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Amadeus Ticket Changer Suite has been developed to provide airlines with a comprehensive portfolio of automated solutions to efficiently manage ticket exchanges and refunds, whether voluntary or involuntary, across your sales channels. Prior to advances in automated ticket changing technology, airlines would use the services of highly experienced staff to perform the complex tariff calculations required to change and refund airline tickets. Not only did this expertise come at a high price, it ran the inevitable risk of human error and potential leakage of airline revenue.

A powerful tool combining accuracy and excellent customer service The Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) Suite combines the state-of-the-art Amadeus Fares & Pricing engine with a powerful, multi-channel ticketing functionality. ATC Suite includes a full range of products and features which offer ticket re-issue and refund solutions based on your airline’s ATPCO Category 31 and 33 rules. These include: ATC Reissue: to perform a ticket exchange, ATC Reissue will automatically calculate the price difference and any penalties in any currency based on the ATPCO Category 31 rules filed, enabling you to instantly issue a new ticket through any of your direct channels – offline and online. ATC Refund: ATC Refund uses the voluntary refund conditions coded in the ATPCO Category 33, to automatically compute the ticket refund calculation. ATC Shopper: automates online ticket exchanges using the advanced shopping capabilities of Amadeus FlexPricer combined with Amadeus Ticket Changer.

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With Amadeus Ticket Changer Suite, you can: >R  eissue and refund tickets quickly and accurately. >E  mpower customers to manage their own ticket re-issues online. >A  utomate the upgrade of passengers to a superior class using their miles. >R  e-route passengers and waive penalties in the event of operational disruptions. >M  inimise revenue leakage from manual pricing errors and noncollection of ticket change fees. > …all this in a matter of seconds!

ATC Upgrade: automatically computes the upgrade of a paid ticket to a superior class using air miles. The calculation includes the required number of miles based on ATPCO OC fees, and the tax difference in the payment currency. ATC Disruption: provides two different products to help airlines handle flight disruptions - ATC Invol and ATC Dynamic Waiver. ATC Invol manages the re-routing of passengers and new ticket issuance in the case of unexpected events such as flight cancellations. ATC Dynamic Waiver enables you to introduce special commercial measures in response to longer-lasting disruptions such as strikes or adverse weather conditions. Based on these measures, ATC Dynamic Waiver allows passengers to change their tickets or postpone trips without incurring penalties. With ATC Suite, you can save time, money and provide your customers with first-class service.

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Amadeus Ticket Changer enables us to streamline our business process to deliver a quicker and more responsive service to our customers, whatever channel he uses: our website or our sales agent. Tom Kalström, VP e-Business Finnair

ATC Reissue - Graphical

ATC Refund - Command

ATC Shopper - Online

Key benefits at a glance Protect your revenues

Increase customer satisfaction

>C  ollect accurate re-booking and/or cancellation fees.

> I mprove customer service by increasing the speed and

> F ree up your agents to sell, instead of handling exchanges

and refunds.

transparency of ticket re-issues and refunds. >E  mpower your customers by enabling them to process their own

ticket re-issues online. > I ncrease customer loyalty with more efficient and faster

Reduce operational costs >R  educe debit memo issuance and processing. >R  educe the workload on your call centers, city and

airport ticket offices. >R  eplicate operational efficiencies across your sales channels and

ensure coherence between them.

ticketing services.

An efficient IT model >M  ulti-channel integration: call centre, ticket office, travel agency

and online. Future plans include ATC via mobile devices. >B  enefit from Amadeus’ unrivalled experience: ATC has enjoyed

commercial success for over 6 years.

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>D  rive down mileage liability.

Find out more For further information, visit or speak to your Amadeus Account Manager today.

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Amadeus Ticket Changer Suite  

Amadeus Ticket Changer Suite has been developed to provide airlines with a comprehensive portfolio of automated solutions to efficiently man...