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HEALTH TRENDS THROUGH A PORTFOLIO Work by Amanda McDonald Email: LinkedIn:

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PORTFOLIO CONTENT I. Portfolio Background II. Career Highlights III. Corporate Communications Content Samples i. ii.

Health Newsletter Corporate Narrative Toolkit

IV. Website Management i. ii.


Social Media Samples i. ii. iii. iv.

P5 Performance Giving Hearts Day GSK WeChat Ocean Spray Weibo

II. PORTFOLIO BACKGROUND Thank you for taking the time to review my work. This portfolio consists of a variety of content and projects I’ve managed. From corporate narratives to reputation building stories for social media, I have a wide range of writing capabilities that I use to win new business, capture corporate messaging, creatively engage stakeholders and highlight industry knowledge. My real passion is in strategy and project management. Identifying what it takes move projects from concept to execution is an attribute that has helped me win client trust, create bold campaigns, and grow teams.

I. Career Highlights 5 years of international account management, PR and communications, and business development Strategic Planning 

Led a team to deliver campaign strategy, communications, and orchestration of 400+ nonprofit organizations to make Giving Hearts Day the largest day of giving in North Dakota o

Generated $13M+ donations in 24-hour period on an $18,000 budget

Currently creating strategy for 11 different social media accounts

Development of a new Fellowship program for nonprofit

Project Management  Leveraged the talent of content researchers, contractors, and interns to build a community ambassadors program comprising of 114 people 

Managing the end-to-end creation of a monthly 8-page newsletter

Content Curation 

Experienced in corporate narrative writing for healthcare Fortune 500 and health-related nonprofits

Currently writing content for 2 newly launched websites

Day-to-day content creation of press releases, social media, brand communications, newsletters, blogs, speeches, etc.

Client Management  Dedicated to growing and managing new key account to help team land multiple new projects and retain business resulting in $13 million in organic growth revenue

Software Experience Adobe Creative Cloud - InDesign, Acrobat, Photoshop: template design, newsletter layouts, graphics for signage, image editing JavaScript: website coding WordPress: website management Hootsuite: social media account management and analytics Google Analytics: website management, SEO measurement Microsoft Office Suite: Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, OneDrive

III. Corporate Communications

i. P5 Pathways Health Newsletter ii. Corporate Narrative Toolkit

P5 Pathways Health Newsletter The P5 Pathways Health Newsletter is a B2B resource for businesses actively trying to encourage healthy behavior in their workplaces and beyond. The tone of the newsletter is simple, casual, and relatable as the target audience is employees. Currently, I: - Manage the content strategy - Write the articles - Support the monthly template design using Adobe InDesign - Revised issues using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat - Act as the executive editor The first issue will be released in May 2018.

Health Newsletter Sample (1/4)

Front Cover

Back Cover

Health Newsletter Sample (2/4)

Inside Spread

Health Newsletter Sample (3/4)

Inside Spread

Health Newsletter Sample (4/4)

Inside Spread

Corporate Narrative Toolkit In creating GSK China’s corporate narrative toolkit, I was responsible for the content strategy, writing, and working with the designer to ensure strict brand guidelines were met. This project required me to work across three regions (China, UK, and US) for planning, design, and content. The toolkit consists of: • Bilingual Brochure • Bilingual Factsheet • Bilingual Infographic • Bilingual PPT

Factsheet Sample

Brochure Sample (1/4)

Brochure Sample (2/4)

Brochure Sample (3/4)

Brochure Sample (4/4)

IV. Website Content

i. ii.

GIVINGHEARTSBUSINESS.ORG The Giving Hearts Business website was launched in October 2017. I managed the design with our agency partner, giving direct on look and feel, and wrote the content. I also manage the backend updates using WordPress. This website is for businesses. supporting nonprofits and building a give-back culture within their organization through Giving Hearts Day, North Dakota and Western Minnesota’s largest day of giving.

P5PERFORMANCE.ORG The P5 Performance™ website launched in July 2017. I supported the design concept and continue to write articles for the blogs page, and maintain the website using WordPress. This website is businesses ready to reach their highest potential by supporting healthy practices in the workplace.

V. Social Media Content

i. Giving Hearts Day ii. P5 Performanceâ„¢ iii. GSK WeChat iv. Ocean Spray Weibo

Social Media Samples Giving Hearts Day

P5 Performance™

GSK WeChat

Project background: Giving Hearts Day is North Dakota’s largest day of giving. With the goal to reach 50,000 individual donors, the #Countme theme was deployed across all Giving Hearts Day social media accounts.

Project background: In order to fulfill its mission to create the healthiest, highestperforming communities in the nation, Dakota Medical Foundation established P5 Performance, an innovative workplace wellness initiative. To draw attention to the new initiative, we needed to organically grow P5’s social media platforms.

