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Project Description

When I thought about this final project, I thought about the artists that we had talked about during the semester. I found that Roadsworth was very intriguing to me. I found it interesting that he could make a political statement just by making the streets of Montreal more interesting. I wanted to showcase his work in a more graphically pleasing way. I went through his site and looked at what kind of works he made and divided them up in a reasonable way. This book is divided into Indoor art and Outdoor art. It seems to be the areas that he likes to work in. When I picked the works of art to put in the book, I did it by what I was drawn to. Roadsworth has done so many works of art that its hard to showcase it in one book, so I narrowed it down by picking the art that I loved. The reason I chose these works is because they use beautiful colors, the design is different, and I love the content.

Indoor Art

The Pond

Battery Totem

Wild Flowers

Cure Antoine Labelle Boar

Koi on Plywood

Grey Owl

Birdline Cinema

Earth Day

Outdoor Art


Bike DNA

Dead Hearts

Feuilles Paillis

Traffic Art

In Chat des artistes


Street Art

Crosswalk Art

Street art book  

A book of artwork by Roadsworth.

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