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Branding Brand 3710 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Contact: Alyssa DiLoreto 814-242-4152 For immediate release BRANDING BRAND LAUNCHES LARGEST QR CODE MARKETING CAMPAIGN Branding Brand Communications launched the world’s largest QR code marketing campaign for Dick’s Sporting Goods at the new Cowboy’s Stadium in Dallas, Texas during the third quarter of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Cowboys Classic on Saturday, September 5. “Dick’s Sporting Goods has gone mobile in one of the biggest ways possible with a technology convergence of largest meets first,” said Jeffrey R. Hennion, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods. During the game, fans took pictures of the QR code displayed on the jumbotrons, totaling 25,000-square-feet of video billboards. Fans with QR code readers connected to the site and received an exclusive discount. Even fans without a reader were still eligible to redeem the discount by entering “” in their phone’s browser or by taking a photo of the jumbotron and emailing it to Branding Brand designed and created Dick’s user-friendly mobile site tailored to mobile devices for faster download time and better viewability. Dick’s Sporting Goods revealed the mobile site as part (-more-)

of Dick’s Sporting Goods Kickoff Week on ESPN. Standard bar codes contain data in one direction, whereas QR codes contain information in vertical and horizontal directions allowing more information and character types to be stored in a smaller space. QR code readers can be installed in the U.S. on smartphones including BlackBerry models and Apple’s iPhone. Released in 1994, Denso Wave in Japan developed QR code to be interpreted by scanner equipment. The two-dimensional bar code allows QR code-enabled smartphones to read it, which triggers an action, such as linking to a mobile site.


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