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‫الـيــازيـة عـلــي الكتـبــي‬ Alyazya Ali Al Kitbi Visual Artist

‫الـيــازيـة عـلــي الكتـبــي‬ Alyazya Ali Al Kitbi Visual Artist

''Imagination is every thing It is a preview of life’s coming attractions'' Anonymous

''More powerful than the will to win Is the courage to begin'' Anonymous

Biography Alyazya Ali Al kitbi is an visual art concentration student in Zayed University, Dubai, born in 1989, Sharjah. Surrounded by a family that supports creativity. Her family have interest in art, so they encourage her to go to galleries to see art works and learn from it. She explores different styles and technics in her art education. She explores patterns, Arabic calligraphy, continuous line technics and digital painting. Her interests cover drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and design. She volunteered in “ big sister” origination at Zayed University and participated in Zayed University carnival as well. She participated in “ Art of all” competition. Her main goal is to represent her identity and the culture of her society through her work. She believes that visual art allows her to be a productive member in the society.


Freedom, 2010 Printmaking: Etching technique. 840 x4 20 cm.

''Life is not about finding yourself ....It is about creating yourself'' Anonymous

Photography I am interested in captureing the memont thats attracts me . I like photos which tell the viewer something or suggest something.

Waiting, 2012 Personal work: Photography 480 x 297 cm

Culture andColors, 2011 Photography 480 x 297 cm

Graphic Design

Digital painting, 2011 Adobe Photoshop 210x150 cm

Imagery Design, 2011 Adobe Photoshop 210x150 cm

Deck of cards design 2012 , Adobe Photoshop



Deck of Cards Desgin This deck of cards is done for packaging class and design for Spring season. Throughout my research, I found that most of the designs were full of colors. I adapted the idea of colors within my project, but also I decided to inter the diamond shape as well into the card design. I worked on the flower theme. I used my own drawing patterns for the entire deck cards to make them more unified and unique as well. In fact, I really thought that flowers highly represent spring, even though in my country the meaning of spring doesn't really go in this direction, but somehow we still like this aspect of spring season. Finally, I presented my diamond set of deck cards to tell about the story of spring.


My interest in illustration stems from my desir to reprsent my personal prespective visually. I draw objects in details using expressive way, but also every concept needs certain methods to be illustrated well.

Experisssive hand drawing, 2012 300 x 250 cm

Desert is the most valuable natural environment that contains unlimited beauty. My concept represents the desert as something that still holds its sprit. Camels, falcons, sand dunes and desert trees always represented as keywords for this fascinating environment. My illustrations for desert consist of three drawings. I used wash and black pen. The project is done for British Council “Sketches by Boz�.

Desert, 2012 Mix Media: wash and black pen drawing 420 x 297 cm


Rose , 2011 Painting: oil on campus 840 x 1020 cm

color power, 2010 Painting: Acrlic on borad 420 x 297 cm

CV Objective

Seeking a part time job that suitable with my skills , where I can contribute my excellent research, customer service skills and experience.


2010 – present Collage of Art and Design (Visual Art) Courses Taken: Basic Graphic Design, Principle of Design, Sculpture, Painting1, Digital Video, Painting 1, Book structure, Packaging Design, Drawing 1,2, Photography, Digital Illustration, Ceramic, Printmaking and Chinese Painting.

2009 - 2010

General Education Program Zayed University - Dubai campus. Courses including : Global Awareness, Islamic studies, English composition, Mathematical modeling and Career Exploration.

2006 - 2007

Graduation High School Al Thakafa Secondary School – Sharjah

Skill and Achievements

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Final Cut Pro, keyboarding English and Arabic.

Languages:Fluent Arabic and English, both written and spoken. Research skills: Effectively used market research surveys, electronic databases, library books, Internet, and print material to successfully conduct research.

Time Management:Successfully balanced studies with extra–curricular activities and always on time for classes and meetings.

Analytical & critical thinking Solving problems skills.

Interests and Activities

Painting, Drawing, Photography, Attending art gallery, Organization, Storyboarding, Reading, Searching in the Internet and Attending lectures.

Extra-Curricular Activities 2011-2012

Participated in “Art of all” competition, by producing photography art work. 2011 - 2012 Volunteering as” Big Sister” for new students in the Zayed University. 2008 - 2009 Participant in Zayed University Carnival

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