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Sweetheart May 2013, Issue VII


Contents 3 Christopher Owens, St. Giles in the Fields Church

6 Spotlight: The Garden

The “Girls” frontman is at it again

This Southern California duo is making their mark in both the modelling and music industries

4-5 Keaton Henson

7 Summer music

Sweetheart explains why we’re crushing on this bearded Londoner, and why you should be too

A playlist for when the sun is shining, as well as some favourite tracks from our favourite people photos by Carolina Faruolo

What’s New This Month Laura Marling releases four tracks from upcoming album Once I Was an Eagle in an 18 minute short film, “When Brave Bird Saved.” Watch her film online at http:// Noah and the Whale news/tag/when-braveare back at it with a bird-saved/. Album out fourth album, Heart 27 May 2013. of Nowhere. A far cry from the ukelele days of “5 Years Time,” tracks like “All Through the Night” show they’ve grown up quite a bit. Palace Theatre 28/4, 5/5, 5/12, 5/19, £27.50. 2


C Band to watch: The Wytches. Originally from Peterborough, this trio brings a more psychedelic, shouty side to the recent surf-pop resurge. Catch them at Camden Barfly on 5 June with Drenge.

Former Girls frontman performs his f irst solo show at London’s St. Giles in the f ields Church. Review by Alyssa Julian.

hristopher Owens’ first London gig since his split from previous band Girls took place in the ethereal St. Giles in the Fields Church, London. The stage was dim, and in traditional Owens fashion, featured bouquets of flowers in front of his microphone. He took to the stage without a world, and immediately started playing “Lysandre’s Theme,” the first song off his debut solo album, out 13 January. A departure from the laid back surf-pop feel of Girls, Owens has slowed things down for Lysandre, which provides his live set with an entirely different feel. He’s left an eight-piece band for seven, exchanged a keyboard for a flute, and has still managed to create beauti-

fully layered music. The pace and style of songs varied, some (primarily “Lysandre,” the albums namesake) possessed the same grand catchiness of “Lust for Life” and “Vomit,” while others took on elements of progressive rock, folk, and pop, something Owens had yet to produce. After just thirty minutes, the set had been completed, and the only words heard from Owen’s were “we’ll just stay,” followed by a giggle and a segue into the encore. With thus, the set ended. Short, sweet, and a very strong indication that Christopher Owens will be every bit as successful on his own, and that Lysandre will be every bit as wonderful as Album and Father, Son, Holy Ghost. 3

Keaton Henson is a 24-year-old singer, illustrator, and self proclaimed “doomsday child” from Richmond, southwest London. His stage fright and crippling anxiety prevents him from playing more than a few live shows a year, but his lyrics of heartbreak, performed by a voice almost too pure to believe, have drawn him quite the crowd. Henson never intended to become a musician; in fact, he started his career as an illustrator. His work has been showcased in selective exhibitions around the city; the first, a 3 day show in February 2012 at Blackall Studios for the release of his book Gloaming, and a second at Soho’s Pertwee, Anderson, and Gold gallery. His debut album, Dear, was released in 2012, and with it came a mass 4

following. People were intrigued, and undeniably curious to find more information about the reclusive, old soul. Dear is a tale of heartbreak, a simple album featuring minimal instrumentals and the long, soft cries of Keaton’s voice. With titles like “You

Don’t Know How Lucky You Are,” and “Not That You’d Even Notice,” Henson’s heart

wrenching pleas for affection and tales of unrequited love are identifiable; it feels as if the listener is sat beside him in his room, listening to him cry out for his previous sweetheart. In a spoken interview (a rarity, as Henson prefers contact by email, or no contact at all) he mentions that most songs on Dear were written in a day, and that the rela-

tionship fell apart because there was someone else. He spent the next three or so months in his bedroom, away from the world, writing tales of heart break and young love. His second album, which has just been released on Oak Ten Records, is more mature than Dear, dabbling with upbeat tempos and electric guitar. Birthdays A side features the same familiarity of his previous record, a comfort blanket of sorts to the avid Henson fan. The B-side, however, shows a different

side to the introverted artist. Starting with “The Best Today,” it’s evident that Henson has taken on a new level of confidence, or so it seems. An interesting twist on the sound most commonly identified with Henson, the rest of the album takes on a rock-like feel, and even manages to show Henson’s angry side (listen to “Kronos”). The transformation from soft, falsetto blessed introvert to the sounds shown on Birthdays may seem like an entirely new person, but fear not. Henson still blames heavy stage fright for not playing more often, or to larger crowds. “ His most recent venture, a US “tour,” included two dates: in New

York’s Housing Works and Los Angeles’ Hollywood Forever Cemetery Masonic Lodge. Previous to his US stint, he curated a Museum Tour; a carefully selected series of shows in some of the most intimate museums around the UK, including a two night stay London’s Freud Museum. Henson will be facing his fears once more, as he returns to London on 12 September to play the Emmanuel Centre.

To find out more about Keaton Henson, or to peer a bit into his life, visit his website at: Story by Alyssa Julian Photos by Sophie Wright and Keaton Henson

Self Portrait, most mornings. 2012


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The Garden

interview by Alyssa Julian

Meet Wyatt and Fletcher, the twin super duo who hail from the suburbs of Orange County, California. At only 19, they’ve managed to tour Europe, the US, and walk Paris Fashion Week for (Yves) Saint Laurent. We spoke to the two about being best friends and music. 1. Can you please explain “The Garden?” The Garden is something we’ve never been able to identify genre wise, so we made one up. It’s called “Vada Vada.” 2. When did it all start? We started in 2011. 3. How does the whole twin thing work, musically? Are you in favour of it or? We do a lot of improvising while we play. I think having that lifelong “twin connection” definitely adds to the mystery of what were capable of together musically. 6

4. And past musically? Do you ever get sick of one another? We love playing music together, and would never get sick of it. 5. Let’s talk Paris. How does it feel to be Hedi Slimane’s new muses and walking Paris Fashion Week? The experience was fun, and continues to be… 6. What’s in store for you guys in the next few months? What should we keep an eye out for? June we have our first LP coming out on Burger Records. July we have a 7inch coming out on Big Love Records in JAPAN, and a few out of the country tours on the way. Check them out at:

Sweetheart wants to know... What are you listening to this summer? The editors in the office have compiled a list of favourites, and we took to the internet to see what the latest trends are out in the social media-sphere. 1. Vampire Weekend- Modern Vampires of the City (out 14 May) 2. Father John Misty- Fear Fun (for the second summer in a row...) 3. Foals- Holy Fire: Yannis...swoon. 4. Peace- In Love: is there anything frontman Harrison Koisser can’t do? 5. Swim Deep- Where the Heaven Are We? (out 29 July) we agree with Twitter user @__ErinM__, it’s worth waiting for 6. Kurt Vile and the Violators- Wakin on a Pretty Daze (could Kurt Vile make anything more perfect than this album?) 7. Haim- could we forget this kick ass sister trio?

summertime, soak up the sunshine with you



@Faerie_mads: “I’ve been listening to The Growler’s new album, ‘Hung At Heart’ a lot lately!”

@milkmoons: “The Great Gatsby soundtrack”

@__ErinM__: “I’m really looking forward to Swim Deep’s full length album, can’t wait x”

@and_erz: “I’ve just been on holiday in California, so Best Coast is playing constantly (the best summer music)”




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