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When asked about their impression of Alysse respondents answered: a great friend, has always helped me through my rough times, takes the worry out of things, she's my second mom, easy to work with, determined, a great listener, hardworking, outspoken, funny, candid, caring, and down to earth. “Alysse has grown in so many ways over the years. She keeps her word and is concerned about everyone.” “Sometimes when I am having an issue, I seek for Alysse's idea about the situation and how she would react if she was in my shoes.” “ She also has the ability of cheering me up when I am down although sometimes she may not know it.”

Experience working in a team with Alysse: “She is responsibly, concise, and to the point, always.” “We worked together in Copywriting all last semester, and she was so much fun. She came up with some off-the-wall ideas, which are always welcome in advertising! I also worked with her on a presentation on white papers, and together we did a great presentation. I made the PowerPoint, and she handled the Q and A session like a pro!” “ She's always ready to do her part and eager to help.” “ Alysse and I have worked on several projects together. Collecting money for a young friend who was shot and killed, we collected money for the family for burial. She was excellent in organizing and kept money collected and corresponding with the family. She proved even then at the age of 17 she had organizing and public relations skills.”

How would you rate Alysse's presence in a social setting? “You will remember her the first time you meet her. Her accent and personality is what gets you” “She has an infectious smile, and she is outgoing. We went to a career fair together, and she did a lot of the talking with the employers at the booths.” “I would have to say she brings life to the place. She's is a great person to be around, knows when to be serious and knows how to have fun.” “You know when she has arrived.”

“ On a scale with one-ten with ten being the highest...9.” “On a scale of 1-10 she would get a 8” “ A 9… She is a very sociable person and is able to put a smile on everyone's faces in a social setting. She also adds her inputs on situations that may arise and give a positive feedback to people.”

When asked Alysse's strengths; “Her motivation and confidence” “She is persistent, and knows how to get the job done right.” “Communication, social skills and faith in God” “Seeing the best in people and situations, and never giving up on her goals “Not worrying what people say to her, just bushing it off and going on with her life.” “Her openness, determination to get things done if they need be, and her personality allows her to consider things that others might not; both in a creative setting or formal fashion.’


A survey was conducted with Alysse's co-workers, classmates, friends, and family. Here are some brief direct quotesof what they said about A...

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