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Cover: Model Jackie Kyle Scott Photography: Chris Jones Visuals MUA and Hair: Jessica Hinojosa Dress: Ridin Roads



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I remember meeting Jackie at Chuck E. Cheese Pizza and she kept me laughing. Her smile is beautiful and she brightens everyone's day with her presence. I am excited to share her journey with you fabulous Autism Moms!


Nichole Wilson: When did you recognize your child was on the Autism Spectrum? Jackie Kyle Scott: Our son was about 10 months old around Christmas time. A co-worker invited us over to decorate cookies for Santa and had an adorable table set up for the kids with icing, paint brushes, sprinkles, etc. Her nephew was a few months younger than Deacon and was absolutely into the activity and constantly feeding himself and smiling at the camera. There was such a huge contrast between him and our sweet little boy who wanted nothing to do with any of it. He still wasn't feeding himself, making eye contact, or smiling when we tried to engage him.

Photography: Chris Jones Visuals MUA and Hair: Jessica Hinojosa Interviewed by: Nichole Wilson

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I remember that pit in my stomach and tears streaming down my cheeks the entire car ride home knowing that something just wasn't "right." We immediately scheduled doctor appointments to discuss getting him on the waitlist for assessments. NW: How did you and your husband decide what was the best decision for everyone so your child could gain all he needed? JS: I am incredibly fortunate to have a husband that not only accepted the diagnosis, but supported being proactive from the start. We listened to the doctors and scientific community about the importance of early intervention and therapy and put him in every service we could get our hands on. We've always been such a team, where I'm definitely the realist out of us two. I wanted data, and answers, and stayed up late countless nights reading blogs of other families like ours. It was the only way I felt like I had a little bit of control in a situation that was so unexpected. My husband is the optimist. He didn't need to see any of those things, he always held onto the belief that things would work out as they should and for the good. He kept me grounded and the joy in our family flowing. NW: How did you balance it all? JS: Gosh we struggled so much in those first few years. Not only was it mentally taxing, but it was financially hard too. We held fundraisers and worked extra jobs to pay for all the services he was getting. We were extremely fortunate to have the support of family and friends to lean on. Our neighbor helped shuttle to and from appointments while we worked full time. My parents provided so much needed respite so we could have a break. It absolutely took a village to help raise our guy.

Jackie Kyle Scott

"One of my best friends gave me the most amazing advice when we first received his diagnosis: take it a year at a time." FASHION TRICKS

Photographer: Chris Jones Visuals MUA and Hair: Jessica Hinojosa Dress: Ridin Roads

NW: How do you and your husband find that needed time to stay on the same page and you getting your me time? JS: I think time has been what's provided that. We have a routine now. Our boys are a little older, more self sufficient (thank the Lord all are potty trained!!), and we know how to ask for help instead of trying to take it all on alone. NW: What encouraging words can you tell Autism Moms to keep them encouraged? JS: One of my best friends gave me the most amazing advice when we first received his diagnosis: take it a year at a time. It can be too overwhelming to look at the big picture and possibly a lifetime of your child needing support, so do what you can now. Set some goals on how you would like to make things easier for your child (and your household) and focus on those. Go to conferences, watch youtube videos, join mom groups. Let your child guide you by their interests. Then in a year, reflect back on the milestones you achieved together and make new plans or tweak the old ones. It's much easier to compare your child to where they have been than to compare to their "typical" peers.

Confessions oms M sm Auti


Online learning is hard for my baby. He doesn't want to listen or understand what is going on. The school is asking me to send him back but he also hates to wear a mask. I know that many of the staff are vaccinated but you still can catch and pass it. This is so hard and truly depressing!

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The Decaf Segment

God doesn't give you what you can't handle! Every mother has their own views on this subject. This is a sensitive topic for many moms. Please understand their responses are based on how they feel and they have a right to their feelings on this subject!

I disagree with the statement as a tool to dismiss. However, I believe it and apply with gratitude. It keeps me focused and thankful, my son was gifted to us. We will learn, grow and BE and we are reassured that Autism ISN'T a bad word. I feel that we have a Merciful God and in him I find my strength to carry my load …………. That's dismissive when people need to reach out for help. God doesn’t give you what you can handle, he helps you handle what you are given. I’m a Christian and believe in God, but I feel like if this were true suicide wouldn’t exist. Same with child abuse and murder. I think god gave me my son because he knew I was worthy of the job! I don't believe God will give you more than you can handle. Is it easy? No! But, I do believe that He wants us to turn to Him for help. Nah! This kind of strength is earned with the kind of hard work and you wouldn’t last a day! Gives each of us the ability to manage anything that we find to be a challenge in our lives, some days we manage it better than others.

credits: Freda Hendley, Cindy Fano Decker, Cathy Crate, Mary Nixonhahn, Tiffany Modeste, Patti Slater McCloud, Jackie Kyle Scott, Lovely Brooks, Misty Tatum, Ana Delrosario

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Autism Awareness Month

4 Confident Quotes

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