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ost Less Pest The low cost leader in pest control

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per Month


plus low initial service fee.

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ith 30 years of expierence and rock bottom prices, Cost Less Pest protects your home and your wallet! Serving the greater Sacramento, Central Valley, and East & South Bay areas.

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Whether it’s roaches, rats, or ants you can trust us to take care of the problem without the fuss. Our maintenance packages help you stay on top of any future problems.

866-PEST IQ7 866-737-8477

Cost Less Pest uses organic pest control practices whenever possible, so you can be green and worryfree. Call today to make an appointment: 866-PEST IQ7 or 866-737-8477.

• Ants • Roaches • Wasps • Silverfish • Spiders • Plus More!




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“I’ve had a black widow problem for years. After I signed up for Cost Less Pest’s yearly service, I haven’t seen any spiders. It’s such a relief!” —Steve, Roseville

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<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< “Cost Less Pest made my summer barbeque fly-free.” —Gary, Citrus Heights “I have a teen, a toddler, and two dogs, so I was happy to find out about Cost Less Pest’s organic pest control. And their prices are incredibly low! I have no worries with Cost Less Pest in charge of keeping bugs out of my house.” —Tracy, Citrus Heights “I was low on cash when I noticed I had an ant problem. Cost Less Pest was by far the cheapest. Plus, they used organic pesticides.” —Wendy, Roseville

Call today to make an appointment for the best deal out there:

866-PEST IQ7 866-737-8477

The low cost leader in pest control

“Because money doesn’t grow on trees, we don’t expect our customers to pay anything but the most reasonable price.” - Tom, Owner and Operator

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Save Green and Be Green When you are plagued by Protect Your Home

pests and don’t have time or money to spare, then give Cost Less Pest a call. It’ll be the smartest thing you’ve done today!

A Pest Control Revolution Cost Less Pest is the low cost leader in pest control, because we are always looking for ways to improve the way we do business in order to give you the best deal. Our innovations in management techniques allow us to offer you rates 50% below industry standards. All staff are trained, certified, and licensed to get rid of your pesty problems quickly, efficiently, and without the headaches.

and Your Wallet

Cost Less Pest provides you with the most bang for your buck. We understand that low cost solutions to all your problems are a must. That’s why we offer the best products and services for the most reasonable price. Because we want to make pest control affordable for everyone, payment plans are available to make it that much easier on your budget.

Solutions that Stick Are pests sticking around no matter what you try? Well, that won’t be the case when you use Cost Less Pest. Whether it’s roaches, rats, or ants you can trust us to take care of the problem without fuss. And with our maintenance packages you can stay on top of any other problems that may arise in the future.

Cost Less Pest is your green solution for pest control. You don’t have to worry about your children or pets being affected by harsh chemicals. We make pest control as least intrusive as possible, so you can continue on with your life without any added disturbance.

Call today to make an appointment, and see how easy pest control is supposed to be!

866-PEST IQ 7 866-737-8477


A Clear Choice Now that you’ve had the opportunity to

read about GeneCo, it’s an easy decision to join our team. There are three ways to apply:

Unravel the Possibilities

1. By Computer Go online to to find out what jobs are available and fill out the form online. 2. By Fax Fax your resume and cover letter to 457.770.5000


3. By Mail Send your resume and cover letter to: GeneCo Applications 741 GeneCo Ln. Palo Alto, CA 94377 In your cover letter tell us what team you would like to join (research, marketing, programming, business management, or technical writing), a bit about yourself, why you think GeneCo is a good fit for you,

“Hope to hear from you soon!” -Dr. Jim Phan

A History Dr. Jay Phan, founder

A Community GeneCo has been voted one of the top ten places to work in the Bay Area By the Bay Times. We take care of not only our employees, but also our community. Our employees are involved individually and as a team in fundraising and volunteering activities such as the Palo Alto After School Program, the AIDS walk, the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, Helping Hands, and the American Science Fair Foundation. “When I first started working for GeneCo, I had never volunteered before,” says Edene Tran, Research Team, “but it was so easy to get involved when everyone around here is passionate about helping people. I mean, that’s what our research is about after all.”

of GeneCo, was born in Taiwan and traveled to the U.S. to study genetics and human biology at Cornell University. He graduated kum laude from his doctorate program at Stanford University. Soon after, he found work nearby at a top Genetics Research Company, but realized after 1 year that he needed to carve his own path in order to do the kind of research that mattered to him, developmental genetics. So he founded GeneCo in 2001 in Palo Alto to help his dreams come true.

