Kelly



Benjamin Bartling

Tough Girls We’re entering an age of manrepelling and we’re here for it. We’re tired of stealing our boyfriends’ flannels anyway. A juxtaposing of rough and straight silhouettes look sleek and confident on a woman’s natural curvature. This contemporary movement stems from a desire of absolute freedom and breaking the constraint from societal norms. It allows for a non-binary aesthetics to exist. Express yourself based on how you feel, instead of what your gender makes you think you feel. Thank you, Coco Chanel, for gifting women with masculine silhouettes and pants way back in the 1910’s, and beginning the revolution for the exchange of stereotypes.

Fashion // A Magazine 2017



Fashion // A Magazine 2017

2017 Horoscopes Gemini





APRIL 20 – MAY 20

MAY 21 – JUNE 20

You're bound to find financial success in unexpected places.

You will tackle a personal project that you have been avoiding.

You'll find that rejection isn't always a bad thing.



Cancer JUNE 21 – JULY 22

JULY 23 – AUG. 22

AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22

Taking a could risk proves beneficial to your career goals.

Your true love may be right in front of you, but just out of reach.

A mentor will provide advice on professional ambitions.

OCT. 23 – NOV. 21

A change in your lifestyle will spur new motivation.

Find time to relax and self-reflect.



Libra SEPT. 23 – OCT. 22

NOV. 22 – DEC. 21

Traveling to a new place brings unexpected pleasure.



Capricorn DEC. 22 – JAN. 19

JAN 20 – FEB 18

FEB. 19 – MARCH 20

Make sure to take time to breathe from your career.

Don't be afraid to open up to someone, they just might like you too.

Those who surround you provide continuous inspiration.

When the ancient Babalonian's created the zodiac calendar, they intially removed a constellation so that the 12 constellations would align with the 12 calendar months. However, within the last year NASA has studied Ophiuchus, the 13th constellation. This drastically shifts the existing dates for each signs, but until it is a accepted as a mass scale let's stick with what we know.



Candace Sanders

Femme Men Femininity has effortlessly grown to coexist beside male identities within the world of fashion. The soft movement within women's clothing transfers just as easily to a man’s figure. Traditional, smooth and dainty female qualities paired with characteristics of the opposite nature gracefully interact to spark powerful new ideas and fresh, innovative ensembles. Rules and regulations will break. Liberation from normalcy will occur. Exploration with no boundaries begins. Look out, these men are starting a revolution.

Secondary Fashion // A Level Magazine of Content 2017



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Gina DeSimone

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Fashion // A Magazine 2017



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Fashion // A Magazine 2017



Road Trip!

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Fashion in the Age of Technology

Fashion in the Age of Technology


Kendall Becker

With the rapid influx of online shopping platforms, traditional stores are forced to reassess their costumer experience in order to engage their markets.

elcome to the new world of retail. We blinked and suddenly entered an altered dimension of shopping. The barrier between the brick-and-mortar and digital experience has begun to fade, and this blurred line has created enough chaos to end the world of shopping as we know it. It’s brought us to one of the world’s largest retailers, Macy’s, set to close over 150 stores in 2017, yet Amazon is planning to open various brick and mortar locations. There’s been a takeover of pop-up shops sweeping the nation, while more and more designers have joined the “see now, buy now” bandwagon. For all of this change, we have technology to thank. None of this is necessarily a bad thing, but it does call for adaption. In today’s economy, we’re all about experiential shopping and accessibility. With online retailing rapidly advancing, shoppers are exposed to an extensive array of colors, sizes and completely different styles than those offered in stores with a simple click of a button. The behind-the-scenes look at online shopping shows us that retailers are embracing the use of metadata. Often referred to as cookies, metadata tracks anything from your most clicked on color to how often


Culture // A Magaine 2017

you shop for shoes. This information is used to tailor your shopping experience, even when you’re just browsing the web. Metadata is responsible for those sidebar ads that conveniently contain that skirt you were looking at earlier, so it’s always on your mind — and in your shopping cart.

launch seasonal lines much earlier. Bloggers are constantly posting about what’s on trend at that very moment. With the tap of the screen, followers can purchase whatever item is showcased in real time. IBM Digital Analytics have shown that there has been a 29 percent increase in mobile shopping since 2013, and that number is only rising.

