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DedicationDedication Table of Contents To Breanna, Brittany, and Mac n’ Cheese Bites— About the Artist Thank you for taking this class with me

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ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR This book is a journey through our 16 week course about becoming professionals at Adobe Illustrator.

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The Tools Paint Brush and Eraser We used the paint brush tool a lot in the beginning of the semester along with the Wacom tablet and stylus. Some of the stylus’ had an eraser on the back, so if we made a mistake while drawing we were able to fix it easily. It was fun getting to practice our autographs over and over with the stylus to help get used to it.

Selection Tool and Direct Selection Tool There are two options that look like the mouse tool, they are the black selec-

Color Picker Tool The color tool is used to change the color on your fonts or your shapes. You can add an outline to these shapes or you can change the whole fill color. There is also an option for a gradient which is an ombrĂŠ effect.

Pen Tools Pen Tool is used to create shapes and designs. In class we used the pen tool to create letters and eventually our own font. We also used the pen tool to create logos. Specific parts of the pen tool are adding and subtracting points, and also manipulating your points.

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LOGOS By: Alyssa Kolecki

This week, we studied logos and the anatomy of a logo. I searched logos on google and found many options of famous brands. We started by copying the batman logo into Adobe Illustrator and tracing the outline with the pen tool. The assignment required 10 logos to be traced with the pen tool. As I did logo research, I found that logos have changed very much over the years. Some companies used to have very complex logos with words, objects, and shapes. Over the years, these companies have refurbished their logos and have chosen a more modern and simple look. Now, many logos are only one shape and simple colors. This way, the consumer and everyday person is easily able to recognize this iconic symbol and associate it with the company.

FAVORITE LOGO One of my favorite logos is the Gatorade logo. Gatorade is a company that I'm very familiar with and that I know a lot about. I think that it's so interesting that they're able to only write a G on their products, but yet everyone knows that its Gatorade. I like how simple and clean it is. This is another logo that has adapted over time.

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Smoke Free Campus By: Alyssa Kolecki

the project This week, we received a project from SXU requesting a logo to show that our campus will become a smoke free campus starting in 2017. The details of the project were specific, so I needed to follow a list of requirements. The main requirements were for the logo to be professional, have a theme, have colors or black and white, and integrity. The logo was to say "Tobacco Free" and not use the SXU shield, cougar, or school logo. To start this project, I made a few rough sketches of possible ideas. Then I chose a few that I liked the best. I double checked that my sketches followed the guidelines of the assignment. After that was done, I went into illustrator and began to create my logo digitally.

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the idea The ideas of my logos were to make sure that they were easy to read and simple. While doing logo research, I realized that many logos do a simple design. This way the customer will easily be able to identify the brand and that image will stick in their brain. I knew that I wanted to make my logo something that made it easy to tell that smoking is not allowed. I find that red is a color that stands out so I picked to use red, and its also our school color! The classic no smoking image of a cigarette with a red X is too common, but I like how easily it gets the message across. I wanted to do something similar to this but add a personalized touch and make sure that it's clear that it's for the SXU campus.

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HUE a gradation or variety of a color; tint: text and drawings by: Alyssa Kolecki

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For all of my drawings, I used the Wacom tablet with a stylus. I also used Adobe Illustrator and became a little more familiar with some new tools. I used new brushes, the swatches tab, and the layers tab in order to create everything. I drew my pictures based off of photographs taken by Professor Peck. I became more familiar with the term hue which is the range of visible light. I now know that this is different that value which is the range from light to dark mostly relating to a scale of black, white, and grey. I also learned about saturation which is the vividness and contrast of intensity. Saturation can be desaturated of oversaturated. After doing this assignment I have a better understanding of hue, and more specifically the idea of complementary, analogous, and monochromatic images.

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LINE These are images created strictly out of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines using the Wacom tablet and stylus. This week we have drawn 10 different wine bottles with horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. It took me some time to get used to drawing on the tablet, and some of my drawings didn’t quite live up to my expectations of what a wine bottle is supposed to look like. I decided to name all of my drawings after the first thing that popped into my head when I looked at it. Craft is how we physically made each image. We used the Wacom tablet and stylus along with Adobe Illustrator. All 3 of these were new to me, so I had a lot to learn. I began by drawing the horizontal bottles and soon found out that these were the easiest for me to draw. I started from the bottom and worked my way up, eventually making the lines shorter toward the top. The stylus made it a lot easier to draw a straight line, but I still struggled with a shaky hand. I think that along with more practice I will feel more comfortable drawing with the stylus.