A Winning Team

An Opportunity

Since then, GeneCo has been awarded

the Jean Spitzer Award for Scientific Discovery, for manipulating chemical processes during stem cell growth, the Gray Autrey Prize for Biological Education, for their volunteerism in Palo Alto’s after school program for misguided youth, and Recognition at the International Halbury Convention, for their political activism in promoting stem cell research.

Right now, GeneCo is still a small







company with only 50 employees. As you can see by the Curent Employee Diversity graph, GeneCo needs Current Employee Diversity your help in expanding the diversity of its staff and furthering its success with your unique talents. GeneCo is recruiting full-time and parttime positions in all of its departments: Men Women Caucasian API Other research, marketing, programming, business management, and technical writing.

A Family We are a family here at GeneCo and we understand and respect family values. We are flexible with schedules, and some of our staff can even work from home. We offer free daycare onsite, and have a policy against late nights, “I have made more mistakes at three in the morning than I can count,” says Dr. Phan, “and I don’t allow my staff to make those late night mistakes we all end up regretting in the morning.”

An Environment GeneCo has state of the art equipment

and plenty of room for it on its huge 10 acre lot. “You can’t be boxed in in a place that expects you to think outside the box,” says Bill Hieser, Technical Writing Manager, of GeneCo’s open floor policy, “So, no cubicles or skyscrapers here.” Instead, GeneCo’s offices are laid out to take advantage of the beautiful weather in Palo Alto. Three main buildings, two with an indoor-outdoor layout, surround a Zen Garden-inspired courtyard where GeneCo hosts its summer barbeques, special events, and celebrations.

A Short Commute We are conveniently located less than

an hour away from San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Fremont and the Tri-Valley. Gas rebates are offered to our staff that carpool and/or travel further than 45 miles from home.


Do you feel

disconnected from your audience or other artists? Do you think you are clueless as to what is happening in the art scene right now? Or do you need to just get out there? Then weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re here to help. Art & Entertainment Connect is the one-stop spot for all your arts and entertainment needs. You can connect, stay up-to-date with all things art happening in your community and beyond, see and hear the latest trends, and be inspired. Visit us at A& where you can post your work, meet other local artists your age and at your level, read reviews, and find events.

Art & Entertainment Connect



eing a young artist is hard. Everyone keeps telling you to get involved, but no one shows you how. A&EC is a great place to start. We’ve got everything here. You may think that A&EC is only a place for musicians, but we’ve got painters, poets, photographers, sculptures, fiction writers and now we have a place for dancers, playwrights, directors, screenwriters, and actors. Basically, if you’re expressing yourself creatively you need to visit this site. And if you don’t find a forum that suits what you’re doing or interested in, then create one!

new expansion A&EC used to just be a Bay Area thing, but now users can get connected with the art scenes in New York and Los Angeles. Now that A&EC has gone national now you can, too! Each month A&EC spotlights an upand-coming artist. You get to do an online installation where you’ll work with A&EC to design the look of the homepage where you and your art will be featured. You’ll also receive an interview by a top A&EC exec. Online installations are offered at all four sites: the San Francisco site A&EC/, the New York site A&EC/, the Los Angeles site A&EC/, and the national site A&

or search for mp3’s of musicians, bands, actors, and poets, video of shorts, dancers, and other performances, or images of our plethora of visual artwork.

online installation Now that A&EC has gone national you can, too! A&EC is so excited about this new oppurtunity they are even going to have a blow out month in August where each week a new artist will be showing their installation on the national site. Submissions for the blow out will be accepted until June 1st.