and return rate. This also includes warranties and guaranteed return policies to make customers more comfortable with their purchases. Customers are more likely to make those high profiting purchases if they feel they are getting a good value and are confident in their decision.

nline discount retailers are on the rise. Similar to the brick-and-mortar stores like Ross or Marshall’s, AreaTrend is one of the companies taking full advantage of the online retail trend. Since 2011, they have nearly tripled in size and offered us at A Magazine an insight to their digital success. They offer luxury products at a fraction of the cost, all while providing excellent customer service and expansive variety. By connecting with retail giants like Amazon, AreaTrend and others, online retailers are able to post their products on multiple platforms to be accessed by customers from around the world.

This is a lot for the classic brick and mortar stores to compete with. Industry leaders, such as ELLE, are recognizing this. The magazine’s 2017 initiative is “Why You’re Going to Love Shopping Again”, which emphasizes the importance to shop local, integrating technology and psychology with the shopping experience.

olid customer service is key. Many retailers are reformatting their employee training policies to ensure that employees are knowledgeable, helpful and patient with customers. Retailers like TopShop and Nordstrom are offering in-store stylists to assist their customers in addition to their regular sales associates. Stylists work oneon-one with customers to guarantee the customer finds what they are looking for in the most efficient way, as well as making the customer feel comfortable with what they are purchasing.

“The biggest advantage for online retailers is the customer base. With the right price, products and promotion, the customer base is seemingly infinite,” says Jordan Sweress, Retail Buyer for AreaTrend. Without face to face contact with the customer, these retailers rely heavily on business analytics to predict what their customer is looking for and providing respected quality assure to their customers. It’s quick, easy, and comfortable for the buyer: the ultimate, modern retail combination. These online retailers are using pop-up shops as a way to compete with already established retail locations. Businesses are coming to the customer versus waiting for the customer to come to them. Using these analytics, they are able to pinpoint places of interest to their frequent consumers. There are also bloggers and new media techniques playing a key role in this. Social media allows potential consumers to see designers’ collections months in advance, but who really wants to wait to buy that musthave item? Avoiding the three-to-six month delay, this has caused designers to alter their previous business models to

A common goal is to have customers want to come into a store, since it is clearly not a need at this point in modern society. Malls used to represent a place to relax, socialize and of course, shop. To captivate the attention of the contemporary shopper, brickand-mortar stores are adapting their ways to create an enriched experience. Many malls are attempting to turn a shopping trip into a whole day affair by offering restaurants, spas and movie theaters to capture the customer’s full attention. An Infosys study showed that 78 percent of consumers are more likely to return back to a store if they receive targeted, personalized offers. The emphasis on customer relations is what is pushing this shopping generation to the next level. “Change in consumer buying patterns is having a transformative effect on current retail business models and new formats are emerging, although the essence of the retail business remains the same. Retail is the exchange of goods and services for money, with the customer in charge more than ever before,” says Marjorie Wachowiak, professor at The Fashion School and industry veteran. The use of business analytics allows personalized retailing to better satisfy the customer’s needs much more efficiently and caringly than in the past. Targeted marketing comes into play here by offering consumers special coupons, promotions and VIP clubs, which increase the store’s foot traffic

Forecasting methods are also improving to more accurately depict what each store location needs in terms of selection, color, size and so on. The use of eye catching displays and fixtures throughout the store exemplifies what the customer can gain from shopping at that particular store. Store planners must take into consideration what that particular demographic is looking for when entering the store: certain locations require more “trend items” or larger array of sizes. This all boils down to understanding the customer, because shopping is ultimately about them. Technology may be causing madness within the retail industry, but in the end, it only results in benefits to the consumers. Get your wallets ready for a whole new shopping experience.



Marissa Nichol

Unethically Chic: The Downfall of Fast Fashion

How many times have you purchased a piece of clothing for a super cheap deal at a store like Forever 21 or H&M? How often do customers step into stores filled with shirts and pants piled on top of each other to get more for their money? It turns out that the fast fashion trend that has become a savior for low budget shoppers with a keen eye for new styles is actually a deathtrap for the environment and humanity. Although there are a number of organizations striving to overpower the rise of unsustainable prominent brands, there are big corporations taking the lead.


