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President’s Message



Registration and Payment 6

Registration - Delegation Quota, Substitution, Timeline


Registration - Cancellation, Payment, Fees


Registration - Payment Details



Logistics and Practical Info





Venue and Accommodation


Theme Sessions and Events


preGA and Green


Social Programme


Wonderful Copenhagen

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Dear IFMSA friends, Eight months ago, in the beautiful city of Montréal, you elected Denmark as the host of the 60 years anniversary of our beloved federation, the August Meeting 2011. When you choose Denmark as your host, you gave yourselves a unique opportunity to experience a truly memorable General Assembly. The August Meeting 2011 will be different from any other General Assembly IFMSA has seen before. This was one of the strongest arguments in our candidature. Ørestaden Junior College gives us an unprecedented chance to have an intimate, fruitful General Assembly completely on our conditions without interference from concurrent arrangements. We have continued the work commenced by the Montréal OC, introducing measures resulting in more ecologically sustainable General Assemblies as we agreed upon when adopting the IFMSA Green Charter. We will use the highly efficient Copenhagen Metro for all transportation purposes. It is clean, fast, and timesaving. As an added benefit, the

ticket price will be only € 3, greatly reducing the added, and often neglected, expenses for delegates to attend a General Assembly. You will not get lost, though. There will be OC members wearing eyecatching jackets guiding you all the way from the airport to the venue. We want the August Meeting 2011 to be more than merely a General Assembly. Therefore, we have a strong line-up of external presenters with top-of-the-class expertise prepared to take you through the wonders of Health and the Future in an engaging and intriguing manner. Most likely the most prominent of all our external presenters is professor Hans Rosling, famous and loved for his inspiring and mind-altering talks. Together, the OC and EB are working on rearranging the programme allowing for a series of special anniversary events to take place; each with world-class externals sharing their passion for Global Health. The AM2011 Alumni Coordinator and IFMSA Alumni Director have prepared a four-day workshop dedicated to alumni, as well as one-day

alumni passes, allowing us to welcome 90 alumni each day for sharing their ideas and experiences with the new generation of IFMSAians. Registration will open in only a few weeks. As you probably know, the August Meeting 2011 is immensely popular, and there is no doubt that a lot of people will register, once the system opens. To avoid the registration turning into chaos, we want to be proactive and have, therefore, limited the maximum number of delegates that can be comfirmed during the early period to 10, including the NMO president. We reckon that this may seem controversial, and I will gladly answer any questions you may have on this new practice, but I ask you to read the explanation on page 6 as well. Lastly, I would like to thank the entire AM2011 Organising Committee for the hard work they daily put into this project. We cannot wait to welcome you all in Copenhagen in August and together celebrate the 60 years anniversary of IFMSA. Benjamin Skov Kaas-Hansen OC President


PATRONS Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth

Bertel Haarder Danish Minister for Interior and Health

Ref: AMA   April  2010  

        Welcoming  IFMSA  August  Meeting  to  Copenhagen  in  2011     On  behalf  of  Wonderful  Copenhagen,  I  would  like  to  express  my  enthusiasm  and  offer  my   full  support  for  Copenhagen’s  bid  to  host  the  August  Meeting  in  2011.  As  the  world's  9th   most  popular  conference  city,  and  with  our  considerable  expertise  in  hosting  high  profile   events,  we  are  fully  aware  of  the  responsibility  involved  in  hosting  the  IFMSA  August   Meeting  (AM2011).  There  is  no  doubt  that  it  would  be  an  important  addition  to  the  city's   proud  list  of  previous  major  events.     Copenhagen  has  hosted  various  congresses  within  the  field  of  medical  science  such  as   EULAR  2009,  EASD  2006  and  ERS  2005.  The  AM2011  would  without  doubt  be  an  important   addition  to  the  city´s  long  reference  list.       Copenhagen  and  the  Oresund  Region  are  among  the  leading  research  places  within  cancer,   diabetes,  neuroscience,  inflammation  and  infectious  diseases.  This  is  supported  by  the   unique  interplay  between  businesses,  hospitals,  universities  and  public  research   institutions.     Copenhagen  is  a  great  conference  city  offering  IFMSA  the  opportunity  for  the  ultimate   green  meeting,  thanks  to  its  eco-­‐labeled,  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  hotels  and  meeting  venues  and   world-­‐leading  environmental  initiatives.  Copenhagen  is  easy  to  access  and,  once  you  are   here,  you  can  travel  extensively  throughout  the  city  using  environmentally  friendly   transport  options,  such  as  public  transportation,  by  foot  or  by  bike  -­‐  a  fun,  fast  and  very   Copenhagen-­‐way  to  travel.     In  Copenhagen  you  can  expect  the  entire  city  to  be  your  host,  providing  the  best  possible   framework  for  your  congress.  Along  with  the  enclosed  material,  I  hereby  wish  to  assure  you   that  we  will  make  every  possible  effort  to  meet  your  requirements  and  expectations,   making  the  AM2011  in  Copenhagen  an  outstanding  and  memorable  success.  We  look   forward  to  welcoming  you  in  beautiful  and  green  Copenhagen.   Yours  sincerely,  

