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    Choosing Your Cat: A Visual Guide to Selecting the Feline for You By: Alyson Manley


Ideal for:

Norweigan Forest Cat

Ideal for: People who desire a long haired cat, or people with cat allergies

People who like dogs or desire a larger sized cat


Savannah Ideal for: People who desire a smaller cat breed.


Ideal for:

Ideal for:

People who don’t want to deal with fur or shedding

People who desire a mediumlength-fur cat.

Russian Blue


Ideal for:

American Shorthair

People who desire a mediumlength-fur cat.


Now that you’ve seen the different varieties of cats available to different personality types, you probably have some questions about the selections. One of the most common misconceptions about cat allergies is that a short-haired cat will be best for people with allergies. The truth is, people are allergic to cat dander, whih is dead skin, not cat fur. A hairless or short-haired cat may be the worst possible option for someone with allergies because of the exposure to the cat’s skin. The next step for someone with allergies is to adopt a cat with medium or long length fur. The only option left after that is to decide how much time a cat owner is willing to devote on their cat’s fur. A cat that sheds less often needs to be groomed more often since shedding is a natural process. This way, the fur that is lost can be contained by the owner’s grooming habits. However, if a cat that sheds reguarly is adopted, the fur will end up on every surface of the owner’s house.

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