Fashion // A Magazine 2017

THE SWEATSHOPS The unsustainability of the fashion industry doesn’t just have to do with clothes, but with those who make them. Workers are stripped of their human rights and encounter harsh physical labor every day, all over the world. Disney may be the happiest place on earth, but its factories face unethical actions. The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights investigated the company’s factory in Bangladesh to find that workers are beaten, imprisoned for asking to be paid on time, and are forced to share a hut with three other people. The $169.3 billion company, determined by, was also found to only pay its sewer sweatshop workers a total of $5.28, adding up to the miniscule average of $274.56 in an entire year. These incidents may seem foreign but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. People of all ages and genders are forced to work in sweatshops around the world, including children. The number of hours of child labor in the world featured on is currently over 30 billion and rapidly rising. Tomorrow that imperceptible number will only be higher. It is interesting to think about those in America who choose not to eat meat in sight of the unfair treatment of animals but will wear a shirt manufactured by a child deprived of their human rights. “We want the latest and greatest trend even if we don’t particularly like it. If we buy clothing that is inexpensive, where does the discount come from? It comes from workers who get paid next to nothing in unsafe working conditions,” said Noël PalomoLovinski, a former New York fashion designer and associate fashion professor at Kent State currently doing research for a Sustainable Fashion Research Consortium. DISPOSABLE FASHION Whether consumers are fashion forward or not there are still over two billion of them around the world pouring money into the fashion industry, according to Companies manufacturing harmful products started the unsustainable issue but consumers are keeping it alive.

After purchasing cheaply produced apparel to only wear a few times, what does one do with an unwanted piece of worn out clothing? According to, 14 million tons of those neglected items are mindlessly tossed in the trash, ending up in an incinerator or landfill. Even when clothes are donated to thrift stores like Goodwill, 70 percent of them are usually just discarded anyways. Palomo-Lovinski said that dyed fabrics in the thrown away clothes can be extremely toxic to the water systems and soil, like polyester and nylon. “In the landfill, the chemicals that were used in your clothing seep into the soil and water system. They never go away,” she said. So, what’s the big deal? Why does that matter? It’s places like the Aral Sea that become a victim to the detrimental water usage of the fashion industry. As the sixth leading producer of cotton, its water level has dropped 10 percent in the last 50 years, according to THE SOLUTION No matter how severe the conditions get, money rules the world, and the money being put into big businesses will control what happens in the future. Ways to contribute to the fashion industry growing to be more sustainable each day is to shop small businesses and brands that ethically support the environment. Brands like American Apparel, Nordstrom, Patagonia and Lush, where they even include a picture of who made each product, are where consumers’ dollars will be well spent. “I would recommend looking at organizations such as Sustainable Apparel Coalition, GOTS or Blue Sign. There are regulatory bodies that are trying to help the fashion industry make the transition to holistic sustainable practices,” said Palomo-Lovinski. Searching for environmentally-friendly brands on the internet is a fun way consumers can mindfully spice up their closet and create a unique style. Sometimes shopping ethical brands can get a bit pricey,

so another option for shoppers on a tight budget is to purchase clothes at thrift stores, preventing more clothes from being thrown away. Palomo-Lovinski encourages customers to stop and think about how much they love an item before buying it. It is time to wake up and realize the importance of being environmentally conscious rather than running that possibility into the ground.


Pillow Talk

PILLOW TALK Hold onto your hats, we’re talking about sex.


Culture // A Magazine


Hallie Saculla

RESOURCES FOR SUCCESS According to the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, sexuality education is a “lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs and values. It encompasses sexual development, sexual and reproductive health, interpersonal relationships, affection, intimacy, body image and gender roles.”

This little three letter word has become a taboo topic in today’s society, often making others blush or chuckle when brought up. While we’ve come a long way from having an exchange similar to Mean Girls, you know, “don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die,” there are still points about sex that make some furrow their brows and tilt their head. Maybe our sixth grade sex-ed class wasn’t comprehensive enough, or maybe we were too focused on picking out our new Myspace song to care about the human anatomy, but either way, times have changed, and we need to get some things straight.

