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Page 3 Executive Magazine

Lebanese air traffic is small but has potential

Passengers beginning their trip from Beirut International Airport in 2012 were just as likely to be headed outside the Middle East as they were to be staying within the region, according to data from travel and tourism IT group Amadeus. Of the nearly three million passengers starting from Beirut, approximately 1.45 million each departed to another airport in the region or to a destination in Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas. The top destination was Dubai, followed by Jeddah. Regionally, Lebanon lagged behind many of its regional counterparts: the UAE serviced the most international and regional passengers, while Saudi Arabia took the title for overall passenger volume due to a strong domestic market.

But while some may view Lebanon's small volumes as another sign of lost glory, Antoine Medawar, Amadeus's vice president for the MENA region, sees potential in the low-cost carrier (LCC) market (see chart to left). "Lebanon has a great potential for growth in terms of travel.... If we look at the impact of LCCs, there is a 10 percent market share in Lebanon, superior to many in the region," says Medawar, adding that "the potential is there. Now it is the opportunity for the Lebanese travel sector to positively exploit it."

Issue 3

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