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The Consultants View David Spencer of Litmus Partnership represented Cadbury World, managing the process from tender of the Cadbury Café right through to opening. “When re-tendering the Cadbury World customer and colleague catering at the Bourneville visitor centre the management wished to identify a caterer who would become a genuine ‘partner’ to support the brand and bring quality, enthusiasm and innovation.” He said. “The Amadeus proposal and the team supporting the tender process provided Cadbury World with the comfort that Amadeus would be a positive partner.”

The Concept and Interior Emma Thorn, Marketing and Communications Manager for Amadeus, explains the reasoning behind the concept and interior of the new Cadbury Café. “We had just 21 days - from hand over of the contract to opening the café - to completely transform the space. Cadbury World is one of the top visitor attractions in the UK so we recognised and relished the opportunity to be innovative and imaginative in the delivery of our food service. The café is a multi-use space for families, children’s parties and corporate hospitality so we needed to ensure that its design appealed to a range of audiences and was compatible with a number of uses. “We worked with the Holman Group to design the concept around the insight that there is a ‘child in all of us’ and followed the famous Cadbury proposition of ‘creating moments of pleasure’. Atlantic Shopfit were then appointed to provide the solutions and deliver the fit out of the café. “The history of Cadbury is rich so we wanted to ensure that the café reflected this by using it as inspiration for our own innovations. “We recognised that the quality of the cocoa beans and milk contributed to the success of Cadbury, so we reflected this in the design of the interior and in our menu. We have added big purple cows to the café which reflect the brand and highlight the fresh milk that is used; this is reinforced by the inclusion of milk bottle lights. We have also suspended clouds from the ceiling to create an outdoor space inside and add to the ‘factory in the garden’ theme – a concept which was first introduced by Cadbury World. “We also aimed to improve the customer flow around the café, which had previously created confusion amongst visitors. Clearer signage and an increased number of tills were introduced in order to improve the experience as a whole for visitors.”

The Menu Marc Frankl, Food and Beverage Director for Amadeus gives more information about the new and improved Cadbury Café menu; “We pride ourselves on the quality of our food so during the mobilisation period, our catering team worked hard to source the right suppliers. “We wanted to ensure that the food and beverage offering underpinned the concept that runs through the café. We didn’t completely re-invent the wheel but we took some of our core, most popular products and tailored them to Cadbury World by subtly introducing chocolate into the ingredients to create several “fame maker” products. “One such dish is chocolate chilli – Amadeus’ British Beef Chilli Con Carne was already a popular choice, so we simply added grated Cadbury chocolate to it to tie it into the overall theme without compromising on taste or quality. “Other dishes to be given a chocolaty twist include the baby back ribs which now have a Cadbury cocoa crust and salads that can be served with a delicious balsamic and Cadbury chocolate dressing. Fruit milk topped with a chocolate donut and served from a pop up milk bar in traditional milk bottles is another new favourite.”

The Management Systems Robert Housden, Operations Director, has introduced Amadeus’ existing information management systems at the Cadbury Café, all of which are supplied by software development company Agilysys. “Eatec is at the centre of our operation and suite of applications, and is used for all elements of food and beverage control at Cadbury World; this includes procurement and food waste management. “We have transferred all employee information into our business HR system iTrent and have implemented Reflexis for scheduling and to enable employees to clock in and out using fingertip technology. The systems communicate with each other in regard to hours worked, absence and payroll. “The event management system, EBMS has also been introduced at Cadbury World to manage event information and generate staffing levels for Reflexis. “The Cadbury Café now also utilises Info Genesis at its tills, which controls menus and prices. Barclaycard contactless payment is also in place at point of sale for payments under £20. “The systems enable us to manage all of our catering contracts for our home venues – the NEC, ICC, NIA and LG Arena – and our external contracts in one central place, thus simplifying things for our employees and streamlining processes.”

The Challenges Chris Reynolds, Sales Director for Amadeus talks about some of the challenges that were faced during the mobilisation period. “The 21 day period in which we had to deliver the new Cadbury Cafe was a challenge in itself. We had to completely overhaul the look and feel of the cafe which included introducing a new menu and implementing a whole suite of new systems. “Working alongside the Holman Group and Atlantic Shopfit, we were able to bring to life our vision for the café. “As part of this, we had to ensure that we created an area that felt like an extension of Cadbury World rather than a separate entity, which it had historically been. Since reopening its doors in January, the café is now seen as the fifth element of the overall Cadbury World experience.”

The Transfer of Employees Rosemary Tysall was one of 30 employees transferred through TUPE to Amadeus from Redcliffe Catering, who ran the café previously. “We were given extensive training both on and off site to ensure we fully understood and embraced Amadeus’ values and ways of working, with a real focus on innovation, customer service and quality. As a result the Cadbury Café now has a workforce that provides an improved customer service that is in line with the overall visitor experience and reflects the fabulous new café and menu.”

A note from Kevin Watson Managing Director, Amadeus

“During the short turnaround period, the team was faced with a number of challenges, including working to tight deadlines, limited budget and space availability, as well as trying to work with the existing equipment in the café. We are extremely proud to have successfully mobilised the café, particularly given the constraints, and are confident that the 600,000 visitors who come to Cadbury World every year will enjoy the very best in food and service at the newly refurbished café.”


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Cadbury World Cafe Case Study  

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