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ISSUE NO. 2 //  MARCH 2018


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COMING INTO ALIGNMENT Welcome to the second edition of Spiritual Life Hacks Magazine. This month we look into the idea of alignment and tips on how we can get 'into' it. 

I would like to thank everyone who continues to order readings, I am honoured to help you on your spiritual journey in this way. We have some exciting new readings available for all budgets too!

I would also like to wish you a blessed month, full of happiness.


5 TIPS TO COME INTO ALIGNMENT ALYSSA CRUISE Alignment Dictionary definition; the process of adjusting parts so that they are in proper relative position. Over the years the fields of Psychology, self-help and spiritual practices

touch with yourself and the world around you. It’s no wonder really, because alignment can mean so many different things to us in our lives.

At times we can feel when we are out of alignment, we lose our sparkle so to speak. We may feel dissatisfied in a relationship, job or location in which we live. What once felt good now feels the opposite but why? I remember starting work in an office years ago, it was my first day and I was so excited.

New projects always bring that excitement for us. After my first week my supervisor asked me “How are you liking the job so far?” “I love it!” I answered. “Just wait a few more weeks you will hate it in the end” she said.

I can say that I never ‘hated’ the job, but I did find it unfulfilling and a waste of my time. What value was I giving to the world? What opportunity for growth did I have there? It was a means to an end I told myself, but to what end? It is ok to find something enjoyable in life, only to change your mind later on. When we stop feeling the joy, it means we have simply slipped out of alignment a little and just need to adjust parts of our lives to get ‘back into position’. The job I had, taught me how to public speak and give presentations to large Universities. Once I had learnt those lessons (that I didn’t even know I had to learn) it was time to move on.


have taken on the word alignment, to explain the meaning of being in

The same goes for relationships. Romantic or friendship it is all the same. If we continue to

our lessons have been learnt, it not only stunts our growth but also the other people involved. You might hesitate to leave a partner out of a sense of duty or a promise that you made, but how is being unhappy helping your partner? How is being out of alignment helping you give your love freely?

Working our way back into alignment can be a gradual process, or very swift depending on the situation and on yourself. If you pay attention to how your feel, you can navigate your way back into alignment. By doing this you take beautiful lessons from your life, and can utilise them to not only help yourself but to also help others.

 I had stayed in the job I didn’t like, out of a sense of fear or duty. It would not only of held me back personally, but also would have been a disservice to others. It would have been a disservice to my workplace and I would never have created a mission for myself to help others, which is my biggest joy in life.


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5 Steps to get back into alignment; 1) Think about others. – If you are finding it challenging to put your needs first, out of a subconscious fear of underserving, you need to get to the root of that issue. Then, like a weed

quick fix would be to focus on helping others. If you are in a job you hate, how does that affect your family life? Do you snap at those you live with? Complain a lot? Making a change won’t only benefit you but those around you.

2) Spend time in nature. – Ok this may sound ‘airy fairy’ but honestly, the universe partnered us up with nature for a reason. The trees take in our Carbon Dioxide then convert it into beautiful Oxygen for us. We truly are life partners. When we spend time in nature any stagnant energy is released, to be refreshed into new energy. How better to get back into alignment then to work in harmony with the mirror image versions of ourselves? That being plants and trees.

3) Gratitude is the best attitude. – Symptoms of falling off balance include; No zest for life, worry, fear creeping in and a distain for our reality. When we focus on all this ‘stuff’ there is no room for gratitude. We cannot focus on worry at the same time as gratitude. Our brains are wired that way! Better to choose gratitude then. I understand what it feels like to think “well that’s all well and good but I have nothing to be grateful for, my life is a mess” trust me I’ve been there and done that! But just re-read point two, yes oxygen! Now that’s something to be grateful for, we don’t have to worry about when we will get it next and its free, what a gift!


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5 Steps to get back into alignment; 4) Talk to the universe.- Whether you call this life force energy God, the divine, the Universe, the goddess, the All etc.… it doesn’t matter. We all belong to the same thing. When we ask our

yes, they may say no. The Universe doesn’t work that way. We ask and it is given. But unlike a parent child relationship with a built in authority, we are co-creators with the all. Meaning like with nature, we are a partnership. We ask for help, and then it is our ‘job’ to simply listen for guidance. Once I was asking the Universe to help me help people, I didn’t know where to start. A volunteering opportunity was offered to me as a ‘listener’. So I went for it! I then noticed common themes surrounding people’s worries and was then able to create services that I knew would benefit others! If we just allow ourselves to be open to opportunities it will lead us to where we need to be, even if it doesn’t always happen in the way we had anticipated.

5) Release harsh judgements on yourself. – Everyone on this planet is doing the best they can with what they have. It might not always seem that way, especially with way the mainstream media represents humanity, but it’s true.

Your current circumstances do not define your future and you know this! Otherwise you wouldn’t have come so far already. When you feel grief it hurts so badly you think “I don’t ever think I will lose this pain” but over time you do. It isn’t always pretty and it never happens overnight but it does eventually happen. You are doing what you can, you are reading this! Learn to love yourself in whatever place you’re in, and this will snap you back into alignment.


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