Lars  Bernhard  Jørgensen     Managing  Director  

Wonderful Copenhagen  CVB  is  the  official  convention  and  visitors  bureau  of  Copenhagen,  dealing  with  all  aspects  of   Copenhagen  as  a  leisure,  event  and  business  destination.     Wonderful  Copenhagen  is  a  member  of  BestCities  Global  Alliance.  The  first  Convention  Bureau  alliance,  created  to  deliver  the   world's  best  services  for  the  meetings  industry.    


Gammel Kongevej 1 1610 Copenhagen V Denmark Tel.: +45 3325 7400 Fax: +45 3325 7410


REGISTRATION - DELEGATION QUOTA, SUBSTITUTION, TIMELINE Registration will take place online at ion. Delegation quota for the GA Each NMO is allowed a quota of minimum eight (8) delegates and a maximum of sixteen (16) delegates, of which no more than eight (8) can pay early registration fee. The rest will pay late registration fee as stated in the table. In the early registration, each NMO can confirm no more than ten (10) delegates. It is for the NMO President to decide which of the delegates will pay early registration fee and which will pay late registraion fee. When confirming delegates during early registration, the president can confirm delegates as “early” or “late”, respectively.

We have introduced this measure to avoid the number of registered delegates exceeding the maximum capacity of the GA. Also, by splitting the confirmation process into two, we can distribute the spots equally between the NMOs. Any delegate whose registration is not completed by the closing of early registration will have to register as a late delegate and, consequently, pay the late registration fee to attend the AM2011. Additional NMO delegates above the

Early registration


Substitution The deadline for substitutions of delegates for the preGA and the GA is July 18. In order for a substitution to be accepted, the full registration fee must have been paid, and the NMO President must provide a letter stating the details of both students.




May 1, 2011

0:00 GMT


May 21, 2011

23:59 GMT




May 24, 2011

0:00 GMT


June 14, 2011

23:59 GMT




May 1, 2011

0:00 GMT


June 14, 2011

23:59 GMT

Late registration During the period of early registration, we kindly ask the NMO Presidents to send an email to our Registration Coordinator with the number of additional delegates he or she wishes to register. After closing the early registration, we will announce the number af delegates the NMO can register during late registration.

total of sixteen (16) delegates are allowed in the form of Alumni, Externals, Observers, IFMSA Officials, and other “out of quota” participants as defined by the IFMSA bylaws.

Alumni registration

REGISTRATION - CANCELLATION, PAYMENT, FEES Cancellation The deadline for cancelling your participation at the preGA and GA is July 11, 2011, for full refund. Payment The payment must be sent within 72 hours after closure of the respective registration periods. This means that payment for delegates registered in the early and late registration periods must be sent before 23:59 GMT on May 3 and May 13, respectively. The payment deadline for alumni is the same as late delegates. If a participant or an NMO fails to comply with this, that participant or the delegates from that particular NMO, whose registration fees have not yet been paid, will be suspended in our system until the transaction has been made. Please notice that no delegate will be granted access to neither the venue nor the hotel before the registration fee has been paid. For every delegate above the eight delegates quota, an additional “8+ tax” of € 25 will be added to each delegate’s registration fee. This tax is mandated by the IFMSA bylaws and funds derived from this fee go into the IFMSA central budget.

preGA registration fee


Three working days (4 x breakfast, 4 x lunch, 3 x dinner)


Country category

Early registration fee

Late registration fee





€190 (€180 + €10 TAF)

€300 (€290 + €10 TAF)


€255 (€230 + €25 TAF)

€400 (€375 + €25 TAF)



Observers and Externals

Alumni passes


4 days alumni workshop and gala incl. accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner


4 days special alumni workshop incl. lunch and dinner, and gala not including accommodation


Access to the GA on August 3rd, 4th, or 5th including lunch and dinner


Access to the GA on August 6th including lunch and ticket to the Anniversary Gala


Payment deadlines



Early registration period

May 24, 2011

23:59 GMT

Late registration period

June 17, 2011

23:59 GMT


June 17, 2011

23:59 GMT


REGISTRATION - PAYMENT DETAILS The registration fees can be paid by several methods; wire transfer, PayPal, and cash (pay-on-arrival; under special circumstances only).

you must send an email to our treasurer with a copy of the transfer receipt; the name of your NMO; and a list of the participants the transfer covers.

