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voluntapp Alyssa & Emily

Road map

want more than warm fuzzies volunteering?

Want something in return, hard to schedule.

want more than warm fuzzies volunteering?

Volunteer hours are required.

want more than warm fuzzies volunteering?

It’s hard to find places to volunteer.

want more problem than warm fuzzies Lack of... - Motivation - Opportunity awareness - Organization

generation z 1996-2010 Technology is highly integrated in their lives.

how are they different FRom millenials? Highly educated. Want to make a difference. More diverse.

Tech-Savvy. Desire for simplicity. Motivated by reward.

there’s an app for that

Develop a mobile application that simplifies the volunteering process for this generation, while simultaneously offering incentives as a motivation to participate.


the app

voluntapp Give & Get.

Give to Get.


Give time. Get rewards.

social media

v give

Instagram Ad 60% log in daily: Second most engaged after Facebook. Younger demographic.


Print version available for schools.

Get. Download


social media

Twitter Ad




High school aged teens are the most active age demographic.

get. Download



Volunteer Arcade Volunteer Field Day


want more than warm fuzzies

thank you for your time


Presentation for a new mobile app pitch.

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