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VISA online application 1. APPLY for GENEARAL VISA: For attending GA, PLEASE choose General Visa

Choose General Visa Application

2. Here are the answers you need for general visa. First of all, about the place where you apply for visa, please choose Asia → Bureau of Consular Affair MOFA(Taipei)/外交部領事事務局 外交部領事事務局, 外交部領事事務局 as the picture shows. Also please choose visitor visa and single entry.

Choose YOUR OWN Nationality

Choose Visitor Visa Choose Single Entry

Choose “Asia” then “Bureau of Consular Affair MOFA(Taipei)/外 交部領事事務局”

3. After you fill in some of your personal information, for the address and TEL in Taiwan, please fill in: Address and Telephone Number in Taiwan: Address: Chientan Overseas Youth Activity Center, No.16, Sec. 4, Zhongshan N. Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C) Telephone Number: +88628852151 like this:

4. Moreover, at the next page of application form you will need this:

(other things about the contact person can be left blank) Details of the applicant’s contact in Taiwan: Name: Shen Ko Telephone Number: +886-934-264-573

Choose Other and fill in ”Conference”

What mentioned above are the common problems you might encounter while filling in the online application form. Please check the information you filled in again if you have completed the form. AM 2014 , Organization Committee

AM2014 online visa application manual  
AM2014 online visa application manual