We kindly ask the NMO presidents to make only one payment covering all your early delegates and one payment covering late delegates from your NMO. You will save money by not paying unneccessary transfer fees, and it will make the bookkeeping much easier for our treasurer. Every NMO President can, from his or her registration login page, download a complete list of delegates specifying the individual registration fees each delegate must pay along with the additional taxes. Bank Wire Transfer Please make sure that your transfer covers all fees under its way from your account to ours. If we do not receive the total payment because some fees were not covered, these will be charged upon arrival, and your delegates will not be able to check in before this has been settled. Once the transfer has been made,


You find the bank account information needed to make the wire transfer, in the green box. If you need further details, contact our treasurer, and he will provide you these details. PayPal transfer A PayPal transfer can be arranged. Please notice that PayPal charges a fee for every transfer - at the moment this fee is 3.4% of the amount transferred plus DKK 2.60. Get in contact with our treasurer to set up a transfer with the correct amount of euros to be tranferred. Pay-on-arrival In extraordinary cases, we can arrange for you to pay your registration fee(s) in cash on arrival. Only countries without the capacity to transfer funds may pay in cash on arrival. Again, please get in contact with our treasurer to be approved for this payment method and arrange the details.

Bank Merkur Bank, Denmark Vesterbrogade 40, 1. 1620 Copenhagen V Denmark IBAN DK06 8401 0001 7372 14 BIC/SWIFT MEKUDK21 Account info Name: DKAM 2011 Branch ID: 8401 Account no.: 1737214 Account holder IMCC Denmark (AM2011) Panum Instituttet Blegdamsvej 3B 2200 Copenhagen N Denmark

VISA Getting a visa to visit Denmark should be no problem if you apply in time. Citizens from countries in group A need to obtain visa to Denmark. Citizens from group B countries do not need visa.

you can find the Danish Embassy or consulate in your country, and here you can also find out whether there are any country-specific requirements you need to meet before you can obtain your visa.

Required documents When you apply for a visa at the Danish Diplomatic Embassy in your country, you will need to bring the following: • Your passport (see general conditions below). • Your filled in application form. • Invitation Letter, which can be downloaded in our registration system when you are approved, and your registration fee payment has been sent. • Invitation form. This can also be downloaded online upon approval. • Proof that you have a health insurance. • A recent photo.

General conditions You must normally meet the following basic conditions in order to be granted a visa: • Your national passport or other form of valid travel document must be valid for three months past the visa expiration date. Moreover, the passport or travel document must have been issued within the past 10 years. • You must show that you have the necessary funds to pay for your stay and return trip. What will be considered as necessary funds will be assessed on a case-to-case basis by the Danish diplomatic mission. The assessment is based on, among other things, how long you are staying, and whether you will stay at a hotel or with friends or family. During the preGA and GA, you will be staying at a hotel, and your living expenses will be regarded as covered during the preGA and GA.

You will normally have to pay a fee around €60 (≈ USD 85) to cover the administrative costs. It is important to state that it may vary from one diplomatic mission to the other what they require of you to grant you a visa. At

Normally, you must hold a travel insurance policy to cover possible expenses in connection with a return for health reasons or death, indispensable medical treatment, and/or acute hospitalisation during your stay. The insurance policy must cover all countries in the Schengen area, and the minimum policy coverage is € 30,000. The insurance policy must be valid for the same period as the visa. The validity of the visa may be shortened if the insurance policy does not cover the entire period. You may not be registered as an undesirable in the Schengen Information System (SIS). You may not be listed on the Danish entry ban list. In other words, a visa cannot be granted if you have previously been deported from Denmark and given an entry ban. You may not be listed on UN or EU sanction lists.

When applying for visa

- being timely is the key


VISA (CONTINUED) Please note that • It is the responsibility of every delegate to ensure they obtain appropriate documentation for their participation at the preGA and/or GA. • The Organising Committee cannot influence the decision process in any way. • Please make sure to update your visa application status in our registration system, so that our VISA group can continuously track the status of and, thereby, help delegates who need visa to attend the AM2011. If you are unsure about anything regarding your visa application, you can either contact our Visa Coordinator (email is found on the back cover); look at our website under “Visa and Transportation”; or check the official website of the Danish Immigration Services (www.newtode


We’re here to help you!


