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Vol.1 2019.08.02 Fri.


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Vol.1 2019.08.02 Fri.

Theme Events

Theme Events

Theme Event 1

How Can Technology Bring More Sustainability to This World? Is AI going to replace doctors, or even rule the world? Do AI in fact enlarge the gap between the rich and the poor? Imagine how can AI make a convenient and trendy life? Through this session, we not only want to dig into the changes AI might contribute to, but we also aim to sparkle ideas among participants to come up with innovative solutions! If you are interested in how the inequity in medicine and education silences voices and basic human rights in every remote area, and are keen to make some changes in this situation, you can never miss this session!

Reduce Health Inequity and Bridge 8/2 the Educational Disparities between The Rich and The Poor Mr. Wen-je Ko | Experience | Mayor of Taipei city / Organ transplant and trauma surgeon at the National Taiwan University Hospital / First physician to bring ECMO into Taiwan | Main professional interests |


How We Apply Technology into Medical Education?

Ultimate medical devices / Technology on management and equipment improvement in local communities / Long-term care / AI’s application from political view

Dr. Janusz Janczukowicz Dr. Daniel Salcedo | Experience |

Director of Educational Research in Taipei Medical University | Main professional interests |

Health professions education / Technologyenhanced learning / Simulation-based learning / Faculty development experimental educational research G suite for education / Virtual reality applications and educational frameworks

| Experience |

Member of the European Board of Medical Assessors / Auditor for the Association of Medical Schools in Europe / Expert member of the European Institute of Women’s Health / External expert for the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education | Main professional interests |

Health professions education / Medical and academic professionalism Methodology and faculty development / Social competence in healthcare / Gender Diversity and inclusiveness in education

Vol.1 2019.08.02 Fri.

Professor Russell Franco D’Souza | Experiences | Executive Director Global Operations Totem International Institute of Organizational Psychological Medicine / Australian Public health system / Over 50 publications in peer reviewed journals / initiated the Asian Journal of Psychiatry / Chair Asia Pacific Bioethics Network for Education Science and Technology Mandated

| Main professional interests | Psychiatry / Mental health service / Rural health service / Bioethics


How is Technology Shaping Diversity in Healthcare? Do you want to know what kind of technology is associated with healthcare is presented on the market right now? Or do you want to dig into the technology's’ integration with medical education and medical research? We are going to provide you a highly interactive session with symposium following by a program-based learning! The session would follow the red-hot principles of non-formal education with a suitable level of interaction with participants, following the 4MAT method. We would like to invite several speakers from different field; each of them would represent different perspectives, which give us a fresh chance to discuss this topics from different angles. We are all the next generation of knowledgeable medical students who can take on leadership roles and act as game changers in their own respective communities with regards to healthcare provision. Hereby, we kindly invite all the delegates to participate in the theme events. Let’s brainstorm how integrating various forms of technology into daily practice!

Theme Events

Dr. Chun-Lin Chi | Experiences | Stanford-Taiwan Biomedical Fellow / Research scholar at the Center for Cardiovascular Technology at the Stanford School of Medicine

| Main professional interests | Technology incorporated in the training of physicians

Dr. Ying-Wei Wang | Experiences | Director General in Health Promotion Administration, MOHW Taiwan / MD degree from National Taiwan University / PhD from Tulane University / Council member of the APHN (Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network)

| Main professional interests | Infectious biological etiology / NCDs (Noncommunicable diseases) / how technology can be rigorously applied to provide smart healthcare to the aforementioned problems.

Dr. Chyong-Huey Lai | Experiences | Vice Superintendent of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital / Director general of the Asian Gynecologic Oncology Group / involved in research with the Chang Gung Medical Foundation

| Main professional interests | Technology in clinical training and medical research / Technology in diagnosis and treatment

Vol.1 2019.08.02 Fri.

Micepad App

| Experiences | Graduated from the University of Leeds / Graduated from University of Edinburgh in the Dr. James United Kingdom / Lecturer and researcher in preChristopher Thomas clinical and clinical education at Keio University School of Medicine, Japan / Primary care physician | Main professional interests | at the Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic / Roster of Medical research and the application of 32 national and international presentations 15 peer-reviewed publications virtual patients

Micepad Every General Assembly delegate should download the app “Micepad”, which is available both on iOS and Android devices. Micepad will help you a lot during the whole event.