comprehensive calendar Hate trying to remember events posted on billboards or keep losing fliers to that awesome show? Don’t worry, A&EC puts it all together for you in one spot. We’ve got all the local happenings posted on our amazingly large calendar. A&EC can send you email reminders of events you are interested in and give you suggestions of other artists to look out for. And for just ten bucks you can have your event included! With our following of millions that’s practically free advertising.

new features A&EC offers great new features for their new contributors. A search engine has been included where users can search for videos, images, and mp3’s by artist name, title, genre, or related descriptions. Contributors will be able to watch, post

A&EC users have 3 ways to post their art online: forums, spotlighting, and online installations. Anyone is eligible to post his or her work in the forum. The forum is a space found in every section of A&EC where artists are able to display one piece of work which may be commented on by other members. Spotlighting is a space dedicated to a handful of artists in each section of the magazine. Artist’s work will be posted along with a review by A&EC staff. A&EC gives young artists a great opportunity to show the world who they are through the unique medium of an online installation. An online installation is when an artist/group of artists are able to take over the A& homepage and redesign it to their liking. The artist’s work will be posted along with an interview by A&EC staff. A&EC is the starting point for many artists, like Flora and Fondle, Peter Marx, and The Raging Randalls, and it can be your starting point, too!

Success Stories Testimonials from Bridges Clients

Help for

“What I like about the Bridges program is that they treat me like an individual.”–L.L.

CCCMS, EOP, or POC clients

“At Bridges, I have learned not to focus on the negative things that I have done. Thinking about the positive things in my life has been more helpful.”–G.H. “I am truly grateful and blessed as a woman on parole to be a part of Bridges family. They have truly welcomed me with open arms and supported me and my family through my new journey home. God bless you Bridges staff! May the door open up for more of my sisters on parole.”–A.U.

Help for

CCCMS, EOP, or POC clients

Bridges Re-entry Program Giving Hope, Changing Lives

About Bridges

About Walden House

What We Do

Bridges gives you the people and tools you need to go from where you were to where you want to go. people

where you were


where you want to go

Bridges is made up of people that understand you and tools that are made just for you. Best of all, Bridges is a safe place for you to spend the day. You can find food in the mornings and afternoons. You can work with staff to plan your life after parole. You can also check in with your parole officer there.

Who We Help

Are you on parole and part of the CCCMS or EOP program? If you answered “Yes,” then you can join Bridges. Just talk to your parole officer, so they can sign you up. Are you on parole and seeing a POC clinician? If you answered “Yes,” then talk to your parole officer to find out if you can join Bridges.

Mission Statement

The mission of Walden House is to give hope and change lives for people affected by substance abuse and mental health conditions. We do this by offering behavioral health services and tools for living to youth, adults, and families throughout California. These services aim to relieve the burden of societal problems by promoting wellness, healthy relationships, productive living, and community involvement. Walden House is guided by a belief in the transformative power of community and the agency’s values include respect, compassion, caring, and safety for all participants; social responsibility and dedication to equality and justice; the embracing of differences; and commitment to creativity and innovation. Our clients are those with the fewest material resources and the longest road to recovery. In our clients, we see great strengths and possibilities; with the right support, they can move from being the takers of things to the makers of things. For 40 years, Walden House has been giving hope and changing lives. Now the Bridges program, one of the latest additions to the Walden House family, is challenged to do the same for CCCMS, EOC, and POC clients re-entering society.

More Info for Your PO You can also show your parole officer this brochure. This section explains how Bridges can help them, too.

How Bridges Helps a PO

By helping these parolees, Bridges makes your job easier: •  Acts as a Daily Reporting Center (DRC) •  Close to you and POC •  Can verify daily attendance •  Can provide an office at at our 15th and Mission location for visits, case notes, collateral contacts, housing referrals, benefits referrals, and payee services

How Bridges Aligns with Your Goals

It is the goal of Bridges to stop the revolving door of reincarceration many parolees experience. Without help during the transition phase, many parolees are unable to adapt back into their community. Bridges gives its participants support and assistance while they are in the critical transition period.

How We Help

At Bridges you can find help for basic needs: •  Food •  Housing •  Health Care •  Clothing •  Hygiene •  Discount Transit Bridges also has special programs: •  Mental Health Treatment •  Substance Abuse Treatment •  Peer Support Groups •  Life Skills Education •  Computer Lab The Bridges staff will do their best to solve any other problems you have.

