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Official Newsletter of Division 54 Key Club

Volume 1 Issue 1

Division 54


In this issue!

April 2013

Note from your LtG..... 1 Upcoming Events........ 2

Division 54 Clubs

Hello Everyone! I hope you’ve all been well during these last few weeks of school, and that all your finals went well. Our next DCM will be held on June 15th at 2:00pm at Camp Kiwanis. Hope to see you all there. Please ne sure to email me the contact information for your new 2013-14 Officers. Thank you!

District Convention ..... 3 Club Highlight (Delta).3

Hanford Richland Liberty Christian Walla Walla Pasco Chiawana Southridge Kamiakin Kennewick Delta

District Project…………4 Officer Elections Info .. 5 District Board Contact Info ................................ 5 President Spotlight…5


-June DCM, June 15th at 2:00pm (Camp Kiwanis) -ICON 7/3/13-7/7/13

Alyssa Dyck LtG for Division 54

ICON ............................. 2

Projects, social activities, and leadership development. To be successful, it is important the every Key Club member find a role in the club.


Prom Fashion Show at the Life Care Center

Each Key Club has the autonomy to select and plan its own service projects. However, members unite to make an international impact under the banner of the Major Emphasis Program, Children: Their Future Our Focus. There are two components to the MEP: Service Partners and the Service


EVENTS: Leadership

International Convention:



If you were planning on going to ICON hopefully you have already mailed in your first $700 that was due April 25th. The next date to mail in the rest of the payment will be May 25th. The 2013 70th annual International Key Club Convention will be taking place in July 3-7 in Washington DC, at the Washington Hilton. On July 4th we will be watching the fireworks over the mall. It will be an amazing experience!


DCM: We will be having our June DCM on the Saturday th of June the 15 . It will be held at 2:00 at Camp Kiwanis. Hope to see you all there! ALL CLUBS: If you have any pictures of Key Club events you want published in the newsletter please email them to me at with an explanation of the event. Thank you!!


KEY CLUB District 54 Newsletter

District Convention: DCON: The upcoming DCON for this year will beth th being held April 4 -6 , 2014. We will be having it at the Seattle Convention Center this year. Please start fundraising now. We want as many people as possible from Division 54 to go, and fundraising now will help make that happen.


Club Highlight: This past month Delta highschool held an officer installation ceremony for the new officers. I was able to attend this and it was great! We had a very good dinner and then got to watch as the old officers got retired and the new officers got installed. Good job Delta!




$1.80: Enough to save a Mother and her newborn’s lives. What is the ELIMINATE Project? The Eliminate Project is a joint project with Kiwanis and What is MNT? UNICEF to internationally terminate MNT. In 30 countries around the world, maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) can quickly turn the joy of childbirth into tragedy. MNT kills one baby every nine minutes. Its effects are excruciating– tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. There is little hope of survival. And tetanus kills mothers too.

Who suffers from MNT?

MNT is caused when tetanus spores, found in soil everywhere, come into contact with open cuts during childbirth. The disease strikes the poorest of the poor, the DO YOUR PART: geographically hard to reach and those without health care. EDUCATE yourself. ADVOCATE to the world. INVEST to save and protect. ELIMINATE maternal and neonatal tetanus. 4

OFFICER ELECTIONS INFO: HERE President: Runs the By now all schools should have their new officers for 2013-14 elected. Please send me your new officer information at Thank you!


Vice President: Runs the meetings when the President is gone and keeps track of hours. Secretary: Take notes of club meetings. Treasurer: Handles the dues, fundraising, and money for the club. Bulletin Editor: Edits the website, newsletter, and agenda for the club.

District Board Contact Information: District Governor Trang Tran District Secretary Hakikat Bains District Treasurer Eric Graywall District Bulletin Editor Sarah Thomas District Administrator John Jay Finance Administrator Kevin Buyer Asst. District Administrator Tom Saunders

Other positions if needed. SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES: organization for teenagers seeking to Get To Know the Presidents!! cultivate leadership skills, develop friendships, and perform service in their communities. Since the first Key Club at Sacramento High School a(California) pet and then show in 1925, Keyno Club responsibility by giving the pet members demonstrate a passion for away when times get rough. helping others and develop excellent leadership skills they carry with them 3 Words that describe her: for a lifetime.

PRESIDENT SPOTLIGHT: Full Name: Bailey Marie Duran Nicknames: Bay, or Kirby.

Friendly, Positive, and Ambitious

School: Sophomore at Delta High School.


Hobbies: Alto Saxophone, Trombone (Marching Band, Jazz Band), Volunteer at Humane Society. Pet Peeve: When people adopt


Key Club is an organization of individual Key Clubs and is funded by nominal dues paid by every member. Its officers are high school leaders elected by the members at district and International Conventions.


The requirements for Key Club membership are set forth in the Bylaws of54, KeyAlyssa Club International. Specifically, LtG Division Dyck- Key Club membership is open to any www. student who desires to become a leader in his/her school and community and



Division 54 June Newsletter

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