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figure/ground similarity proximity closure comtinuance translation rotation reflection glide/reflection dilation structured space symmetric balance asymmetric balance ambiguous balance neutral balance


Visual content of color, shape, text; pulled into figures with similarities of characteristic value.


a group of similar figures close together that attracts a population.


A clear path that implys for a group of figures to be arranged.


Simply taking an object and moving it from one place to another.


Turning an object to certain degrees on its axis which the object sits on.


A mirror image of an objet.


Guilding one object from one side to another, being continuous .


imflaming a small object to a bigger size.

structure 1

structure 2

structure 3

structure 4

structure 5

structure 6

symmetric balance

similar objects placed on all opposite sides of the center axis to create a form of balance that

asymmetric balance

when unlike objects are placed on opposite sides of the center axis, it creates an unequal

ambiguous balance

Objects that do not relate to one another, are characterized by its undecided nature.

nuetral balance

A form of balance of objects that is characterized by its form of random placement.

速 Alyssa Sams, September 2012 completed as a requirement for visual communication in the graphic design department at the kansas city art institute. michael kidwell, assistant professor.

Alyssa Sams_Visual Order  

Visual Order from Visual Communication.

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