Joining Bridges If you are interested in joining the Bridges program, follow these 3 easy steps:

Sign Up Process Bridges

Step 1:

Call your parole officer, or talk to them face to face the next time you meet.

Step 2:


Tell your parole officer you want to join Bridges.

Who Your PO Should Call Step 3:

After you have completed Steps 1 & 2, give your parole officer the following contact information: Bridges Clinical Manager: Lee Hewitt, LCSW (415) 798-4661 Bridges Program Director: Ryan Berman, Psy.D. (415) 637-1531 Walden House: (415) 970-7500


T he Br i dg e

Building Bridges,Seizing Oppurtunity

Russel Kahn Honored by Teresa Washburn

It was just a year ago we were hoping and praying for a miracle. Russell Kahn, our STC Chapter President and long-time STC member, Professor of SUNYIT, was fighting for his life in a Syracuse hospital after a devastating car accident.

professional concern that the best teachers extend to their students beyond the demands of the classroom and beyond even graduation as former students continue to grow throughout their professional careers. To be eligible for the award, a nominee must have been a member of the Society for Technical Communication for ten years and must have been involved in post-secondary education for at least fifteen years.

A year later we find ourselves celebrating the recognition of Dr. Kahn Dr. Kahn with Stephanie Wisley, being now editor at SUNY Press honored Russ Kahn has with the Jay been involved in R. Gould Award for Excellence in STC for many years. His involvement Teaching. Each year STC honors three dates back to his California days, faculty worldwide with this lifetime where he was an active member of achievement award. This award will the East Bay chapter. Russ Kahn be presented to Dr. Kahn at the 51st began his SUNYIT career at the Annual International STC Conference inception of the Professional and being held May 11th in Baltimore, MD. Technical Communication program 15 years ago. Dr. Kahn has been The Jay R. Gould Award for the Director of the Pro-Tech Comm excellence in teaching technical program for six years, and he is communication honors the currently Chair of Communication, distinguished teaching career a position he has held for the past of Professor Gould, whose five years. Dr. Kahn is also the academic mentorship of technical Director of the Information Design communication students guided many and Technology Graduate program. men and women into the profession. Dr. Kahn has guided hundreds of The award honors excellence in students through their studies, and teaching that becomes true academic has served as professional advisor, mentorship: the personal and mentor, and confidant.

Central NY STC Chapter

STC’s 51st Annual Conference Baltimore, Maryland, May 9-12, 2004

STC’s annual conference is the

world’s largest gathering of technical communicators. Among the many highlights of the conference are educational sessions, workshops, vendor exhibits, and displays of the winning entries of the Society’s international competitions. Technical communication professionals also benefit from numerous networking opportunities and employment resources. For more information, please visit:

Sponsor’s Corner The director-sponsor is a member of the board of the Society, elected by all the members in one region. The director-sponsor acts as a liaison between the members in the region and the Society, and as a mentor and coach for chapter leaders. We are in Region 1 and Jon Baker, senior member in the Boston Chapter, is our director-sponsor. You may contact Jon at:

Inside... Editor’s Message...2 Why Attend Spectrum?...2 Bridging Oppurtunities...2-4 Branded If You Do, Branded If You Don’t...3 Book Review: Adobe Photoshop 7.0...3 Member Spotlight: Veronika Freeman...4 1

The Bridge STC CNY Chapter Officers President Roberta J. Alderman Vice President Veronika Freeman Secretary Andrej Melling Treasurer Russell Kahn Program Manager Tim Voorhies voorheis@a-znet PrintQueue Editor Roberta J. Alderman PrintQueue Copy Editor Teresa Washburn Employment Manager Teresa Washburn Webmaster Blake Pitcher CNY STC Web site: Society for Technical Communication 901 N. Stuart Street, Arlington, VA 22203-1822. 703-522-4114.