For example, some of the lines look like a crooked oar, a church, and even a Listerine bottle. The end goal was to have all the parallel lines make your eyes follow them to end up looking like a bottle. I curved the lines toward the top and made them shorter to form the shape of a wine bottle. The reason I arranged all the lines like this was because when they all came together the viewer would be able to see the rough image of a wine bottle. Concept is what you think and feel. The idea of the project is was to draw a wine bottle made only of lines. When all these lines come together the viewer will see the rough image of a wine bottle. In order to make this, we had to create a variety of different sized lines.

Composition is what the viewers eyes see. Technically when you first look at the lines, you are supposed to see a rough version of a wine bottle. For most of mine, when I first looked at the final product, I saw a few different things. By: Alyssa Kolecki

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VALUE This week, we used the value scale to demonstrate how light and shadows create the way we view an object. Value is the scale from light to dark. White is the lightest value while black is the darkest.

By: Alyssa Kolecki

To create this image, we used a Wacom tablet and the stylus. We then used the value scale on Adobe Illustrator. I began by setting up a lamp and positioning the teapot accordingly. I found that as I adjusted the light, the shadows would shift. I placed the lamp on the right side of the teapot causing it to have a shadow to the left side. I then started drawing the teacup with lines then cross hatching throughout the rest. I then shaded the rest of the teapot based off of where the shadow was casting

By: Brittany Serritella

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over it. I repeated this whole process for the teacup. In this assignment, I really learned how to create shadows and apply value to my drawing. Looking at these, I want my viewer to be able to tell where the light was coming from. I think that shading with paper and pencil is easier to do, but I think that with the limited colors on the scale given, these images also communicate the message.

By: Breanna Graffeo

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Alphabet After I finished my font, I noticed that it reminded me The Great Gatsby. After mastering the pen tool, I used my knowledge about creating letters to create my own font. I used Adobe Illustrator along with the pen tool, pen+, pen-, and anchor point tool. I used the grid on the canvas so I was able to measure out my lines and make them straight. I chose to make a font that I was comfortable drawing on pencil and paper.

I started by roughing out the letters then went and smoothed them all out and adjusted their size and height. After I was happy with the letters, I realized that they reminded me a little bit of the letters from the movie The Great Gatsby. I wanted to go along with the theme, so I added a gold gradient with the gradient fill tool and created the title as Gatsby. This font was simple to make, The letters look retro and classy. My favorite colors are gold and black and I think they make a very good combination together. The gradient effect gives it a little bit of shine.

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of Chicago text and photos taken by: Alyssa Kolecki

Trompe l’Oeil Still Life with a Flower Garland and a Curtain

1658. Spelt and Mieris. I found this painting so interesting for a few reasons. Professor Peck told us to keep an eye out for all the paintings with flowers. When he pointed at this one it really stood out. Naturally my eyes first looked at the flowers, but only for a quick second. I then moved to the curtain and had to look closer to see what exactly it was. I found it so strange that these two were paired together but I love how much the blue stands out. I can really see the texture and the shine.

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Venice, Palazzo Dario 1908. Claude Monet Next, I really enjoyed this painting. The reason it caught my eye was because it’s a painting of Venice, Italy and I happened to visit there this summer. It’s cool because I could tell right away that the location was Venice even though it’s just buildings, water, and a gondola. I felt like that when I was in Venice this summer that the whole city had awesome character and style and almost a fog over it that it wasn’t even a real place. I feel like this painting portrays that really well, as strange as that sounds. I hope to one day return!

Suffering 1907. Constantin Brancusi. Here’s a sculpture that I passed and found pretty cool. I don’t know much about it but I feel like I don’t really need to. I love the detail of it and the material. To me it looks like a young boy sleeping. I think it’s interesting because the person doesn’t have arms or really any detail below the head. It looks so peaceful and comfortable when in reality no one would be comfortable sleeping in the position.