At Kent State, students are fortunate to have an abundance of resources and trusted professionals to aid them in their exploration of sex into college years. From the Women’s Center to the 24-Hour Nurse Call Line, Kent State strives to provide an open, judgment free space for students to feel comfortable discussing sex. Sierra Baker, a health educator at Kent State University’s Health Services’ Office of Health Promotion, believes comprehensive sexuality education in schools is a “must.” “We know that fear based teaching does not work in the long term; this has been backed up by research time and time again. We are all sexual beings, and I believe it is our duty to provide evidence informed, medically accurate and age appropriate programs to our students,” said Baker. One of the most common themes taught in sexuality education courses is pregnancy prevention. Schools often preach abstinence and the negative outcomes of sex and dismiss other forms of prevention due to funding. In fact, the federal government has dedicated funding for abstinence-only programs for 33 years, and it has never

provided money for comprehensive sexuality education. Research gathered from reveals states teaching abstinence-only have higher teen pregnancy rates than those that have a comprehensive sexuality education. This causes sexuality education to police adolescents instead of allowing them to explore knowledgeably. Sexuality education in public schools often teach the use of a condom regarding safe sex, and stop there. In reality, the numerous amount of contraceptive methods cover vast needs, preferences and sexual partnership, whether it be a hetero or homosexual couple. Barrier methods include a male and female condom, which is usable once and will protect against STDs, and spermicide, a foam, cream, jelly or film that kills sperm, but will not protect against STDs. On the contrary, hormonal methods are drugs that provide hormones to combat pregnancy, including the oral contraceptive pill, patch, vaginal ring, shot or injection. Other methods include the morning after pill, implanted devices and sterilization. When choosing the right contraceptive method for you, it is important to consider your health, sexuality, need of STD protection and wish to have children. IN MODERATION While sex is an inevitable biological act, it is important to regulate your activity by getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases, whether you had oral, vaginal or anal sex. Dr. Jennifer A. D’Abreau, interim chief University physician, suggests getting


Pillow Talk

tested “whenever you may have a worry.” On the other hand, D’Abreau encourages students to initiate conversations about sexual health with their medical provider “each and every time they meet” to monitor for changes.

1,500,000 + More than 1.5 million cases of chlamydia were reported in 2015. Getting tested for STDs is an essential, continual necessity for having a healthy sex life.

“Sometimes I think the students get upset when we [medical providers] ask, but I feel we should always be opening that door and letting them know that this is a safe place to talk,” said D’Abreau. In Kent, students are able to utilize University Health Services to get tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis A, B, and C and HIV whenever they have a concern. D’Abreau encourages students to policy and to come to their scheduled appointment at UHS with an idea of what they would like to be tested for. SEXUAL VIOLENCE + CONSENT

KENT RESOURCES Kent State University Health Services 1500 Eastway Dr, Kent, OH (330) 672-2322 Planned Parenthood Kent Health Center 138 E Main Street, Kent, OH (330) 678-8011 Town Hall II 155 N Water St, Kent, OH (330) 678-3006 Kent City Health Department 414 E Main St, Kent, OH (330) 678-8109

While sex should be an enjoyable activity of protection and consent, sexual violence is unfortunately too common. According the the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in five women, and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college. Of these incidents, over 90 percent of victims do not report the assault. Sexual violence is identified as any unwanted, forced or coerced sexual contact that happens without consent, including acquaintance rape, stranger rape, attempted rape, forced sexual touching and sexual harassment. While there are ways to reduce the risk of sexual violence, Baker says there is no way to prevent it from happening. Some tactics to minimize a chance of sexual violence are sticking with friends at parties, keeping an eye on your drink at all times, knowing your alcohol limit, sharing your location on your phone with someone not at the party and trusting your gut to leave if you feel you’re in a bad situation. So, what does consent actually mean? Defined, consent allows both partners to know and understand what is happening, and a clear “yes” has been given for sexual activity. The process of consent is continu-