Editor’s Message In this issue of PrintQueue we honor one

of our own, Russ Kahn, for winning the Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching. His contribution to teaching technical communication has touched many lives and helped to make many writers better. Do not forget to read the Member Spotlight article. Veronika Freeman, Vice President of the CNY Chapter of STC, shares with us how she created dotcalm, a successful business. Roberta J. Alderman

Also included in this issue is an article about branding, a book review, and networking information. Read Bill Annios’ presentation on “Branded If You Do, Branded If You Don’t” to learn how branding affects technical communicators. Branding is an important issue for technical communicators to consider when writing documentation for companies. Read the book review about Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book, the official training workbook from Adobe Systems, Inc. It is a must have for your reference library. If you are looking for networking information make sure you review page 6 of PrintQueue for information about upcoming meetings in Central New York and the surrounding region. Enjoy the March/April issue The Bridge! Roberta J. Alderman Editor of The Bridge

Bridging Education Oppurtunities

Why Attend Spectrum? By Roberta J. Alderman

I have been a member of STC since

I was a student at SUNYIT. Russ Kahn, my college advisor, introduced me to the benefits of networking and suggested that I attend conferences. I took his advice and attended the Rochester Chapter STC annual spectrum conference. As a result, I found my first job in the Syracuse area from meeting a recruiter at the spectrum conference. Over the years, I have found other benefits from attending spectrum. There are workshops, networking opportunities and peer support. I have seen demos of the latest software for the technical communication field. I learned about single sourcing, how to manage projects and acquired other skills too numerous to mention. I have had the opportunity to view my peers’ documentation and purchase technical books at a discount. One year I won a complete version of the Doc to Help software. I would say the most important benefit from attending the conference is the friendships made with other technical communicators. Every year I attend the conference I come home with more skills and new friendships, which provide me with support and guidance in my career as a technical communicator. You won’t regret attending spectrum, and you might even come home with a new piece of software!

STC Telephone Seminars Schedule

March 10, 2004 1-2:30 PM ET: Keywords for Indexing and Search, Presenter: Seth Maislin March 24, 2004 1-2:30 PM ET: Winning New Business: Preparing and Submitting Proposals 101B, Presenter: Judith Herr More details about the seminars are available on the STC Web site at 2

Branded If You Do, Branded If You Don’t

Book Review

Presented by Bill Annios

by Roberta Alderman

Bill’s presentation was informative

Why is branding important?

and educational. We were introduced Every organization develops a brand to what branding is not.“Branding either by plan or by accident “Branded is not advertising! Branding is if you do, branded if you don’t”... Branding.” - Bill Annios He furthered Bill Annios. A company intelligently explained that “Branding is getting controlling communications can customers to see you as the one and successfully shape favorable opinions only choice!” - Bill Annios He provided about its products. Here are some examples of how branding can create steps to a successful brand: ideals, impressions and company name recognition 1) Each employee in the consumer’s understands what the “Branding is getting mind. For example, customers to see you brand stands for. when you hear the as the one and only name Disney, you 2) Every employee choice!” expect wholesome in the organization family entertainment. understands Or when you hear how his or her actions affects the Microsoft Windows, you visualize it brand. as the only operating system software on computers, despite the fact that 3) The company communicates that there are many documented security the brand begins and ends with each flaws in the software. Branding is a and every employee. company’s reputation. Bill quoted 4) The company has one Jeremy Sampson, who said... communication strategy. “Reputation is about everything a company does, wherever and whenever it does it. It is projected by all messages emanating from that company, its associates and all of its staff. Reputation is a little like perception, it might not be true, but it is in the eye of the beholder. But building a reputation does not stop with the CEO; it is the responsibility of every staffer. And the responsibility of reputation is not something to be ghettoized in the PR department. It is all part of building a total brand experience. Reputation, trust and integrity have never been more important.”

What does this mean for Technical Communicators?

We have to design documentation with... •Brand Coherency •Consistency in visuals (packaging and layout for manuals and other types of publications, forms, proposals, CDs) • Consistency in “tone of voice” and writing style If you want to learn more about branding, visit the www.cnystc. org site and view Bill’s complete presentation.