Group A - citizens must obtain visa Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia1, BosniaHerzegovina4, Burkina Faso, Burundi, China2, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt1, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Grenada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia (FYROM)5, Mongolia, Montenegro4,5, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan1, Peru4, Philippines1, Russia4, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Serbia4,5, South Africa, Sudan, Taiwan, Thailand1, Tunisia4, Turkey 3,5, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Passports issued by the Palestinian Authority

Group B - citizens do not need visa Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States of America, Venezuela

1. Citizens with diplomatic and service passports are exempt from the visa requirement. 2. Citizens with a "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" passport, a "Região Administrativa Especial de Macau" passport or a "British National Overseas" passport are exempt from the visa requirement. 3. Citizens with diplomatic, special and service passports are exempt from the visa requirement. 4. Citizens with diplomatic passports are exempt from the visa requirement 5. See for further information.


TRANSPORTATION Star Alliance Agreement Registered participants plus one accompanying person travelling internationally to the AM2011 can acquire a discount of up to 20%. Please follow the short step-by-step guide to the right in order to acquire your discount when purchasing the flight tickets to Copenhagen with one of the Star Alliance affiliated airlines. Discounts are offered on international flights on most published business and economy class fares, excluding website/internet fares, senior and youth fares, group fares, and Round the World fares. Note: For travellers from Japan and New Zealand, special fares or discounts are offered by the participating airlines on their own network.


Participating Airlines Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Canada, Air China, ANA, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Blue1, bmi, Brussels Airlines, Continental Airlines, Croatia Airlines, EgyptAir, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Spanair, SWISS International Air Lines, TAM Airlines, TAP Portugal, THAI, Turkish Airlines, United, US Airways. Getting to and from the Hotel When arriving at the airport, there will be OC members guiding you all the way from the arrival area to the hotel. We will be by your side all the way, so you will not get lost. The Copenhagen Metro is supermodern and the easiest, cheapest, and most eco-friendly way of transportation in Copenhagen.

Metro Ticket Price

€ 3 (each way) Copenhagen Airport Code

CPH Star Alliance Event Code

SK19S11 Star Alliance Agreement 1. Go to this website: 2. Choose “For delegates” 3. Enter Event Code 4. Choose preferred airline 5. Calll reservation contact 6. Quote the Event Code when booking

VENUE AND ACCOMMODATION We have chosen Ørestad Junior College as the venue of the August Meeting 2011. It is situated only a few minutes by metro from the old city centre and Copenhagen Airport. Organised around a central staircase and atrium, the boomerang-shaped floors create four distinct learning zones and with its open areas and private corners, our venue is a perfect setting for sessions, trainings, theme events as well as small working groups and socialising. It offers an atmosphere to inspire and room for everything and everyone. Only recently built, the junior college marks the beginning of a new era in the Danish schooling system. Not only is Ørestad Junior College groundbreaking in its architecture, it also provides top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment to ensure things to run smoothly. The venue is ours exclusively for the week. This gives us a great deal of flexibility and a unique opportunity to create the perfect setting for a fruitful and efficient GA. Lunch and dinner will be served onsite and special arrangements will be made for fasting delegates.

All delegates will be accomodated at Hotel Cabinn Metro, the largest hotel in Denmark. The rooms are soundproof with private shower and toilet, free wireless internet access, television, and an electric kettle with free tea and coffee. The reception at Cabinn Metro has 24 hours service. Breakfast will be served in the hotel café as a buffet to prepare delegates for a long and demanding day.

The hotel and venue are located in the new and rapidly developing part of Copenhagen, Ørestaden, no more than 600 metres apart. In addition to that, the nearest metro station is only 700 metres away. By metro, the airport and the Old City Centre can be reached within ten minutes, which allows delegates to explore both the modern experimental parts of Copenhagen as well as the beautiful and historical inner city.

400 m.

600 m.