Daily Schedule & Venue Map Take a look at “Daily Schedule” to make sure WHEN and WHERE do the events take place. Also, there are indoor maps for Grand Skyview, Caesar Hotel, and Sheraton Hotel in “Venue Map”.

Chat If you need any help, please post your questions on the chatrooms. Our OC will respond as soon as we could. Also, you can have a chat with any member individually using the chat function.

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Vol.1 2019.08.02 Fri.

Daytime Activities

Daytime Activities Roaming in the hotel and having nowhere to go? Taiwan is never gonna bore you! We’ve prepared a diverse collection of daytime activities for you to enjoy. They would be arranged at the halls on the 14th and 15th floor, and would be open at 9 am to 5 pm. Seize the opportunity to see what Taiwan has to offer! There are more than 4,000 international NGOs origin from Taiwan, participating in humanitarian aid, human rights, environmental protection, and cultural communication, etc. It is our pleasure to invite some of them to introduce what they have been dedicated to and their broad prospects.

Cultures With the background of being a multiethnic society, Taiwan carries a variety of cultures, and we are here to share with you the precious cultural heritage! The songs and dances of the aboriginal Taiwanese, the Hakka dough figurine and several Mainland China traditional cultural activities are all displayed to give you a sense of this prosperous island.


We provide several kinds of traditional Taiwanese food, including the hottest beverage recently, pearl milk tea, and we also invited you to try out some other Taiwanese dishes in the side events. Also, Taiwan is known for its fresh fruits, for example, pineapples, mangos, and peaches, hope you will enjoy it!


Chinese Medicine Chinese medicine is a kind of traditional medicine which has developed over more than 2500 years. As a soul of Chinese culture, it features herbal medicine, acupuncture, and several assistant therapies, forming a complete medical system. Let’s have an unforgettable experience to this mysterious world in Chinese medicine sessions!

One of our highest values during the AM is to “go green”, and we invite you to “go green” with us as well! Under the principle of reuse, reduce and recycle, let’s make the most use of everything. It’s always a good bargain to shop in a second-hand market for lower prices, and for showing kindness for the environment!

SecondHand Market

Vol.1 2019.08.02 Fri.

Social Programs

Social Programs Da



Welcome Party




Taiwanese Night

y2 Night Tour



National Food & Drink Day



Cultural Night y5 Closing Party


eople always say ’’Without taking night markets a try, it means that you never come to Taiwan.’’ Absolutely right! Now there’s a golden opportunity to have insight into real Taiwan. Various bazaars, night market-limited games, traditional Taiwanese painting and elaborate performances are all here! Have fun with us, and proudly claim you’ve come!


ver visited Taiwanese temples? Especially at night. Not only architectture but the most authentic Taiwanese cuisine around is waiting for you! Time for Longshan temple, one of the most prestigious historical centers in Taiwan! With the map ,you need to explore the route and find out our checking stops with our guides in the neighborhood. Since you’ve flied million miles to be here, join us together!


e believe that NATIONAL FOOD&DRINK DAY must be the best social program that you should never miss! It will definitely be a sensational experience that intrigued your taste buds. Not only is it a golden chance to enjoy exotic delicacies and snacks from countries all around the world, but it’s also a perfect time to present your own cultural food that you are proud of! That’s not all! We also prepare great amount of alcohol and snacks for you to try, so don’t miss up the great opportunity to have a tipsy night!


roudly demonstrate your culture to the world! If you can’t wait to jump up onto the stage to sing and dance, do make sure to come! It must be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch performances by people coming from different countries. How can drink bar be absent? Never worry! We’ll definitely provide! Put on your favorite unique clothes and come with eager heart!


t the end of this irreplaceable journey, chat and dance with your new friends! It doesn’t mean that everyone is going to say goodbye to each other but means that we all complete something unforgettable together.




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IFMSA August Meeting 2019 - Taiwan, Aug. 01 ~ Aug.07 Published by AM19 News & Photography Team

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IFMSA August Meeting 2019 - Taiwan, Aug. 01 ~ Aug.07 Published by AM19 News & Photography Team