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Bill George, President and CEO; Randy Mintz-Presant, Editor; Felicia Phillips, Managing Editor; Bernard Thorn, Senior Multimedia Designer; Pulse Reporters: Doug Bassett, Rosalie Hughes, Jamilah Perry, Melissa Schweizer

JULY 11, 2011

The Pulse is news you can use published by the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs department for employees of Health Partners. To submit items for the Pulse, please email your story ideas or photos to or call extension 4580.

All Staff Meeting Highlights Future Leaders Team Earns Spirit of Health Par tners Award This diverse group representing almost every division in the organization spent eight months and an average of half a day, twice each month, pioneering a new program designed to give young students the tools they need to become future leaders. Sponsored by Health Partners Foundation and led by OLC, this dedicated team mentored a group of promising 10th graders, helping them develop a wide range of skills from problem solving to communicating effectively. Most importantly, by working together and generously giving of themselves, they gave these teenagers a load of confidence. “It was a pleasure watching the students go from bashful teenagers into more independent thinkers,” says Nannette Gowdy, high medical needs coordinator. “This group came in the door ready to learn and used this opportunity to the fullest,” says Keith Ogden, manager, training, standards and quality. “It means a lot to all of us that these young people embraced the experience. Receiving the Spirit of Health Partners Award for our contribution is the cherry on top of the sundae!”

Bill George, president and CEO (center), congratulates Spirit of Health Partners award winners, (l-r) Darnell Thomas, manager, provider services; Joe Johnson, external network account manager; Margaret Fogerty, senior staff accountant; Vonda Pearson, executive administrative assistant; Esther Miller, senior systems analyst; Angela Lloyd, compliance auditor; Megan Polkus, enrollment and eligibility representative; Tabitha Borrero, provider operations data reporting analyst; and Jorge Parra, wellness program administrator; and Bill Austin, manager, OLC. (Not pictured) Bonnie Arva, training coordinator; Mary Doyle, trainer; Nannette Gowdy, high medical needs coordinator; Julia Oatway, senior trainer; and Keith Ogden, manager, training, standards and quality.

20 Years Pays Off! Mary Ann McGruddy, programmer analyst, Health Partners’ first employee to reach the 20-year mark, was honored at the March All Staff Meeting. As a reward for their dedicated service, our five, ten and 15-year employees will enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on the number of years they have served, with Bill George. All 20-year employees receive $1,000 and one week of paid vacation time. Bill joked that although he joins our five, ten and 15-year employees for a meal, he was sure Mary Ann wouldn’t want him to join her on vacation. He merely asked that she send him a postcard (left). Mary Ann returned the joke from Myrtle Beach.

(1) The Pulse 06/11/2011

All Staff Meeting Highlights (Anniversaries) 20 Years of Service

Bill George, president and CEO, congratulates 20-year anniversary award recipient, Carmen Rosario, senior member relations representative.

Bill congratulates 20-year anniversary award recipient, Hope Adegbesan, manager, payroll & accounts payable.

15 Years of Service

5 Years of Service

Bill (center) and 5-year anniversary award recipients (l-r) Iris Rodriguez, housekeeper; Jacqueline Walker, manager, provider relations; Chayne Rothmiller, claims reconsideration specialist; Erica Adams, claims reconsideration specialist; Kionne Grant, recovery specialist (behind); Chauntai Tyler, quality review specialist; Keyona Robinson, claims examiner; Ashlyn Sanders, supervisor, claims; Aisha Small, claims reconsideration specialist; Aisha Hill, quality review specialist; Nicole Bacon, claims reconsideration specialist; Sakeenah Reaves-White, claims reconsideration specialist; Zuri Hammond, quality review specialist; Susan Harmon, team leader, claims; and Rashida Dyches, claims examiner.

Bill and 15-year anniversary award recipient, Kearline Jones, vice president, government relations & compliance.

10 Years of Service Bill and 10year anniversary award recipients (l-r) Ramesh Vangala, vice president, pharmacy services; Josephine Studivant, appeals specialist; Yolanda Brown, member relations representative; Lucy Sharf, programmer analyst; Patricia Gaull, director, compliance; Maureen Williams, clinical investigator, SIU; and Ernesto Rosado, print production clerk.

Bill (third from left) and 5-year anniversary award recipients (l-r) Michelle Brunson, team leader, claims; Theresa Robinson, compliance specialist; Dr. Mary K Stom, senior vice president, healthcare management & chief medical officer; Benjamin Mullins, mail clerk; Sheila Mimms, claims reconsideration specialist; Efrain Berrios, mail clerk; Randi Schwarz , investigator, SIU; Byron White, supervisor, claims; Angela Lloyd, compliance auditor; Marcus Glenn, senior network administrator; Paula Cathey, supervisor, enrollment; Fateen Nickens, senior systems analyst, ASM; and Megan Polkus, enrollment/eligibility representative. (Not pictured) Giselle Rosa, member relations representative; Kisha Mitchell, EDI specialist; Victoria Rivera, claims examiner; Stacey Wise, quality review specialist; Jane Miller, quality review specialist; Kenyatta Bishop, enrollment/eligibility representative; Rose Wisdom, enrollment/eligibility representative; Lavette Himmons, claims examiner; Tracy Beard, claims examiner; Yolanda Brown, member relations representative; and Lyudmila Sharf, programmer analyst.