ous, as one partner has the right to be respected if they change their mind after the sexual activity has started. While “yes” means “yes,” and “no” means “no,” silence does not mean “yes,” especially if the other person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and incapable of making decisions. It is imperative for individuals to understand that just because someone has given their consent in the past does not mean they are giving it for the future. “Affirmative consent allows partners to feel safe together, creates a culture of respect and lets both partners feel empowered,” said Baker. Straight men often get stereotyped as uninterested when it comes to practicing safe sex. However, men involved in a heterosexual relationship should be just as educated on having a safe and healthy sex life as their female partner. D’Abreau feels students take in sexuality education from schools under a “need to know” basis, meaning a 21-year-old might not remember the education they received at 12, because they were not worried about sex at the age of 12. Whatever the case may be, D’Abreau feels there should be no difference between the sexual concerns of men and women. The truth is, body shapes differ, preferences vary and your first time sure isn’t going to be as romantic and sensational as movies portray. What we can all agree on is the importance of protection, consent and knowledge. It’s important to recognize that what you “learned” in health class in 2006 might not have given you all the information you need to be a sexually healthy adult. Stay educated, voice concerns and act mindfully.


Comfort Food, Close to Home

Comfort Food, Close to Home Let me guess. You saw the word comfort food? And now you’re hungry as if you just finished hibernating after finals week. No shade honey, we all understand. Sometimes you just want to throw on your comfy clothes (the ones that hide the food baby that make you look like you’re in the third trimester), and eat something horribly greasy for you. You are allowed. When you’re done reading this article, I advise every one of you readers to get off your lazy booty and go try these incredible local food places. We picked the top places in the Kent area that are best for that comfort food you oh-so desperately need after a long day of classes, homework or just life.


Betsy Garwood


Alyse Nelson Jacqueline Wammes

Culture // A Magazine 2017



Comfort Food, Close to Home

Twisted Meltz The first stop on our tour is Twisted Meltz located on East Main Street in Kent’s Acorn Alley. This sandwich shop is so sensational that each sandwich is named after someone who attended Kent State University. Who knew Steve Harvey was a KSU alum? Make sure to use that when you go on Jeopardy. Twisted Meltz is fairly new, opening in January 2014. They even offer gluten free and vegan options; you’ve got to love comfort food that’s versatile. Twisted Meltz has a specialty sandwich they love to make that you will strangely love as well; it is called Gary Pinkle. This sandwich sounds crazy weird, but it is actually crazy good. Gary Pinkle is a pepperoni pizza grilled cheese with mozzarella and provolone. This beauty is sprinkled with parmesan, and then you get to choose three veggie toppings. Who wouldn’t want grilled cheese AND pizza in one sandwich? You can’t even answer that.

Wild Goats

Alyse Nelson

Our second stop on this mouth watering tour is Wild Goats Cafe. You can find this secret place over the bridge. Yes, people actually cross the bridge; there is civilization over there, too! Wild Goats Cafe is perfect for a burger, fries and milkshake. They’re popular for breakfast, so why not get all three to cure those hangover blues? Nothing is stopping you. Oh, and did we mention 42 percent off Fridays? SOS this is not a drill... I repeat, not a drill. After 3 p.m., you can get 42 percent off of your meal on Fridays.

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Comfort Food, Close to Home


Culture // A Magazine 2017

Why 42 percent you might be thinking? Well, we asked them, and they said 50 percent off would be too crazy because they’ve got bills to pay, and Douglas Adams, a philosopher, said the number 42 was the key to life. That means now you have to get a burger and breakfast after a night out.

Taco Tantos On our third stop, we wanted to spice things up a little bit, if you know what we mean. Get your mind out of the gutter and put a Taco Tanto’s burrito in your mouth already. Somedays you just want to grab a bite to eat but not feel too bad about

yourself. You know how it goes, you sit and justify why one thing on the menu might be better for you than another. Well, the sweet potato burrito is vegetarian, so it’s kind of healthy, right? This sweet potato burrito comes with mashed sweet potato with coriander, sauteed onions, black beans, cheese and lettuce. So, like, you’re going to get full, but it’s a bunch of veggies, right? Yeah, whatever, just grab a side of chips with their cheese sauce and call it a day.

Mike's Place The fourth stop on our comfort food tour is Mike’s Place on South Water Street in Kent.

We are not joking when we say Mike’s Place is the Forever 21 of restaurants. The menu is so jam-packed that the smartest thing to do is have everyone at the table order something different so you can all pick at each others’ orders. Their unique, curated design aesthetic inside the restaurant may be even more crazy than their menu. If you ever want a mac and cheese burger, bacon egg roll or Reese's Peanut Butter pancake, you know where to find it.

