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Curriculum Vitae

Sneak Peak Skills 2

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About me Alyssa Lanssiers I am an industrial engineer, I have general engineering skills. But I am also an industrial designer. Thanks to this unique combination, I am well equipped to develop creative products that are realisable and create an added value. I have mastered design thinking, system thinking, user-centered-design and co-creation. I am a also perfectionist and do not mind working very hard.

My passion is designing innovative products that are both playful and educational!

Modular toolbox Design Studio and Production Design a toolbox system that enables the user to customize the structure of the tools in the workshop and on location. The transition between workshop environment and “toolbox� on site should be easy and self-explaining.

Ideation and testing 4



A new sort of toolbox, modular because you can attach your tools with an elastic band. You can choose which templates you take with you. The toolbox can be hung in your closet on a clothes hanger.

Explorer of the world Design Studio and Innovation Design a future concept, that is based on current trends.


A smart backpack that makes kids explore the world around them in a different way. Research was conducted on the current trends in education. Various brainstorm techniques were used during the process.


Smart airplane seat Methodic Design Integrate electronics in fabric for a smart application that Sioen Industries can use. Base all your decisions on research.


Smart airplane seat that knows when a passenger is sitting on the chair and their seatbelt is not buckled. This will be needed in future airplanes, the technology can be implemented in the fabric of the chair with conductive fabric.

Compost Bin Designing in a Cybernetical and System-Oriented Way Design and explore a compost bin, together with a community. The process needs to be quantified and monitored so a sustainable process can be acquired.



Reality matrix


I always keep track of a project with a reality matrix. That way I have a clear documentation of the decisions I have made, so I have a better way of tackling the design paradox.

I always use a mindmap to document my work. It it also easy to collaborate with mindmaps in a team, you can easily link everything you find on the internet.

Interactive-Bin jlkjlkjlkjljlkjlkjlkjlkj

I made a compost bin at a school to teach kids about composting. The interactive bin allows kids to have a better understanding of the composting process. During the project I also learned to work with communities and learned about system thinking and cybernetics.



The catapult was made to show kids how they can make the relation between moisture and compost. When the compost stucks to the target the moisture level was good.

Sensor Gun ;l l k l kn k k l k k k k k k This water-pistol-gun allows kids to easily measure the temperature and moisture of a compost pile.

Polaroid Redesign Industrial Design and Visualisation Methods Research a brand and redesign a product according to the researched brand.


After an extensive research on the stylling of the Polaroid brand, a redesign was created in the same styling as Polaroid for a payment terminal.

Sketching - exploration 10

Bicycle Light Co-creation Design a finished product for a visually impaired person. Design the product in Co-creation with your end user. The end user had difficulty seeing what was right in front of him, such as holes in the road.

Quick and dirty

I tested the proper angle of the light with a quick and dirty prototype, made out of Lego.

Ideation and testing

I made different 3D prints to test the styling and strength of the print. I also prototyped with differend LED’s to ensure a proper light quality. I also experimented with different finishing (carbon fiber, glass fibre).



I made a better headlight for his bike which also makes him more visible.

Bicycle aid Co-Creation Design a finished product for a visually impaired person. Design the product in Co-creation with your end user. The end user had difficulty seeing the valve on a tire. It was also to difficult to turn the valve open.


Different iterations in different materials where prototyped on a lathe.



The system of a drill was used to easily click the pump on the valve. As the connection piece on the valve is round, a user cannot put it on wrong.


A connection piece to put on the tire’s valve, which helps to inflate it.

Headphone Jack Design Studio and Production Choose a product with a short lifespan. Use additive manufacturing to extend the product’s life span.


One part of the solution is a case that protects your headphone jack this can be implemented right away. The second part of the solution is a future concept working with conductive 3D prints to replace the headphone jack.


Explore It Innovation and Marketing Oriented Entrepreneurship Create a company and validate an innovation strategy for this company. Develop an innovative product for this company, within a specified business context and market strategy.

User Tests

Different user test were done to co-create with our target group . Also to test if our product was well designed.

Business Plan

A business plan was created, which concluded a financial analysis, commercial plan, environmental analysis, etc.




A building kit was made to make children aware of sustainability but also to give them challenges to act on sustainability. Sustainability is a difficult, complex concept. But the Explore It turns this into a series of fun challenges and missions.

Fusion Style Industrial Design and Visualisation Methods Create your own fusion style based on different industrial design styles. Analyze the styling, colors and values of your chosen styles.


My fusion style is based on Memphis design and Italian Design. The basic shapes are more based on Italian Design. The adaptors for the laptop are designed so they make cool geometric combinations, like Memphis Design.

Sketching - exploration 20

Social Robot Industrial Design, Usability and Form Design a social robot that is able to show different emotions.


Jules, the social robot, helps elderly people who live alone. He remembers appointments, medication and can even call the doctor. Jules is built with a Raspberry PI system.



Styling exploration

Testing machine Multidisciplinary Project Work together with engineers from different disciplines and design a testing machine for the glue that you create.


A machine that pulls glued wooden pieces apart. A loading cell measures the applied force.


Clickshare Design Studio and Innovation Together with three classmates we got one week to design a new concept for BARCO.



The BARCO clickshare technology was implemented in a mouse. That way people do not forget the Clickshare module anymore.

Curriculum Vitae Personal info


Date of birth: 25-10-1995 GSM: 0032 494/82.95.08 Email: Address: Hoekplein 3, 1930 Zaventem Belgium

Mathematics and science KA Zaventem



I am a very structured designer and keep track of my projects by a mindmap and reality-matrix.

Industrial Designer (StudentJob) JuuNoo - currently

When I work in a team I am usually the person who pushes the deadlines. I think team dynamic is very important and you need to rely on each others strengths. I always try to prototype quick to test the design as soon as possible. I can perform well in stressful situations. In my free time I like to work with Illustrator and Indesign. I was in a scouts group for 8 years and there I learned about working together with different people. I also developed my leader skills there.


Industrial engineer: industrial design Ugent

We Go Stem instructor Volunteer Shop Manager HOWEST - 4 months Monitor childcare City of Zaventem - 3 months Group leader Scouts Zaventem- 2 years

Skills Communication Product poster Presenting Sketching Presentation Product photos Video editing

Prototyping Woodwork Metalworking Lasercutting 3D printing Thermoforming Sewing


Siemens NX Surface modelling Solid modelling Adobe Illustrator Photoshop Premier Pro Indesign Microsoft One Note Word Powerpoint Excel MS Project Freemind Autodesk Sketchbook pro Inventor VRED rendering CES Material Database

Honor & award We are the Next generation

This is an initiative to gather the best student projects from the Flemish design courses where we get the opportunity to present them to a broad audience. My modular toolbox was selected for this exposition.


is an initiative to gath Best concept designed in one week for Click share project

Sneak peak skills Photoshop

Rendering VRED

The wooden lighter was first made in Siemens NX, as a surface model. The model was then rendered in a context to give it a realistic look.



Alyssa Lanssiers 0494/82.95.08 Hoekplein 3, 1930 Zaventem, BELGIUM

Alyssa lanssiers portfolio  
Alyssa lanssiers portfolio