Project background: As part of its reputation rebuilding process after a major public crisis, GSK launched its very first external WeChat account with support from Weber Shandwick. We implemented a cohesive content strategy to ensure GSK’s WeChat would be a go-to source for stakeholders to get firsthand information about the company.

Project background: Weber Shandwick was tasked by Ocean Spray to grow their brand awareness, educate consumers about cranberry health benefits, and drive consumer purchasing. Launching Ocean Spray’s Weibo account Was part of achieving those goals.

My role: • Story mine • Develop content calendars • Write each story in English • Manage story development timelines and client coordination

My role: • Leverage Ocean Spray’s global content and tailor it to Chinese audiences • Day-to-day client communications • Provide strategies for project • execution.

My Role: • Develop 2-month social media strategy using #Countme • Educate users across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram about Giving Hearts Day • Create content and manage accounts using Hootsuite • Manage 2 content developers • Review all content text and images • Provide weekly reports

My Role: • Develop brand new social media strategy for P5 Performance™ • Establish brand image • Set the standards for content, images, and metrics • Create content themes • Manage 2 content developers • Review all content text and images

What is WeChat? WeChat is China’s most used App. It’s anintegrated social media App that compares to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat all rolled into one.

Ocean Spray China

What is Weibo? Weibo is China’s equivalent to Twitter.

Giving Hearts Day Samples Giving Hearts Day is truly about supporting the 400+ participating nonprofits. My goal for Giving Hearts Day 2018 social media was to Recognize, Recruit, and Rally as many community members, businesses, nonprofits, and influencers as possible who could help inspire new donors, educate the public, and shine a light on those already doing good in their communities. The Results over 45 day:

$13.1 million raised in 24-hours ($2.5 million more than 2017)

28,044 individual donors gave (6,228 more than 2017)

55% of nonprofits met their fundraising goals

1,186,664 – the number of times #countme photos were displayed times on Twitter & Facebook

3,252 photos were captured using #countme

1,450 different people used #countme on Twitter & Instagram

1,000 new Facebook Fans

240 new Instagram followers

354 new Twitter followers

P5 Performance™ Samples Instagram: p5performancedmf Knowing that health isn’t just about traditional wellness practices, like exercise and nutrition, I wanted to embed inspirational messages on the P5 Instagram page as a way to engage our audience and inspire them to regularly check our Instagram page for motivational messages.

Twitter: p5performancedmf The strategy I put together for the P5 Performance™ Twitter page consists of educational information, motivational content and highlights of industry research and trends. It is also our primary social media account for B2B interaction.

GSK WeChat Story Samples (1/4) In line with the government’s agenda to reduce the price of critical treatments, this is a story about GSK’s significant price reduction for hepatitis B told through a patient’s emotional story, combined with GSK’s history of bringing the first hepatitis B oral treatment to china.

You can find the full, bilingual version of this story on GSK’s official WeChat account.

Bilingual stories

GSK WeChat Story Samples (2/4) This story articulates how GSK is committed to its people by telling an employee’s story about his career path at the organization. It highlights his opportunity to be part of GSK’s future leaders program for graduates to grow into industry leaders.

You can find the full, bilingual version of this story on GSK’s official WeChat account.

GSK WeChat Story Samples (3/4) Stories about GSK’s advanced research and medicines were curated for everyday audiences and are easy to understand.

You can find the full, bilingual version of this story on GSK’s official WeChat account.

GSK WeChat Story Samples (4/4)

Bilingual story example

This content uses a patient’s story about her life before getting diagnosis with asthma and after to highlight the important steps to relieve asthma and breathe better.

You can find the full, bilingual version of this story on GSK’s official WeChat account.


Ocean Spray Weibo Samples

This Interactive post asked followers to share their stories of traditional recipes from their moms, then asks them to recreate the recipes using cranberries and upload their photos with their moms. This post alone generated 48,000 page views, 4 retweets, 12 comments and 7 likes.

Three top examples of short, engaging content. China’s “Tasty Red Christmas� mini-program attracted hundreds of participants and created online buzz with over 129,000 page views, 958 conversations and 900 retweets in total. It was also the key driver to the follower growth throughout that month. The launch post to this seasonal program alone generated 14,000 page views, 329 retweets, 18 comments and 8 likes.

This post leveraged the tradition of putting riddles on lanterns during the Chinese Lantern Festival. The post was interactive to engage consumers by asking them to use the word cranberry as one of the answers to the riddles. This post generated 8,612 page views, 191 retweets, 138 comments and 20 likes.

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Please feel free to contact me for further information about these materials and/or my experience. I am currently seeking new opportunities in the Portland, OR area. Email: LinkedIn:

Amanda McDonald's Portfolio  

You will find projects I've managed and writing samples in my portfolio.

Amanda McDonald's Portfolio  

You will find projects I've managed and writing samples in my portfolio.