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Indicators of health Presented by: Dr.khalda khalid

Health indicators are required to: 

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1.measure health status of a community. the health status of one country with that of another. 3.assess health care needs. 4.for allocation of scarce resources. 5.for monitoring & evaluation of health services, activities & programmes.

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6.measure the extent to which the objectives & targets of a programme are being attained.

Definition of indicators: ď Ż

In who’s guidelines for health programme evaluation, indicators are defined as variables which help to measure changes.

Characteristics of indicators: 

1.should be valid; measure what they are supposed to measure. 2.Should be reliable & objective; the answers should be the same if measured by different people in similar circumstances. 3.should be sensitive; they should be sensitive to changes in the situation concerned.

4. should be specific; they should reflect changes only in the situation concerned. 5.should be feasible; they should have the ability to obtain data needed. 6.should be relevant; they should contribute to the understanding of the phenomenon of interest.

Indicators of health:        

1.mortality indicators. 2.morbidity indicators. 3.disability rates. 4.nutritional status indicators. care delivery indicators. 6.utilization rates. 7.indicators of social & mental health. 8.Environmental indicators.

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9.socio-economic indicators. policy indicators. 11.indicators of quality of life. 12.other indicators: • • •

health for all indicators. social indicators. basic needs indicators.

Indicators of health  
Indicators of health