Alyse Nelson

Wild Goats Cont.


Comfort Food, Close to Home

Peace, Love, Little Donuts Now, this pick is for those who have a sweet tooth. Our fifth stop on the Comfort Food Tour is the famous “Peace, Love, Little Donuts.” This new donut shop can be found on East Erie Street in downtown Kent. To cover a little bit about their background, this holy grail launched in 2009 and opened their first donut shop in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. The atmosphere is just great, no matter which location you go to. One untraditional donut that is fun to dare someone to try is their strangely satisfying maple bacon donut. Think of myself as your personal guinea pig testing out this crazy donut. It is unusually good and definitely not the first donut someone would pick, but it seems to be a big hit. Believe it or not, it’s referred to it as “bacon dipped in maple syrup.” Hm, never would have thought of that. You’re welcome for such a philosophical reference. ROADTRIP!

Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes Kelsey’s Cake is a little more of a drive, but it’s well worth it. This pick is in Avon Lake, Ohio. Any money, I bet I got your attention at the mention of cake. I mean, who hates cake? I don’t know, maybe someone who hates baby kittens. That’s besides the point, because no one can hate these cupcakes! The owner, Kelsey Elizabeth, puts her heart and soul into these creations. Well, not literally her heart and

soul, I mean, that would NOT

Jacqueline Wammes

Culture // A Magainze 2017

go good with homemade buttercream frosting. If you ever need a little motivation to head over to Kelsey’s Cakes, check out their Instagram, @KelseyElizabethCakes; it will make you drool and want to get married and have 500 cakes at your wedding. One of Kelsey’s favorites is the Salted Caramel flavor. She of course home makes her caramel buttercream, sprinkles it with sea salt, and then tops it off with a heavenly vanilla buttercream.

A Magazine is not trying to make the city of Kent, Ohio obese. We are simply making sure all you hard working, scholarly students get your good fix of greasy food. Treat yourself after that exam that completely screwed you over. I mean, did it at least take you out to dinner first? If the answer is no, you gotta take yourself to your favorite place listed above for your hunger needs.

Special thanks to Twisted MELTZ, Wild Goats Cafe, Taco Tantos, Mike's Place, Peace, Love, Little Donuts, and Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes.



Primary Level of Content


Szalay Miller


Benjamin Bartling Alex Ledet

With very little individuality left in our world, society has turned to mass producing goods instead of focusing on individualized, original products. However, as of late, there has been a shift back towards artisan work, or the work of “makers.� These makers are able to produce original garments, paintings, metalworks and leather goods- skills that are being lost due to mass production. Recognizing those whose originality far surpasses anything on the shelves of a department store is exactly the inspiration this world needs.


Secondary Level of Content

or Senior Audrey Rothers, carefully cultivating skills at a young age would stand as a foundation for her evolution into the talented designer she is today. Rothers’ fierce relationship with fashion was brooding before Rothers even knew it herself.

“For me, my brain is constantly going a million miles a minute, and there are times when I have to grab a pencil immediately and sketch things down, so a lot of my inspiration comes from my own head,” says Rothers. “Once a month or so, I’ll have an intense goosebumps moment where I feel so incredibly grateShe began sketching at the mere ful and excited that this is the age of six, and throughout the path that I’ve chose for my life.” years, her passion still resonates wholly. It was not until her seOne of Rothers’ favorite designs nior year of high school Rothis a powder blue jumpsuit with er’s even toyed with the idea of a draped bodice and pleated majoring in fashion. shoulder detail that she designed in Florence, Italy. The Rothers has plans to have her garments Rothers’ sets out to designs sold at the newly design are feminine, as she opened boutique, WE ARE wants them to evoke confiSINCERELY YOURS. This dence and purpose. boutique is owned by a friend of Rothers and is located near It is a maker’s ability that to her hometown, Kansas City, bring out these emotions that Missouri. This boutique offers a are so awe-inspiring. Rothers’ selection of handmade jewelry aims to use her talent to impact and one of a kind designs for people’s lives daily. you to explore at All of Rothers’ designs and garments are the product of her non-stop mind.

