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The Effects of Climate Change

Introduction Investigativing Question “How does an increase of climate change affect the growth of a radish plant?�


Humans around the If I apply heat to my plant, then world depend the growth rate of my plant will on the environment and have caused massive slow down. impacts which have contributed to the increase in global warming. Climate change are significant changes in global temperature, wind patterns and other measures of climate that occur over a long period of time. This is caused by the increase of CO2 which carbon levels surpassed 400 parts per million in 2013 primarily due to fossil-fuel emission in the air which rate is 200 times greater than the last ice age. Fossil-fuels are large contributors to climate change which humans constantly use to create energy for driving, power plants, heat and electricity. The increase of CO2 have caused: more extreme weather events, melting ice, warm waters, rise in sea levels, and a rise the water’s acidity level. This is happening around the world and mainly areas of ice like Greenland and Antarctica.

Methods Cup with ten radish seeds and is placed Experimental group: near a heat lamp.

Control Group: Materials:

Plastic cup containing ten radish seeds, which is placed near the window sill.

Ten radish seeds, plastic cups, soil, heat lamps, water, and a ruler.

Independent variable:

Sunlight for control grop vs heat lamp for experiental

Dependent variable:

Length of plant

Length of Study:

2 weeks


After we planted our seeds, we began with an average of 0 cm for our experimental and control group. Throughout the course of the experiment our experimental group began to show growth on day five. Our control group in the other hand had began growing after day four. Post experiment, the average growth of the experimental group is 2.08 cm and the average for the control group is 1.04. In comparison to our control group, the experimental group had twice as much radish plants growing. The percent difference between our control and experimental group is 105%.


Our big findings were that the plants under the heat lamps were surprisingly growing at a faster rate than the ones by the window sill. This is because climate change has caused an increase of CO2 which affect the plants structure and physiology. This increases cell wall extensibility and leaf expansion which lead to an increase growth of leaves and roots as well as biomass. Our investigation is valuable for humans because it shows people the effects climate change has on vegetation. Based on our results, we can continue to investigate climate change on different environments. For example, since climate change has caused warm waters, we can conduct an experiment comparing sea plants in warm water to regular temperature water. Humans should continue to understand climate change because it’s causing a negative impact and could cause many extinctions. If producers went extinct then the entire food chain would be disrupted since they’re the primary source of food that keeps that cycle going. Without them, then it would cause the extinction of the rest of the animals involved in the chain. We should try to conserve energy so that less CO2 will be released in the atmosphere.

The Effects of Climate Change  
The Effects of Climate Change