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Analogous In an analogous drawing, only colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel are allowed to touch. For my drawing I chose to use yellow and green only, but used different shades of all of them to compose my drawing. This is an image that I drew based off of Professor Peck’s photography. I used the Wacom tablet and stylus to create this image. I used Adobe Illustrator and the brush tools. While drawing, I made sure to keep the colors analogous, so I was only in the range of yellows and greens.

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The Color Wheel

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By: Alyssa Kolecki



the degree of chroma or purity of a color

the scale from light to dark


Primary Colors

the range of visible light

red, yellow, and blue can be used to form any colors



colors that are similar in the same basic part

colors that touch each other on the wheel


Secondary Colors

All the shades of one color

orange, green, and purple

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Digital Photography ART-113 Professor Sandra Mendez

photos by: Alyssa Kolecki

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One of my favorite hobbies is photography. This semester I decided to take an art class on photography to get some new ideas. I use a Nikon d7000 camera. I’ve enjoyed this class because it has helped me get a better outlook on life and now I really notice the little things.

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Cougars_ softball

“The best team in Saint Xavier University women athletics history!� The 2015-2016 softball team was the best team in Saint Xavier University women sports history! It was a blessing to be a part of an amazing team for my freshman year. Our coaches were Myra Minuskin and Erin Mollohan. We were CCAC conference champions which is how we got our bid to go to regionals at Georgia Gwinnett College in Atlanta, Georgia. We won that tournament and were headed to the World Series in Sioux City, Iowa! We were really lucky to continue to be still playing way passed the end of the semester, we were one of 10 NAIA teams still playing to compete for the World Series championship. We finished our season second place in the nation! It was an unforgettable experience. Now, make sure to look out for the 2016-2017 cougars as they plan to finish even better this year and bring the championship trophy back to Chicago! text by Alyssa Kolecki

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guest artist:

Brittany Serritella The image on the top is my complementary drawing. You use the color wheel to use contrasting colors to draw the picture. The orange and blue are contrasting one another. It was hard for me to draw this picture and blend the colors. The shadows were hard for me to draw because the complexity of it and the many different shades of colors you had to use. I tried to get the middle of the flower to be accurate has possible with all the different browns. The browns were spotty, so instead of coloring it in, I drew multiple dots to make up the middle of the flower.

The image on the bottom is my analogous drawing. This one was the easiest for me to draw because I wasn’t restricted colors. The background was the hardest for me to draw and blend. The flower and leaves are most accurate in shape and size. Drawing the inside of the flower and leaves were hard for me because I couldn’t figure out what brush to use so I decided to stick with the simple brushes to get the best visualization of the leaves and flower.

art & text by Brittany Serritella photo by Alyssa Kolecki Record Year - Page 29

art & text by Breanna Graffeo photo by Alyssa Kolecki

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guest artist:

Breanna Graffeo This week we have been working on creating shapes/ letters on Adobe Illustrator. To accomplish this, we used an iMac, Adobe Illustrator, and a mouse. To get the shapes into letters we used the pen tool to form the letters. We had a mind set of “Roughing it out, then smoothing it out.” To smooth it out we used a variety of different tools on Adobe Illustrator. I was personally having a very hard time making curves on the fly, free handed this week so I made all of my letters using corner points and then smoothed them out with the anchor tool. Unfortunately, I was not aware that we were supposed to take screen shots of our page to show the smooth it out process until after I was already done with this artwork. I did not like looking a the letters with them being messed up so I smoothed them each out as I went along. To smooth them out into looking like decent, legible letters, I mainly used the anchor tool and the Direct Selection Tool. This was a cool tool because it allowed you to changed the corners, add corners, and adjust the spacing throughout the letter. We were relating the creation of our alphabet as if we were making fonts.

“I realized that my four favorite letters that I created spelled out Next and that is how it became my font name” I imagine this as a font for a device called a cricket that my mom and other scrapbookers use to help create their own pages. The cricket cuts out words in the font you tell it to. I could possibly see some of my mom’s titles of her scrapbook as my font. I named my font “Next” because when I was thinking about what I wanted to name this font, I was having some difficulty. I then realized that the four favorite letters that I created spelled out Next and that is how it became my font name.

