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Facts and ‘facts‘ about Ukraine Very often we think that we know a lot about other countries, but in fact we are wrong too often, especially in the simplest things. In order to eliminate such mistakes and just to have fun, read what people said they think they know about Ukraine.


arlier I knew about Ukraine only that it is situated near Russia, it is mostly orthodox and it is very cold in there. Now I have a Ukrainian friend and could tell for sure that Ukrainian language is very close to Russian, but they are different; you eat pepper same as Mexicans do, your capital is Kyiv and you celebrate Christmas on January, 7th, and there are such good people as my Ukrainian friend Olya!

Fay Mencott, Mexico


know that Ukraine was in the USSR until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Also I know that Ukraine is a member of the European Union.

Amandine Cabrio, Switzerland


don’t know anything special about Ukraine except the fact that it is an Eastern country which is a member of the European Union

Natasha, Côte d’Ivoire

Natasha and Amandina, we wish your words about our membership in the EU became the truth! Unfortunately, Ukraine is still not a member of the EU. Also, Ukraine remained a part of the USSR until it proclaimed Independence in 1991.


know that Ukraine is a socialist or communist country, isn’t it?

Tejendra Thapalaya, Nepal

Next year in August, 24th we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, and also it will be the 20th year of the end of communism era in our country.


kraine is situated in Europe close to Russia. An Orange revolution was there not so long ago. Also there are some good footballers.

Joe Dalton, Guinea

By the way, Joe, do you know that the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, or Euro-2012 will take place in Ukraine?


know nothing about Ukraine. I know that there are some mountains. The end.

Nicole Schmitt, Brazil

At least you know something, Nicole. You are right about the mountains, they make up 5% of Ukraine’s land. These are the Carpathian Mountains in the East and the Crimean Mountains in the South. The first place is great to visit in winter, and the second – in summer. Foreign tourists are fond of our mountains because they are really beautiful, and it is very cheap to stay in there.


know that Ukraine is a big country in Eastern Europe, it is not in the European Union yet, but it will happen in the future. The Orange Revolution took place there several years ago. I know about Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian woman-politician. She is very elegant and has a braid. Also I have heard about Chornobyl, which is very sad.

Pauline Segouin, France

Really, our ex-premier-minister Yulia Tymoshennt womko is said to be one of the most elegant ate for an-politicians ever. She was a candidate a presidency in the last election but lost it and now she remains in opposition.


don’t know a lot about Ukraine. But I remember that hat when I watched a World beauty show, it was said about out Ukraine that women are very beautiful there!

Alberto, Madagascar

Alberto, that is the truth. Just look at the cover of the he nd “Stranger“ – Ukrainian women are really beautiful. And clever :)

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