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Design Portfolio Alyaa Shaaban

Cafe Project ADC 192

Cardboard Chair ADC 109 Design Studio I

Hut for a Haiku Poet ADC 109 Design Studio I

In this hut, we have to make three rooms, every room has a different design. So, i tried to make every room has a different shape and pattern with different windows and different roof.

Drawing ART 105

This drawing is different kind of cubes and bowls

Drawing I

CAD Basics

ADC 103 Thaddeus Stevens School of Practice

CAD Basics

ADC 103 Row house-Building Elevations

First Floor Scale 1/4”=1’-0”

Second Floor Scale 1/4”=1’-0”

Basement Scale 1/4”=1’-0”

Montauk Beach House

ADC 160 Presentation Techniques Robert A.M. Stern , Long Island, New York 1963

Montauk Beach House

ADC 160 Presentation Techniques Robert A.M. Stern , Long Island, New York 1963

First Floor Scale 1/8”=1’-0”

Second Floor Scale 1/8”=1’-0”

Aalto Summer House ADC 160 Presentation Techniques

The Muuratsalo Experimental House is situated on the western shore of the island of Muuratsalo. The tower of Muurame Church (Alvar Aalto 1926-29)

The space between functions as a hall and leads to the quest wing. There are two exits from this space, one on the east side to the garden and the other to the northern part of the grounds where there is a path leading through an venue of apple trees towards the shore and the sauna. The slope beside the building is terraced in the same way as at Säynätsalo Town Hall.

Aalto Summer House ADC 160 Floor Plan Presentation Techniques

The most basic understanding of the house is it’s courtyard scheme which focuses inwards on the space while also directing careful views of the nearby Lake Paijanne.

Computer School ADC 159 Design Studio II

My design is School of Computer Science, is divided for five section. Every section has a different purpose. It includes a lobby with front desk, lounge area, and three different classes of computers. The concepts that guided / informed my design were student can take their classes with an open and luminous area. And there is a space between computers to other computer. And all the students’ sets can focus to the teacher when they get the lecture.

The goal of my design is to create an open space for student, so they can moving between classes to other class. Besides I’m trying to do more interior design in the lobby and lunch area to make it more interest, so student can feel more comfortable and have fun. Lobby with a big front desk, two front doors, with two small gardens. They decorated with different kind of plants. After that, there is a lunch area including tables and comfortable chairs. And the classes it will be around the lunch area. All classes will be the same size with different organized.

First Floor Scale 1/8”=1’-0”

Cube Transformation ADC 209 Design Studio III

A cube is a geometric solid in which all of its faces and edges are equal dimensions, parallel, and all corners are at right angles. It is a version of a rectangular prism. It is symmetrical and “pure”. How can the nature of the cube be explored, our awareness of its characteristics heightened, and finally transformed, even subverted so that we are not aware of its “cube-like” nature? This is the question that my project is investigating.

Space Exploration ADC 209 Design Studio III

In this project, we have to describe a place using 8 wood, we can cut the small pieces but we have to use all the pieces and we can use as many as cardboard to fill the space.

Eve’s Aerie ADC 209 Design Studio III

My project is three stories. Every level is different from level. It includes… The first one is a living room and studying area and also she can sleep there because it’s a little dark than other floors. The second floor is all glass so it’s look like a sun room, so she can lie down and watch movie in her laptop. And the third floor it will be clear from the roof and front because I added a lot of glass there .

SketchUp Model ADC 209 Design Studio III

Physical Model

Solar Filter

ADC 259 Design Studio IV In this solar project,created a demountable modular screen wall to filter sunlight in manner that would enhance an artwork exhibition.

The details of connections

The shadow of the screen

Vertical Section

Museum Project

ADC 259 The History of Make up Museum Design Studio IV


THE HISTORY OF THE MAKE UP "sunbathing powder", or what we know today as bronzer. This object was manufactured some time between 1921 and 1950.

Face powder made during the war, WWII-era. the design looks more 1920s rather than the 40s. According to the museum website, aT lONDON“A note on the box states that it contains the same amount of powder as the original pre-war boxes. Make-up was not rationed during the war, but it was extremely scarce.

Mary Quant foundation. This is from the 1970s and contained honey, almond oil and wheatgerm oil. I like the vintage apothecary vibe of the jar, from its shape to the font


Clinique just some spring prettiness from Clinique. Daisies are the most cheerful flowers besides sunflowers - you just can't be sad while looking at them, especially when they come in such bright colors.


the designs on the palette are faithful to the runway pieces in that they represent the gold thread woven into the clothing in a variety of ways


For their spring 2016 makeup collection Dior was again influenced by the designer's upbringing in Granville and its fabulous gardens.

Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder, the line features "a unique floral infusion in each product that adds a special touch of luxury to the entire AERIN experience."


Art of MakeUp

Visual Make Up

SH Alyaa

Museum Project

ADC 259 The History of Make up Museum Design Studio IV

The main entrance will be in the north side, when you enter the lobby with wide stairs in the middle and the main gallery on the left side. On the right side there is a cafe, a gifts shop, bathrooms, exhibit preparation, and storage. In the second floor, on the right side there are three separate exhibitions; and on the left side there is a classroom and administration suite. But there is a space between the administration suite and the classroom, this space will be an open green roof covered with glass wall. Also, on the third floor, there will be all green roofs.

Museum Project

ADC 259 The History of Make up Museum Design Studio IV

The main gallery

Cafe Project ADC 192 Color And Lighting

Double complementary

Floor Plan

Ceiling Plan

Beach House

ADC 273 Advamce CAD Applications


Interior at Night Interior

Exterior With Sunset

Floor Plan



ADC263 Digital Animation and Rendring

Living Room

Kitchen & Dinning Room

Dinning Room

Alyaa's Portfolio  
Alyaa's Portfolio