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Butterfly Fly Away Written and Illustrated by: Alyshia Hull

To Mrs. Tara Snyder, the one who touched my life and many others. “Team Snyder Forever”

So small up in a tree, there’s a butterfly soon to be.

Hanging there waiting to be set free.

Time goes by as you can see.

There’s that butterfly breaking out of her shell!

She learns pretty quick

and learns pretty fast.

It’s all owed to a teacher that taught her all that.

It is time for her to fly away.

Even though you know she wants to stay.

“What’s wrong?” the teacher would ask.

“I’m not ready, I need you,” the butterfly cried.

“Butterfly, it’s time to fly.” “Why don’t you say your goodbyes?”

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She listened, holding her tears back.

Butterfly said, “good bye,” and that was that.

Butterfly fly away!

The End

Butterfly Fly Away  
Butterfly Fly Away  

some days you just have to pick up your wings and fly.