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Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America and supporting the fight against pediatric cancer. This year, Saint Xavier University became a part of the Love Your Melon Campus Crew program. If you are not familiar with Love Your Melon, it is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America and supporting the fight against pediatric cancer.

There are over 700 college campuses in America that are in this organization. I am the public relations manager of this group, and my job is to control the Twitter account. When you go on the website, you can choose to purchase a beanie, shirt, or other apparel. 50% of this purchase goes right to help fund children cancer research. When you choose your product, it is asked that you pick to support Saint Xavier University. This way, our group of students will receive credits. When we reach a certain number of credits we are able to meet with children in our community that are suffering from pediatric cancer. We already met with one child and took him and his family to the Little Red Schoolhouse. It’s great to be able to do service in our community and also raise money to help kids around the country— and look stylish while doing it!

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Garfield Park Conservatory

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“The Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the largest and most stunning conservatories in the nation. Often referred to as “landscape art under glass,” the conservatory occupies approximately two acres inside, where thousands of plant species are on display throughout eight rooms in this magnificent facility.” On one chilly Tuesday afternoon I headed over to the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago. I had never been there before, but I heard good reviews about it. I really was blown away when I walked in! First, there was almost no one there, surprisingly. I roamed around the entire facility with my camera looking for things to take pictures of. I learned a lot about plant species I had never heard of before. Normally I enjoy taking pictures of people and landscapes, but lately I’ve been getting into close-ups and lighting. I hope that I get to go back soon!

photos & text by Alyssa Kolecki Record Year - Page 35

Venice, Italy

Chamonix, France

Milan, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

text & photos by Alyssa Kolecki Record Year - Page 36

that one time i went to


Spain. France. Switzerland. Italy. Greece. In July 2016, I was able to study abroad in Europe for a month. We travelled to 5 countries and 15 cities in 30 days! We went to Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece. I took International Business and International IQ while I was there.

It was a really cool experience, because I didn’t know anyone before I went. There was about 50 other students from all over the world. We all shared a love for traveling, exploring, and learning, so we were the perfect mix. It was definitely the best summer of my life. I never would have been to learn so much and see so much in such a short amount of time. Now I really want to go back to Europe in the future because I have a lot of different cities and countries I want to go to. I’m thankful for the friends I met while I was there and I still keep in touch with them! I would recommend for every college student to go abroad if they get the opportunity. Record Year - Page 37

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Chicago Cubs_ World Series Champions!

2016 was a cool year because the Cubs won the World Series!! For the first time in 108 years! I watched game 7 with my roommates Brittany and Mal in our dorm room. I was too nervous to go anywhere to watch the game because I really wanted to win. I was very superstitious during the entire series. My grandparents are big Cubs fans, so growing up I always cheered for the Cubs. It wasn’t always pretty, because I remember times when they were VERY bad. It’s cool that my grandparents got to finally witness their favorite team win a championship.

My family and I got to go to one game this season on Mothers Day. It was actually my sister and I’s present to our Mom. My dad played baseball his whole life including in the minor leagues, and my mom loved to watch him. My sister Kelsey and I both play softball, so baseball has always been a huge thing for my family. We talk about, watch it, and play it non-stop. My favorite player on the Cubs this year is tied between Addison Russell and Anthony Rizzo. I like Russell because he is the shortstop and thats the position that I play. I like Rizzo because he’s a great team leader. Honestly, they were such a fun team to watch. My sister and I were able to go to parade together! There were so many people it was crazy. Apparently it was the 7th large human gathering in human history so that’s pretty cool that we were a part of it!

by: alyssa kolecki Record Year - Page 39

about the artist alyssa kolecki My name is Alyssa Kolecki, I’m a sophomore at Saint Xavier University. I’m from Oak Forest, IL. My major is Marketing and I’m planning on graduating in May of 2019. I play on the softball team here and I’ve been playing softball since I was 5 years old. I’m the Public Relations Manager of the SXU Love Your Melon Crew. I love traveling, photography, and playing sports. My favorite number is 8 and my favorite band is Twenty One Pilots.

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