A: Venue (Ørestad Junior College) - B: Hotel (Cabinn Metro) - C: Metro Station © 2010-11 Google. © 2011 Tele Atlas. © 2011 PPWK Image © 2011 COWI A/S, DDO


HEALTH AND THE FUTURE Health and the Future will sparkle both curiosity and fascination as well as illuminate key possibilities and challenges in health and health care systems around the globe. The progress of technology; development of new and improved medical treatment; an ever-changing pattern of diseases; the enormous gap between the development in industrialised countries and least developed countries when it comes to basic necessaries; and essential medicines and access to aid in times of needs are some of the topics which we will unfold in our theme sessions. Over the course of three days you will have the chance to deepen your knowledge-base across three major pillars; technology of tomorrow,

future patterns of diseases and future ethical dilemmas. Specifically you will have the chance to join discussions on how to utilise limited resources when fighting diseases, on how to adjust our current system of industrialization and patenting to help those most in needs. You can also choose to tap into the minds of some of our nations greatest ethical thinkers in a 360-degrees discussion on technology and the perfect man. If you would much prefer to get action-oriented there is the possibility of trying to manage health issues during a simulated natural disaster or the chance to utilise your unique and potentially undiscovered entrepreneurial skills in ways that will bring sustainable improvements to least developed countries. Are you

intrigued by the challenges the world faces because of antibiotic resistance or from global brain drainage then visit our interactive workshops on these topics. And finally, if you would like to be amazed by how far man’s mind can travel, sit back and enjoy an introduction to nanomedicine and take a tour through our invention fair where new technologies and frontier research is presented. In summary, the theme Health and the Future will prove both relevant and exciting for medical students from every part of the world. On top of this, every delegate has a unique possibility of developing skills and thinking which is essential for doctors of tomorrow.

Indulge yourself in theme sessions with the highest academic level in the history of IFMSA



preGA dates

July 28 - August 1 The workshops will take place at the Faculty of Health Sciences at University of Copenhagen, where 11 parallel sessions can take place concurrently. Lodging for all 250 participants will be at Hotel Cabinn Scandinavia. Here participants will sleep in triple rooms. Cabinn is a chain of hotels, which is why the facilities will be very similar to those at hotel accommodating delegates during the GA; namely, with private shower and toilets as well as free wireless Internet. Breakfast will be served at the hotel, whereas the rest of the meals will be

served at the main venue and make up of a healthy, nutritional, and ecofriendly vegetarian diet. The two venues are located 15 minutes of walking apart, and since the main way of transportation in Copenhagen is by foot or bicycle, the participants can indulge in the joy of fresh air while exercising in changing venues. Responsibly Green Copenhagen aims at being the world’s first carbon-neutral capital with even more wind turbines than is already found at our coastline; even better bicycle lanes; an improved recycling system; and green trees on top of roofs of many main buildings. The average Copenhagener is conscious about the environment, and you find lots of sustainable and ecofriendly cafés and restaurants all over Copenhagen. Furthermore, our bicycle culture facilitates both sustainability and green traveling. Keeping our carbon footprints ind mind is very important for the OC, and everything from food to accommodation has, therefore, been considered carefully.

Cabinn Metro has been awarded with the Green Key and the Swan Label, and Ørestad Junior College has been built to make as little impact on the environment as possible. Additionally, there will be no use of air-conditioning at any of the venues during the preGA and GA. For the meals, the concept is to use locally produced ingredients. During the GA we will have two “veggie days” to minimise delegates’ carbon footprints.* Furthermore, tap water in Denmark is amongh the cleanest in the world and, consequently, no bottled water will be served during the conference. The AM2011 Green Think Tank is working closely with the environmental organisation 10.10, who will provide the participants with 10 ideas for how to minimise their footprints during this conference. Sustainable Travelling The OC will set up a competition for sustainable travel and will reward the NMO with the lowest carbon footprint relatively taking distance and available means of transportation into consideration.

*The OC acknowledges that some participants will be fasting during the GA and the challenges relating to this amongst others the few hours during the night in Denmark. Therefore, meat will be served for fasting delegates.

For the preGA we have chosen both venue and accommodation in the heart of Copenhagen. Everything is located within walking distance from our main tourist attractions including Nyhavn and Tivoli and is located very close to the main lakes, which combines nature with the modernity and vibe of a growing metropolis.