Audrey Rothers

Alex Ledet


Local Inspiration


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Shelby Solomon

Solomon’s talent of pairing unlikely materials allow her art to radiate a vibe all of her own; she describes her art “as introspective, nostalgic, and narcissistic.” Each piece Solomon creates is meant to push boundaries and revolutionize traditional process to create something unexpected.

With each piece Solomon creates, she leaves the viewer to decide its vibe and interpretation though she aims to create pieces that people can identify with. “Much of my work is personal,” says Solomon. “Knowing that others can connect to the feeling and meaning I put into it makes it worthwhile. I think the best compliment I could receive is to know that it [her work] has been understood and related to.” Solomon doesn’t only express her art as a metalsmith, she also creates complex and sophisticated screenprints.

Printmaking not only gives Solomon another creative outlet, but it allows her to experiment with more materials and techniques. You can check out these techniques come to life on Etsy. under SJSpress where Solomon sells her screenprints. Solomon can continue to push boundaries thanks to the never ending inspiration she finds around her. “I can’t go a day without seeing a color scheme that I would like to utilize or hear something that triggers a concept for a new piece,” says Solomon.

Benjamin Bartling

ometimes it takes a particular situation to help spark our creative minds. For Senior Shelby Solomon, it was a sophomore year jewelry class responsible for her metal work. Solomon wasn’t expecting anything out of the class, but after learning the different techniques, she was lead to experiment with metal as a medium.


Local Inspiration

FOUNT Jackie & Philip Wachter

n this world driven by fast fashion, a company where quality is paramount emerged to produce beautiful, classic leather goods with a purpose.

Benjamin Bartling

Jackie and Phillip founded FOUNT after they decided to hand-make Christmas gifts for each other, and the company has been a whirlwind ever since. FOUNT makes each handbag in a studio a short distance from their storefront in the Gordon Square Arts District in Cleveland, Ohio. The bags are sewn in house by over 20 employees, some of whom are Kent State alumni. While the bags are being sewn, the straps are hand-dyed, edge painted and punched. This process has come a long way with the help of machinery like the clicker press, a cookie cutter for leather and the addition of a strap dyer. All of FOUNT’s products are cut from the highest-grade full-aniline leather they have imported from a ninth-

generation tannery in Florence, Italy. Full-aniline leather is free of top-coat, which means these bags can be conditioned and last generation after generation. Each of FOUNT’s bags comes encased in a duster bag, which were originally being sewn by the same company Burberry, an English high-end fashion house, was using. Jackie and Phillip decided they would rather employ women from the Akron Refugee Agency. These women are not only employed by an established, recognized brand, but are also given an environment to socialize and strengthen their English skills. Even with their plans to expand across the state and country, FOUNT owner's Jackie and Phillip want to keep their mission statement clear, and that they're providing quality ethical products direct to consumers.


Culture // A Magazine

“As an artist, I am constantly looking, constantly seeing beauty in ordinary things,” says Oriti. Oriti uses different angles for his paintings, often focusing in on specific details like tattoos or facial expressions. Derived from his working class background, all of Oriti’s subjects are easy to relate to because they are the people we pass on our way to class or out at a bar. “Their stories and their toughness and resiliency continue to inspire me not just as an artist, but as a person,” says Oriti. “The paintings reference this working class background in the way that they are createdthrough love, honesty, care and hundreds of hours of work.” Oriti’s favorite piece, “I’d Rather Sink…”, along with his other

Frank Oriti

works get continual praise because of the way people are able to connect with the subjects and how they relate to our generation. The young woman in “I’d Rather Sink..” is a bleach blonde rocker chick with her arms and chest covered in tattoos. The viewer can feel the confidence radiating from the young woman by the way Oriti depicted her strong glare. He hopes his paintings will impact people by inspiring them to find and follow their passions. Oriti doesn’t take his ability to pursue his passion for granted, though he is always trying to create challenges for himself. “I think that is how you become better at whatever your craft is: by challenging yourself - creating problems and learning how to fix them,” says Oriti.

Alex Ledet

ike most artists, Cleveland native Frank Oriti can’t seem to go anywhere without finding inspiration. He uses this inspiration to make breathtakingly realistic oil paintings.

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