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Alyssa Shrewsbury Landscape Architecture Portfolio

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Agritourism Project

About Me

Personal Statement

Housing Complex

Driftmier Greenway Apartments


Pocket Park

Piazza Piscaia

Bees & Berries: Handcrafted Honeys and Meads

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About Me


Personal Statement: My name is Alyssa Shrewsbury. I am an undergraduate student of Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia. Additionally, I study Studio Art, Historic Preservation and Environmental Ethics. Throughout my college career, I have learned that it is easy to fall in love with landscape architecture because I am able to incorporate every passion and experience I have into my work. This ability is unique to the field of design as very few careers view the world through such a zoomed out lense. For this reason, my additional studies have given me a unique perspective as a designer. While viewing my work, it is important to understand that I consider myself equally an artist and a designer. This has had a profound effect on my perspective and process as a landscape architect, which can be seen throughout this collection of my work from the past 4 years.


Bees & Berries: Handcrafted Honeys and Meads Blue Ridge, Georgia

This open-ended agritourism project gave students the ability to develop a design program specific to their farm needs. My project, Bees and Berries, combines a bee farm, berry farm, and meadery in order to create unique, berry infused meads. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities at the farm like mead tasting and tours, berry picking, seasonal classes, and more. The sloped topography filled with rows of berries offers a beautiful backdrop for visitors, whether they are eating at the restaurant, enjoying a mead tasting, or holding an event in the garden area.



Program Development

Bees & Berries: Handcrafted Honeys and Meads Buildings:

1. Welcome Center: - includes Tasting Room, Restaurant and Mead Production House 2. Greenhouse - located within the event garden space 3. Berry Kiosk/ Container Shed/ Bathrooms - includes snacks, picking buckets and storage space for equipment

Main Attractions:

- Bee Farm - Honey and Mead Production (50 Hives) - Berry Farm (Blackberry, Bayberry, Raspberry, Service Berry and Elderberry fields) - Garden/Event space - Rosemary Field - Seasonal Pumpkin Patch


- Guided Mead tour: informative experience learning about mead production. - Mead Tasting - taste handcrafted meads in tasting room with notes on food pairings - Reserve Event Garden for special occasions - Seasonal berry picking - Seasonal pumpkin patch



Bubble Diagram

Educational Signage:

1. Inside Welcome Center: - Explanation on decline of bees - Explanation about how ppl can help - Empty beehive with sign telling how honey is extracted 2. Near the Production House - Explanation on how mead is made - Explanation of solar wax melter, berry crushing platform, and honey extractor

Extra Equipment:

- Primary Fermentation Area - Secondary Fermentation Area - Bottle Filling Machine - Corking Machine - Solar Wax Melter - Berry Crushing Platform - Honey Extractor

Site Topography and Placement of Road/Building:

When producing a masterplan for this project, functionality and responding to the topography became a priority. Buildings were placed on higher points to ensure fantastic views and prevent flooding. The drive into the site was another key consideration. By nestling it in-between hills, and making cars round the corner, the building reveal is an exciting experience. 06

Hand Graphics

Bees & Berries: Handcrafted Honeys and Meads

Welcome Center

Front Gate 07

Logo is integrated into the design of the paths

Architecture and Paths:

The two main aspects of the farm, honeybees and berries, not only influence the production, but also create a central theme which guests experience during visits. In an attempt to convey this theme, the architecture is modern and sleek to represent the order of a beehive whereas the looping pathways represent the bumbling paths bees take.

Masterplan 08

Event Garden Bees & Berries: Handcrafted Honeys and Meads

Plant Palette: Shades of yellow and purple reinforce the theme as they are reminiscent of the colors of bees and berries.


Eastern Redbud 09


Japanese Maple

Tulip Poplar

Red Cedar


Garlic Chives

Rough Goldenrod

Switch Grass



The event garden and greenhouse can be rented out for special occasions such as weddings or banquets. This is an important aspect of the agritourism site as it provides extra revenue throughout the year. The garden features a main open lawn that overlooks the beautiful, rolling topography and fields of berries.

Location Map






Flowering Quince 10

Driftmier Greenway Apartments Athens, Georgia

Driftmier Greenway Apartments, based on the graduate housing at UGA, is located on campus near an old growth forest known as Driftmier woods. For this project, students were asked to create a building layout that would foster community, improve the connection across College Station Road, and provide enough parking for residents.



Design Process

Driftmier Greenway Apartments

Inventory and Analysis

During a site visit, I inventoried the existing conditions and analyzed spots which had potential for improvement. My entire class split up the many areas of research that had to be conducted. My focuses were wind patters, solar patters, and ways to optimize these conditions through building orientation and buffering.

Design Concept

The concept of this design was to incorporate a continuous green space throughout the site. In doing this, everyone living in the complex could be connected, even across College Station Road. In addition, the green space opens into Driftmier woods in order to encourage the use of existing paths that lead to campus. 13

Design Process

Bubble Diagram

Developing Greenspace

Playing with Building Footprint

Considering Human Circulation

Creating the Building Layout

In order to visualize the space and meet the building area requirements, legos were used as a tool to play with the building footprint. Based on the research I had done in the early stages of the design process, my building layout responded to wind and solar conditions. In addition, smaller pockets of space were created to offer a heightened sense of community.


Photoshop / Hand Graphics Driftmier Greenway Apartments



Section-Elevation: View of Stairway toward Crosswalk

Section-Elevation: View of Southern Parking Lot and Lawn

View of Patio and Community Garden

View of Playground toward Driftmier Woods


Construction Documents Driftmier Greenway Apartments


For part of this project, we were asked to create a set of construction documents. We focused on just one part of the site and graded it appropriately. Then, we determined the Best Management Practices that would be used from pre-construction all the way through final site grading.



Piazza Piscaia Cortona, Italy

In the Summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Cortona, Italy, taking courses in both landscape architecture and studio art. My time in Italy was one of the most valuable experiences of my life; amongst many life lessons, it helped broaden my view of design. Scale and materiality are used in a completely different way in Italy. Seeing this in real life challenged me to think differently as a designer. Piazza Piscaia is a small, triangular shaped pocket park located in Cortona, Italy. It is surrounded with residences on all three sides and is situated along a steep slope. Currently, the park is extremely underused due to the fact that people in the area prefer to spend time in their personal gardens attached to their homes. Rather than creating an open park and hoping people would change their habits to utilize it, I began to think of the site in a new way: a transition space. With a descending slope at about 20% across the site, I designed a series of steps and pavilions that would make the trek up and down the hilly site less strenuous, therefore encouraging people to walk through the park instead of around it as they currently do.


Design Process Piazza Piscaia

Neighborhood Context

Early Design Sketches


Steep Slope of Site

Axonometric View

Fiting the Design to the Site

Alternate Planting Scheme 22

Hand Graphics Piazza Piscaia



Contact Information:

Phone Number: (678) 739 - 8191 Email:

Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

I am an undergraduate studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia. This is a sampling of my work to date.

Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

I am an undergraduate studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia. This is a sampling of my work to date.