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I gave out 50 copies of my questionnaire so that I could get a representative result from the questionnaires that I handed out. I handed the questionnaire out to friends, relatives and other people who fitted my target audience so that I could get a representative sample of my target audience for my film and teaser trailer. Below I have chosen to screen shot some of the questions that I asked and made graphs so that I can compare the results:

Out of the 50 people that I asked to complete the questionnaire I got 25 female and 25 male to complete it so i could get a representative sample of my target audience.

The question that I choose to ask was what is your preferred genre? The results for the types of genre that I asked the respondents of my questionnaire, the results are mixed between the different genders as what they would be interested in. Such as out of the female respondents 18 females say that they would see a romance genre where as only 2 males would see a romance genre film.

From this results table I can see that reviews and who directed the film does not really matter to the respondents of my questionnaire as much as the adverts who who is staring in the film.

This table shows what the respondents think is the best was a film should be advertised, like I thought trailers and posters are the most popular. I am going to use these results in my research and while creating my teaser trailer, poster and magazine front cover of my film. Â


Target audience

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