SOCIAL PROGRAMME THAT FITS EVERYONE It has been our ambition from the beginning to arrange a social programme that fits everybody. Not only will you be dancing all night long, you will also get the opportunity to start the day with a workout together with your co-delegates and members from the OC guiding you through activities. Fitness and Exercise Through our fitness programme we want to support our theme "Health and the Future" by letting exercising play a central role. At both the GA and preGA, you can join us for a round of Zumba in the Amager Park next to the hotel or Running Sightseeing on 3 or 5 kilometres, where we will show you many of the impressive sights of Copenhagen. Through a bicycling tour you get a feeling of “the Copenhagen Lifestyle” which means that everyone, young and old, father and daughter, businessman and carpenter cycle instead of taking the car. Sightseeing We will arrange a guided tour by foot through the old streets of Copenhagen focusing on three themes: the famous Danish architecture; Copen-


hagen through the eyes of a homeless; or a quicktour through the history of the Danish Monarchy. Canal tours are some of Copenhagen’s biggest tourist events, an here you can get a view of Copenhagen sailing up and down the many canals. If you like museums better, you can visit the impressive National Gallery of Copenhagen where you can indulge yourself in an enormous collection of Danish, Nordic, European, as well as International art. Night Events We will host great parties with amazing dancing music every night, and we will begin with a short “dancing for newbies” class to get everyone in the mood. After the Opening Ceremony we will have a night full of Copenhagen artists and entertainment. During the Colour Party, we are doing having a

fun competition between the different colours. And then there is the National Food and Drink Party... For the delegates not able to join us and see the sights of Copenhagen during the day, there will be arranged a guided nightly sightseeing by bus ending at one of the most night clubs in Copenhagen, Vega. At the night of the Anniversary Ceremony, we will together celebrate the ending of the anniversary of IFMSA. Alcohol We will be offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at the night events, but we encourage participants to keep the drinking at a sensible level. All in all, we will arrange an inclusive social programme that is open and attractive to every single delegate at the GA.

WONDERFUL COPENHAGEN The Little Mermaid is waiting In August the sun will be shining in Copenhagen. The Little Mermaid will be glistening in the sun and parks will be filled with sunbathing people. Here are a few tips for different experiences and sights in Copenhagen. During the social programme, we will pay some of these sights a visit. The Round Tower (Rundetårn) - is one of the most popular attractions in Copenhagen and was built by King Christian IV. It is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe, and stars have been tracked here since 1642. Enjoy the view of the old part of Copenhagen at the top of the tower. The Black Diamond Visit the beautiful Royal Library, the Black Diamond, or in Danish, Den Sorte Diamant. It was built in 1999, and its facade is built by black granite from Zimbabwe, sanded and polished in Italy. The Royal Danish Playhouse - or “Skuespilhuset”, the new stage

for dramatic arts in Copenhagen. Enjoy the view by strolling along the scenic oak footbridge connecting the foyer with Nyhavn (New Port) and the main harbourfront promenade, Langelinie. Islands Brygge - is the waterfront area by the Harbour Bath. It is a very popular place for the Danes to enjoy the sun during the summer, and it is one of the very rare places in the world where you can go for a swim in the heart of a metropolis. The City Hall Square - in Danish “Rådhuspladsen”, is one the main squares in Copenhagen. The square is a common place for people to gather during demonstrations, concerts, and the celebration of the New Year. King’s Gardens Visit Denmark’s oldest royal gardens, which were established in the Renaissance style by King Christian IV in the early 1600s. This place is another popular place for Danes to retreat during the summer.

The Danish National Gallery - represents the new and old. A visit to the museum means an artistic encounter with classical, modern, and contemporary art. Fælledparken Just one of the summer’s best offerings is Copenhagen’s largest park, Fælledparken. With its 580.000 squaremetres, Fælledparken is the most popular park for Danes. It is usually filled with people on a sunny day. Traditionally, Labour Day and the Copenhagen carnival is held here. Sankt Hans Torv The square, Sankt Hans Torv, is very popular for medical students as it is located merely a few hundred metres from campus. The square and the surrounding streets encompass some of the city’s best nightlife; they are packed with fantastic bars and great clubs. Sankt Hans Torv is an amazing place for a pub crawl because of the close proximity of the bars. In the summer time, the cafés at Sankt Hans Torv have very popular outdoor seatings.


OC President Treasurer Logistics Director

Benjamin Skov Kaas-Hansen

Howraman Meteran

Patricia Fruelund

Fundraising Directors

Steen Fagerberg David Gryesten Jensen

preGA Director

Charlotte Holm Hansen

Theme Director

Peter Kenney Hansen

PR & Marketing Director Social Programme Director Visa Coordinator Registration Coordinator Culture Coordinator Transportation Coordinator

Mads Dam Clara Matthiessen Sanne Thysen Julie Rasmussen Andreas GyldenkĂŚrne Dana Cotong

AM2011 Denmark Invitation Package  

Invitation Package to the IFMSA General Assembly August Meeting 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark, containing all the information you need.

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