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Amadeus - Lebanon

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e-Power Consolidator

Empower your affiliates, drive your business Maximum reach with minimum investment With no installation required and automatic upgrades, Amadeus e-Power Consolidator is accessible anytime, anywhere. Your network management and expansion is further facilitated with the hierarchical administration of the agencies and the ability for agents to selfregister.

Higher revenues and more margins Looking for the right solution to develop your network and counter shrinking revenues and margins? If you also strive to provide your affiliated agencies with a quick access to the relevant fares via an intuitive interface, Amadeus e-Power Consolidator is made for you. Easy to deploy and designed to ensure control of your business performance, this solution will keep your agencies ahead of the game!

To capture travellers’ bookings and earn higher commissions, it is essential to expand your offer beyond air. With the access to aggregated GDS and nonGDS content your travel agencies will stand out among competitors. Amadeus e-Power Consolidator also integrates your negotiated content with that from external providers’ seamlessly.

Additional relevant features reinforce your agents’ selling role: access to the cheapest and most reliable fares, with up to 250 air recommendations in a single transaction and easy display of itineraries (mixing GDS and low cost carrier air content), simultaneous search for different products within the same booking, etc…

While the guided workflow guarantees consistent navigation, the intuitive interface can be adjusted to each agent’s preferences, requiring only minimum training to use. Importantly, Amadeus e-Power consolidator requires no investment in software, hardware or hosting, keeping the deployment and running costs to a minimum.

Key Benefits and Features


Affiliated travel agencies

Maximum Distribution Reach

Sell Faster

- Cars: 22 rental companies which

-Turnkey, web-based solution -Automatic upgrades -Self-registration possibilities

-Intuitive interface - Guided workflow -Minimum training required

translate to 35000 rental locations in 250 countries - Insurance: 40 of the most prominent insurance providers worldwide -With access to your network’s negotiated content

Higher Revenues and margins - Accurate content and relevant features -Advanced revenue management -Management of service fees, mark-ups and discounts according to commercial policy

Effective Control -Real time reports -Limitations on credits and tickets issued -Assignment of roles and permissions

Sell More Aggregated GDS and non-GDS - Air: more than 500 airlines connected directly to Amadeus +30 airlines connected via third party aggregator -Hotels: 90 800 GDS properties of which 90% ensure the best availability rates as well as non-GDS content

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Take your business to new places You’ve asked. We’ve delivered

Amadeus e-Packages An Online Tour Package Management Solution Enhance your offering online To remain competitive, you need the technology to manage online holiday packages and allow your content to reach thousands of potential customers 24/7/365. Amadeus e-Packages is an online static package management solution for filing tour packages, inventory, rates and policies. It is tailored to the needs of tour operators and leisure travel agencies and is customisable to fit the requirements of demanding customers.

Amadeus e-Packages is the ideal solution for selling :       

Desert Safari, Hajj & Umrah packages, Events & attractions, Pyramid Light & Sound show, Dhow cruise packages, Custom travel products and services, Holiday packages, and more.

Sell your own content

Increase your sales volume

With Amadeus e-Packages, you can offer your customers inbound and outbound tour packages directly from your own existing website. They can access, compare and book packages quickly and easily. The solution allows you to fully customize your package offering and display valuable content such as: > tour schedules > tour packages > prices > trip itineraries > images > videos > maps, etc. Amadeus e-Packages streamlines the online distribution of holiday packages.

Amadeus e-Packages allows you to generate more sales and new revenues by making your products available online in your domestic market and internationally. Individual package components can be cancelled or rebooked offline by your agents, ensuring a more personalized service to your customers. With Amadeus e-Packages, you can cater for the growing number of travellers that are looking online for their own combination of flights, hotels, transfers and excursions. Travellers get the holiday package they want – you get to stay ahead of the competition.

