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Below: A trip to LA.

What inspires me to be a teacher? Teaching and a vast involvement in education run thick through these veins. From my great-great grandparents down to my own parents, my family has seemingly passed down the gene responsible for a passion for learning as it applies to life both in and out of the classroom. Being a teacher allows me to share my thirst for knowledge and that passion for learning.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” - Aristotle Social Studies


It is my sincerest belief that the most effective way to gain recognition and respect for individual and collective identity is to experience the myriad ways of the world first hand. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel for the majority of my life, spending time touring around North America, living in Australia, and backpacking around Asia. Most recently, I spent a life-altering six months abroad in South East Asia, travelling between the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Next up: Peru and Bolivia.

Before enrolling in a bachelor of education program, I spent three long years working towards my Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition. Although ultimately I discovered that the path towards becoming a registered dietician was not a path I wanted to continue to explore, I gained invaluable knowledge both in and out of the classroom. I learned: never to take for granted a homecooked meal, especially one that is FREE; that diet plays an important role in nourishing the body, mind and spirit, though it is certainly not the only contributing factor; and namely, that in the most literal sense of the phrase, you are not what you eat...unless I look like a giant mint chocolate chip ice cream cone and no one has said anything...

Above: A Piece of the Philippines. Rice Terraces of Batad (Left); The vivid sunsets of Coron (Right)

Phys Ed Throughout my life I have dedicated a substantial amount of time and effort to competitive sports (primarily basketball and volleyball) but you could catch me participating in almost anything that kept me challenged physically: track and field, soccer, dance, badminton, snowboarding, cross fit, you name it. Nowadays, my passion lies in yoga and almost any excuse to get me exploring the great outdoors. 187188

Art I never truly considered myself to be artistically inclined by any stretch of the imagination, but I believe that realization has allowed me to develop a deep appreciation of the art provided to us by the many talented individuals that give colour to a world that is so often seen in black and white. Over the years I’ve developed an amateur understanding of photography which has grown into a budding hobby that I’ve been fortunate enough to employ all over the globe.

Alyssa Goheen

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