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Allison Milliard VisComm Honors: Final Project 6-13-13

INTRODUCTION  For the Visual Communications Honors Final, we had to photograph a

teenager bettering themselves and/or the community. I photographed my friend Amanda Baldwin rehearsing for the play “Play On!” in her church. Amanda is a very dedicated and talented thespian who has performed in numerous plays over the years. Her parents are the directors of the production, and she is playing a character named Aggie. She is portraying a play’s stage manager, as this is a play about the production of the play. The whole cast is working very hard to have the show together by the end of June 2013. Doing the play has bettered all of the actors in one way or another, as it is a very physical, labor intensive activity, and it also teaches determination, concentration, teamwork, and teaches a sense of responsibility.

LINES ď‚„ The play is still in relatively early

production at this time, so the actors and actresses are still learning lines and using the playbooks during rehearsal. Here, Amanda is following along and studying her lines as the rehearsal progresses.


Amanda is sitting stage left in this scene, following in the playbook and working on lines.


Amanda rehearsing her lines alongside another actress in the basement rehearsal.


Amanda has an incredible amount of focus in her acting work. Here she is listening to a note from one of the directors, giving her a suggestion about what she could do better in order to improve.


Here the cast is rehearsing a scene in the church basement.


Amanda and fellow actress Sophie Mulhearn fooling around and showing off for the camera during rehearsal together.


Amanda and Sophie laughing at one of the director’s comments during practice.


Amanda and another actress performing in the play standing stage right following along using the playbooks.


Actresses Amanda Baldwin (left), Amanda Fontaine (middle), and Sophie Mulhearn (right) discussing the rapidly approaching opening night of the play.


Amanda exhibits very intense focus on her work as an actress to memorize lines and choreography as well.


Here, Amanda is working to memorize her lines and not rely heavily on the playbook. In the scene portrayed here, she is having a discussion with the actress portraying the director of the play within the play about the playwright character.

CONVERSATION This scene was rehearsed upstairs on the church’s stage. Amanda and a fellow actress are rehearsing a conversation about how the play is coming together and all the changes being made by the playwright character.


Amanda and Sophie standing in the wings beside the stage looking on as the other actors and actresses worked on their scenes.


Here, almost the whole cast is seen rehearsing on stage upstairs in the church. Together they have worked very hard to put the show together and tie up any loose ends.


At the end of the day, although the play is a lot of work, it is also a lot of fun! The cast never stops smiling and laughing.


Here, the cast is listening to the directors’ note of things they could do to improve their acting.

AMANDA BALDWIN, ACTRESS Amanda Baldwin is a very talented actress who has been involved in theatre since she was a small child. She is also a dancer. Her parents are play directors for K&K Productions, and she has been a part of many of their plays. She hopes to continue acting in the future.

Play on!_Milliard  
Play on!_Milliard  

Visual Communications Honors Final Project 2013