Features in a nutshell Better manage your holiday packages > powerful solution for distribution of static tour packages, events & activities > integration of travel agency’s own content > package inventory management > no charge per package sales, no transaction fee

Boost and customise your online offering > seamless integration into your existing website > fast time to market thanks to ready-touse templates > customisable solution to fit your website look & feel

Benefit from advanced features > web-based administration > offline cancellation and rebooking capabilities > booking reference retrieval > credit card payment support > group bookings support

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25 years together

Thank you

25 years together, Thank you! “Let’s run together to save a child’s life”. That’s how we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Amadeus was proud to celebrate with our customers our success, our 25th anniversary. On November 11 2012, Amadeus Lebanon ran at the Blom Beirut Marathon 2012 to support the Brave Heart Fund organization to help save a child’s life with congenital heart disease. We wanted to help save the lives of as many needy children as we could, and all we needed was our customers’ support by running with our Amadeus team for the Brave Heart Fund. Amadeus sponsored the registration fees of the first 50 runners who joined our team. In addition, we sponsored the Brave Heart Fund team’s caps where 2600 runners were wearing on the race track the Brave Heart Fund caps with our Amadeus logo.

This corporate social responsibility initiative of giving back to the community made a difference in the lives of many suffering children. The BHF will be able to cover the expenses of five open heart surgeries. That’s five lives saved. We are delighted to share with you a memorable time that we have spent together with our top customers for a brighter child, bolder world, and a better future.

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Amadeus’s Exclusive Academic Agreement with Al Manar University of Tripoli Tourism is a growing and important industry in Lebanon and particularly for and the whole north. Al-Manar University of Tripoli offers unique programs in the country that support the tourism industry and other related sectors such as Public Health, Business Administration, Architecture and Graphic Design, Engineering and Information Technology. The university was founded on November 15,1990.

Degree offered by MUT’s Faculty of Tourism 1-Travel and Tourism a.

Concentration in guidance


Concentration in reservation and ticketing

2– Ecotourism a.

Concentration in environment

3-Health and recreational tourism a.

Concentration in therapeutic tourism

The faculty of tourism works to engage students in applied experiences that connect their classroom learning to the real world. MUT graduates are the final measure of their program’s effectiveness and they should be a positive asset to the development of the tourism industry in Lebanon and the Arab world. MUT, the officially IATA “Authorized Training Center” (ATC) , offers the following IATA course: -Foundation in travel and tourism, travel and tourism consultant, managing the travel business, and airline cabin crew training. In addition to the IATA program, the university’s community service department offers many programs such as: Intensive English, and CISCO.

As Amadeus’s commitment to excellence has helped deliver tangible and measurable business performance improvements to travel and tourism customers, it has signed on Wednesday November 28,2012 its first exclusive academic agreement with AL Manar University of Tripoli in Northern Lebanon. With an unrivalled combination of innovative technology and in-depth expertise, Amadeus‘s clear vision continues to shape the global travel industry of tomorrow by offering trainees, who are interested in leading the travel industry, a number of introductory and advanced courses. The Amadeus courses will be taught at the university by a certified Amadeus instructor who will train the students to work on the Amadeus Reservation System as well as introduce them to pricing, ticketing, basics of fares, refund and validation. MUT’S faculty of tourism has integrated the Amadeus course in the curriculum of BA in travel and tourism as a two credit concentration course. This educational initiative will ensure that your existence, as a travel industry professional is greatly recognized around the Region. Amadeus will help the students acquire a set of skills that will enable them to succeed in the travel and tourism industry.

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Help Desk Tips & Guidelines

Avoid Wrong Pricing To avoid wrong pricing, Amadeus has added a feature that protects users from issuing tickets with airlines that are not listed in BSP table (TGBD-LB) or has no G.S.A in Lebanon (TGGSD-LB), example IB, RB. To price PNR Fxp/R, VC-XX OR FXB/R-VC-XX (XX: required airline code).

Recall Purged PNR Amadeus provides the following methods to recall past date records (PNRS that were previously purged from the system): 1. Premium option which is chargeable In this case the request is processed interactively, and the result is displayed within 2 to 3 seconds for an individual PDR, or within 20 seconds for a list of PDRS. RPP/RLC-XXXXXX

(XXXXXX is the locator) will display in ASP


(XXXXXX is the locator) (*Q will send to Queues)

2. Basic option which is free of charge In this case the purged PNR is recalled offline. The request is processed in deferred mode, and the result is displayed within 48 hours. RPD/RLC-XXXXXX

(XXXXXX is the locator) will display in ASP


(XXXXXX is the locator) (*Q will send to Queues)

Follow up entries: (more info available in HE RPP) PLDx

Display a name from list


Display specific TST


Display History

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