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom

in a Book is an official training book for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 software developed by Adobe Systems. The lessons let you learn at your own pace. If you are new to Adobe Photoshop or ImageReady, you’ll learn the fundamental concepts and features you’ll need to master the programs. And if you have been using Adobe Photoshop or ImageReady for a while, you will find that Classroom in a Book teaches many advanced features, including tips and techniques for using the latest version of these applications and for preparing images for the Web. The lessons in this edition include information on using the File Browser, defining custom workspace and working with the painting engine. The lessons incorporate new commands and tools, such as the healing brush patch tool, and pattern maker. Each lesson provides step-by-step instructions for creating a project. You can follow the book from start to finish or do only the lessons that correspond to your interest and needs. Each lesson concludes with a review section summarizing what you have covered. Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book is a must have for your reference library. If you have to purchase a reference book for Photoshop 7.0 this is the one.

Bridging Job Oppurtunities Employers, please send notices of job openings to our employment manager. Members, ask our employment manager to email announcements of job openings. Visit the and sites for online job posting or articles.Contact our employment manager, Teresa Washburn, 3

Member Spotlight: Veronika Freeman by Teresa Washburn

Veronika Freeman is unemployed,

and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Unemployed, that is, from the “captive” corporate employee world. Veronika is busy running a successful business she began in February, 2003, dotcalm, which focuses on one-on-one graphic design and marketing assistance for small businesses, non-profits and individual clients. Her business strategy is “Marketing & design solutions for business & personal success… stressfree… dotcalm.” After graduating from SUNYIT’s Professional and Technical Communications program in May 2000, Veronika was employed by McQuade & Bannigan, Inc. where she was the Coordinator for Creative Marketing & Design. In this role Veronika was hoping to be creative and innovative, but found literally creating page after page of nuts and bolts spec-tables to be unsatisfying. It was when Veronika was employed by McQuade & Bannigan that she heard of Russ Kahn’s (the instructor that taught most of the classes she took at SUNYIT) serious car accident on the radio. She didn’t know whom to call, but she knew she wanted to help in any way she could. SUNYIT needed an instructor for Portfolio Review, and despite her reservations about being in front of a class, Veronika jumped at the opportunity to help. She knew how much this class meant to Russ, and

didn’t want someone unfamiliar with the Professional and Technical Communication program to teach it. Teaching the portfolio class gave Veronika both the courage and freedom to pursue something she thought was only a dream— starting her own business. That’s when dotcalm was born. Veronika is able to be analytical, creative, and detail oriented all on her own time, while still having time for her family and friends, which are paramount. She enjoys working on many different types of projects, from marketing packets for Notre Dame High School to brochures, menus, business cards and resumes for various local clients. Her latest project was designing a family cookbook, which was created via the Internet for a client in Rochester.


Veronika has been an active member of STC since January of 2000, and has been the Central NY Vice President since June of 2001. Veronika hopes to see the CNY Chapter offer more diverse meeting locations, to cater to the widespread geographic membership. She would also like to see workshops offered in addition to monthly meetings. One initiative Veronika has been working on is the new Membership

Directory. This will list the CNY chapter’s members, their contact information, and the skills they possess. It will also organize the members into “freelance” categories, which will enable employers to easily search for potential employees. Veronika stresses it’s all about networking. “The cookbook project was a direct result of be a member of the Greater Rochester Chapter of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners). I also belong to the Mohawk Valley Advertising Club and the MV Business Women’s Network.” She’ll be the first to tell you that being a member of an organization is not enough—participation is the key to successful networking. “You can pay your dues and just get the newsletter, or you can participate and learn what STC can do for you and your career.” When asked how she defines participation and its benefits she answered: “It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. It can be one workshop, one meeting, one book review for the newsletter, or even an interesting website other members might find useful. Being willing to share in an exchange of information and skills can only serve to make each member, and the organization as a whole, more credible and successful, which is one of the main goals of STC.” For more information about dotcalm, contact Veronika at dotcalm@, (315)793-2025, or visit her website at

Bridging Network Oppurtunities Rochester Chapter STC. Contact Judy Shenouda,, for information about meetings.Or visit the web site SGML/XML User Group. For locations and dates, visit


Design Documents  

These are documents I have designed using InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. With the exception of the newsletter, I also created the tex...

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