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Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire. ~William Butler Yeats Hello and welcome to the new school year! My name is Miss Alysia Ackerman. I am delighted to be teaching this year, and am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you! I have prepared a little bit of information for you to help introduce myself.

Reading Corner I am an avid reader!! Whenever I can find a spare minute my nose is stuck in a book! Currently I am reading the book A Clash of Kings from the series “A Song of Fire and Ice” by George R.R. Martin. The first book in this series (A Game of Thrones) has recently been made into a tv series on HBO. So all you HBO loving parents out there—check it out!

Good Ol’ Red Deer Just like a lot of the students in my class, I was born and raised in Red Deer! I have one older brother named Ryan who lives in Red Deer. My parents also live in Red Deer; they still live in the same house I was raised in!

Esthetics Besides being a teacher, I am also a Certified Esthetician. I completed my training here in Red Deer at Marvel College in 2008. After working in spas for a few years I decided to pursue teaching. I now do esthetics at home in my spare time for family and friends, and myself of course! Alysia Ackerman

Ryan, Grandma, Malcolm (boyfriend), Me, Mom, Dad

Dogs! I don’t have any pets currently, but I would REALLY like to get a dog or two. My boyfriend and I are big dog lovers and would like to get a bull terrier (a white one with a black spot on his eye), and a boxer. We both grew up with dogs and both agree they are the best type of pet to have!



Vancouver Island Holiday

Alberta Prairie Train Excursions This past weekend, I went on a Murder Mystery themed train ride with my family to celebrate my grandma’s 80’s birthday. The 6 hour trip started in Stettler and featured actors moving around the train performing scenes. When we arrived in Big Valley (the destination) we had dinner and witnessed the end of the interactive play, then were given the chance to guess “who-done-it”.

This summer I went on a holiday to Vancouver Island with my boyfriend to visit his family. During this holiday we went to Tofino to visit his sister. While visiting we decided to hike up Lone Cone Mountain which has an elevation of approximately 750 meters. The total hike took us about 6 hours to complete. I’ve never been so tired in my life! But the view from the top was fantastic and definitely worth the effort!

Being Healthy — Working Out!

It’s very important to me to be healthy and active. This is why I enjoy working out so much! In my spare time I like to go to the gym and work out. I also practice yoga at home in my spare time.

The view from the top of Lone Cone Mountain in Tofino


The Great Outdoors

Last Christmas I learned how to knit! So far I only know how to make scarves but it’s a start. Knitting is a lot easier than most people think it is, and it’s very relaxing and extremely rewarding. Hopefully by the time Christmas comes around this year I’ll learn a new pattern.

I really enjoy being outdoors and especially going for hikes. Hiking is very rewarding and makes your body feel so healthy and happy. Especially when the weather is nice (like it is now!) it’s a perfect time to go outside, even if it’s just for a walk.

Alysia Ackerman

French! Currently I am taking courses to learn how to speak French! One thing that has really surprised me so far is how learning to spell in French has improved my spelling skills in English. French is a beautiful language and hopefully one day I’ll be a fluent speaker. 271980


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