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Amadeus Automated Customer Contact enables you to send automatic, customisable passenger communication by SMS and email, helping you increase productivity while also enhancing customer service. In today’s challenging economic times, airlines are having to evolve in a very competitive environment and are continually seeking additional ways to gain a commercial advantage – at the same time as boosting both productivity and customer satisfaction.

Customer centricity that drives satisfaction Amadeus Automated Customer Contact (AACC) is an innovative customer centric tool, which allows you to instantly notify passengers about information relating to many different aspects of their flight. You can use it to send automatic messages that help you to increase productivity and reduce costs while also delivering exceptional levels of customer service. Providing real-time passenger information has become an essential part of customer service. With AACC, you are able to send customised messages via SMS or email about everything from a simple reminder to an announced delay. This helps to establish a direct relationship with the passenger and drive greater customer satisfaction. Such notification services can prove invaluable to passengers when they are trying to avoid wasting time at the airport. It can also help them if they need to re-organise arrival plans or re-schedule meetings as the result of an unforeseen delay.

With Amadeus Automated Customer Contact (AACC), you can: > I ncrease productivity; >R  educe compensation liabilities; >E  nhance customer satisfaction.

Flexible, customisable and efficient AACC leverages the power of Amadeus’ Altéa suite of seamless airline IT solutions, enabling event notifications to be triggered throughout the whole passenger journey – so you can provide timely and personalised customer service at any stage. Implementing a new event is quick and easy and monthly statistic reports are automatically generated for management purposes. As well as saving time and operational costs, using AACC to contact passengers automatically and warn them about changes minimises both the need for re-accommodation at the airport and any compensation liabilities.


AACC – Email

Key benefits at a glance Flexible event triggers

Customer centricity

>C  an be configured to send automatic passenger notifications

>P  assengers can receive notifications, regardless of how or where

about re-accommodation; waitlist clearance; air segment cancellation; changes of timing, flight number, booking class, flight date or flight routing; re-seating; electronic ticket issuance; ticketing time limit; check-in reminder; customer service after no-show; invitation to join loyalty programme; advertising; >N  ew triggers or parameters constantly being added to the above

list. Check our website or with your account manager for the latest functionalities.

SMS and email notifications >P  ossible to send SMS or email notification to all eligible

passengers; > F ormatting and delivery is handled by Amadeus;

they have made their booking; > F ull content customisation enables truly personalised passenger


Fully configurable >N  otification parameters can be defined by point of sale;

notification date/time activation range before departure; importance of timing change; passenger preferred language; flight range; origin and destination; booking class; and passenger tier level; > L anguage and message content is fully configurable by the airline; >S  tandard layouts for each message can be customised to meet

airline requirements.

>S  MS worldwide distribution fully managed by Amadeus using a

telecom partner with global links and high capacity; >M  essage layout and content for each trigger event defined by the

airline at time of implementation; >M  essage delivery acknowledgement stored directly in PNR history;

delivery, the booking is automatically queued for manual handling.

XML messaging >P  ossible to send XML messages to airline’s MQ Hub; >A  utomatic queuing for manual handling, if a technical issue

has occurred; >T  he airline uses the XML message to build the notification

(email, fax, SMS, etc) and to send it.

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> I f delivery is not acknowledged or there is a technical issue during

Amadeus Automated Customer Contact  

Amadeus Automated Customer Contact enables you to send automatic, customisable passenger communication by SMS and email, helping you increas...