(2) The Pulse 06/11/2011

Special Agent Tucker-Keto Earns Her Stripes

By Alyssa Blake, corporate communications and public affairs intern

Claudia Tucker-Keto, manager of community education, recently graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Citizens’ Special Agent Tucker-Keto Academy, a program which flashes her credentials upon puts enrollees in the shoes of graduating from the FBI a Special Agent. Attended by Citizens’ Academy. a diverse group of participants including a Catholic priest, a media cameraman, a representative from the District Attorney’s office, and employees from Comcast and Verizon Wireless, the three month program was designed to help create partnerships with community leaders in an effort to raise awareness about the FBI’s role in keeping our country and local communities safe. Claudia had the opportunity to immerse herself in a fascinating curriculum that included evidence collection and preservation, understanding the structure and operation of FBI field offices and satellite agencies, fingerprint training, forensics and technology, policy and protocol. She also had a chance to overcome some of her anxiety regarding firearms. “I gained a respect for the effective use of them,” she said.

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Just two days after the U.S. raided Osama Bin Laden’s compound, students took a trip to the Marine Corps Base at Quantico. Quantico, which also houses the FBI training headquarters, is where all evidence from the compound raid was processed, including DNA evidence from Bin Laden himself. “In taking the trip, I gained a greater appreciation of the dangers that come with working for the FBI,” says Claudia. “I was able to embrace what it meant for the Navy S.E.A.L.S. and the President to make such a decisive move in the fight against terrorism.” Before attending the Academy, Claudia did not know what to expect. Afterwards, she gained a better understanding of what the FBI and Homeland Security Department do to serve and protect this nation. Upon completion, graduates are encouraged to serve as role models in their community, as ambassadors for the FBI by joining the Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association (CAAA). Robert S. Mueller, III, director of the FBI, says to all graduates, “Continue to help us protect your community and use the valuable perspectives you have gained as a Citizens’ Academy graduate.”

Chopper Check Yields More Than Just Healthy Smiles At the end of June, Health Partners hosted its second Chopper Check event of the year in conjunction with the St. Christopher’s Foundation Dental Mobile. Held at our Community Office on Kensington & Allegheny, the event afforded HP the opportunity to provide important health screenings to members and non-members alike. St. Christopher’s administered 36 children’s dental exams, while 86 adult members and 27 non-members received BMI screenings. A new incentive was also added to this Chopper Check, rewarding a record 79 members for providing proof of a recent adolescent well visit! Baby Partners staff members were also on hand to answer questions and distribute information about prenatal care.

Class Dismissed! Congratulations to Kindra McBryde, claims examiner, who on June 13 received an associates in Science degree in Business Administration with a Human Resource Management concentration from Peirce College.

(3) The Pulse 06/11/2011

Crochet Group Helps Ease Cancer Struggle Every day, all across the United States, scores of men and women engage in the courageous battle against cancer. Undergoing arduous chemotherapy treatments, they endure fatigue, nausea and the uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing side effect of rapid hair loss. Here at Health Partners, an empathetic band of women are reaching out in their own unique way to help provide some comfort in the midst of this taxing struggle. Every other week, five ladies from various departments get together during their lunch hour to crochet vibrantly colored “chemo caps,” which are then donated to the American Cancer Society for those undergoing treatment. “We each have been given talents and we should use them in a positive fashion. It is a wonderful feeling to know these caps are helping others,” says Arlene Murphy. “I enjoy being part of this group and helping others be more comfortable while going through this disease,” adds Theresa Clarkson. “I saw my own mother go through chemotherapy during a time when chemo caps were not the “in” thing. It was a real struggle to find caps that didn’t slip off, especially at night when her head was cold,” says Mary Ann Landmesser. “I hope my contribution can help someone during their time of need.” Leslie Hummel notes, “Each time I finish a hat that I design, it feels good knowing it will bring warmth and comfort to someone fighting cancer.” Many employees have expressed an interest in contributing to this worthy cause. If you would like to join this group and make chemo caps, you are most welcome. If you don’t crochet, but would like to help, donations of “Simply Soft” yarn, made by Caron are appreciated. The yarn (any color is fine) can be purchased at Michael’s and AC Moore craft stores, as well as Walmart. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact anyone in the photo below.

In June, our crocheters delivered 75 colorful new chemo caps to an extremely grateful American Cancer Society.

(Clockwise from left) Susan DiCocco, provider file reviewer; Arlene Murphy, accounting clerk; Mary Ann Landmesser, project manager; Theresa Clarkson, provider database coordinator; and Leslie Hummel, executive assistant to the president, share their colorful creations.

Making Sense of Food Labels – Part II Learning to read and understand food labels can go a long way in the pursuit of healthy eating. Last time we discussed the importance of reading the ingredient list and knowing the serving size and number of servings per container. Now it’s time to look more closely at specific ingredients - which ones to seek and which to avoid. Fat - Fat has more calories per gram than carbs or protein. Choose unsaturated fats whenever possible, and limit foods that contain trans fats. Watch out for “partially hydrogenated oils” in the ingredients list to help limit trans fats in your diet. Cholesterol – This is also very important to watch out for and limit as much as you can. Most people should limit their cholesterol intake to less than 300 mg per day. Sodium – Sodium should be restricted to 2,300 mg per day (that’s less than 1 teaspoon of salt) for healthy adults. Eating less processed foods is a good way to reduce sodium intake. If it’s canned, bagged, or boxedit probably has been processed! Dietary Fiber – It helps fill you up, and you need at least 25 grams daily. Most people don’t get enough dietary fiber. To be considered high in fiber, a food must contain at least 5 grams per serving. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are excellent sources of fiber. Sugar – Calories add up fast when eating sugar. Choose foods with less than 5 grams per serving to help control calories. Watch for terms like high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, and invert sugar. % Daily Value (% DV) – This gives you a rough idea of the food’s nutrient contribution to your diet and is based on an assumption of 2,000 calories per day. The next time you gather ingredients for a meal, take a good look at those food labels. A little choice or change in the way you normally do things can make a big difference! Sources: WebMD, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, American Heart Association

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Your PAC Dollars At Work!

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